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June Sky Weilan by Xinwen Emploi Plein temps

29 déc. 2022 à 4h52   Développeurs   Saint-Louis   162 vues Référence: 243
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Tianlang, you are not my own son, but I have always regarded you as my own. Ruiyang is too young, and the Xia family will depend on you in the future. When you graduate from college, you must come back and help me! For the first time, Xia Yunsheng regarded Tianlang as an adult and had a heart-to-heart talk with him. His stepfather's affirmation and trust made him flattered, and for a moment his blood boiled and he drank the red wine in the glass. They drank and chatted, and unconsciously drank up a bottle of red wine. Qin Sangying saw his son flushed, knowing that he was too drunk to drink, and hurriedly spoke to dissuade him. Feeling dazed, Tianlang hobbled upstairs and threw himself on the bed. When he woke up in the middle of the night, the strength of the wine gradually dissipated, and he felt unusually hot and dry, so he took off his coat and bared his chest. Still to no avail, Tianlang turned over and sat up, thinking of the bathroom to wash his face with cold water and wake himself up. There is a shared bathroom on the second floor, which is next to the Weilan bedroom. Out of the door, he rushed unsteadily to the bathroom. As soon as I turned on the tap, I heard a low cry of surprise. Tianlang turned his head and froze in an instant. Weilan actually stood naked in front of the bathtub! No, not naked. She's wearing pink panties. But before she instinctively covered her chest with her hands,interactive kiosk price, he could see everything: the pretty chest, the tiny waist, the white and slender legs.. This is the first time that Tianlang has seen a woman's naked body at close range, and like a brand, it can no longer be erased in his memory. Slightly blue skin is fine and white, almost transparent, with a faint glittering luster under the light. Her flesh and blood were not as thin as he thought. He even saw a mole in the middle of her exquisite collarbone,smart whiteboard price, which was naive and seductive. Have you seen enough? A trembling question broke the stagnant air in the room. He seemed to realize what he was doing and stepped back in a mess, but the door behind him "banged!" Crashed into the ground. I'm not.. I didn't mean to! Embarrassed and stammering, Tianlang sobered up for the most part. He turned quickly, pulled the door open, and pressed a cool little hand on his hand. Weilan did not know when he had stood in front of him. Tianlang opened his eyes wide and saw that she was wrapped in a bath towel, which was very thin and not big enough to cover the girl's touching curves. Weilan hesitated, and after a moment, he looked up at him. For the first time, Tianlang found that she was so beautiful. At the moment, she was slightly blue, her long wet hair hung over her shoulders, and her usually pale cheeks were suffused with bright Rouge, which made her whole body glow with dazzling brightness. His eyes were straight, his consciousness was more dazed, touch screen digital signage ,face recognition identification kiosk, and the heat spread from his chest to his whole body. Brother Tianlang, don't go! Weilan raised his head, his long and thick eyelashes blinked, and his deep black eyes, rippling with fog, were particularly charming. Then his hands were drawn to her shoulders, her neck.. The delicate, soft, smooth skin aroused a strong impulse in him. Finally, his hand touched her soft chest. With a bang, Tianlang's chest exploded, and the desire in his body poured out like an avalanche. He hugged her almost roughly and cupped her face. "The smell of men blazing to blow on the face, slightly blue with a moment of dizziness, Tianlang's lips have almost touched her." Let go of me! She tried to push him away and shouted, "Shame on you!"! You let go of me! Alcohol mixed with primitive impulse overwhelmed Tianlang's reason and all thinking power. Instead of letting go, he hugged her more tightly. Weilan struggled and kicked the door behind him. Somebody! Help! Somebody help! A shrill cry pierced the silence of the night. Xia Yunsheng ran out of the room sleepily and was shocked by the scene in front of him. Stunned, he exclaimed, "What are you doing?" Qin Sangying, who arrived later, was even more frightened. She rushed up and dragged her son away: "Tianlang, don't let go!" Mother's cry made Tianlang suddenly awake, and he stared at the three people in front of him, as if he did not understand what was going on. Weilan, who broke away from his grip, threw himself into his father's arms and sobbed softly. Dad, he.. He broke into the bathroom.. Indecent assault. I Xia Yunsheng looked at his tearful daughter and then at the disheveled sky. His heart suddenly sank and his face darkened. I told you not to drink, and now you're in big trouble! Qin Sangying beat his son, one punch after another, ashamed and angry, "I'll kill you!"! I'll kill you, you bastard! How could you do such a thing? "I.." Tianlang did not know how to explain, weakly, "I did not." Weilan was already crying out. Qin Mo-sang tried to appease her: "Don't cry!"! It's Tianlang's fault. I'll teach him a good lesson! And hugged her into the bedroom. That's terrible. Aunt, I don't want to see him in this house! When the door closed, a faint blue cry came. Dad Tianlang wanted to defend himself. Don't call me dad! Xia Yunsheng's suppressed anger burst out, "you let me down too much!" Looking at his back, Tianlang trembled in confusion and calmed down in trembling. It turned out that everything was a trap. But who would believe that a little girl who looks quiet and weak would deliberately seduce an 18-year-old boy? 04 The "indecent assault in the bathroom" incident caused Qin Tianlang's position in Xia Yunsheng's mind to plummet. Although Qin Sangying defended his son with words such as "youth impulse, drunken gaffe", he could never forgive the harm Tianlang had brought to his daughter. In the past, Qin Tianlang's lack of publicity, modesty and steadiness became insidious, cunning and greedy. Xia Yunsheng's attitude towards him became cold, on the contrary, he felt a kind of guilt towards his daughter. For the first time, he seemed to find that he owed a lot to Weilan,digital signage screen, a girl who had always lacked warmth and love. She is so weak that she needs someone to protect her. That summer vacation, Xia Yunsheng specially asked for leave to accompany his daughter to travel to the seaside. Because there is a "blue" in the name, Weilan has been yearning for the sea since childhood.

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