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Long live the call Emploi Plein temps

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Love violence, but she is limited to acquaintances, for outsiders generally will not "drunk cat royal elder sister" is violent to anyone in the end, unless after drinking. However, Niu Niu, the little panda girl at that time, would be more violent to protect her "mother" Yueyang to sprinkle Qilanmei out, but she did not. Hand her immediately, ask instead: "Have you broken through congenital state?" As soon as he said this, both the sick beauty and the Lord of Fallen Flowers were stunned. Qi Qi Turn around and look at the drunken cat. Sick beauty is a change in the usual quiet, happy to embrace her, cheered up: "Night sister, you break through congenital." Why didn't you tell us? When did you break through? I don't know. Drunken Cat Royal Sister said so, and everyone fell to the ground. Mother was born when she was drunk. "Little panda Niu Niu's words made Yueyang sweat to death, but he thought it was reasonable." Understand, You are now divided into two States, one is sober quasi-congenital, and drunk, that is, congenital level 2, the gap is not ordinary big. If If you go on like this for a long time, your body will probably not be able to stand it. Yueyang unceremoniously held the pulse of the Drunken Cat Royal Sister and input a wisp of innate Qi. And fair and square with the eyes of heaven to observe the situation in her body, come to a conclusion: "You are addicted to alcohol for a long time, because of two." This state is triggered by the fact that besides drinking,endless swimming pool, your subconscious also wants to stay in the innate state for a long time, so you will drink desperately. Is this not good? Anyway, there is wine to drink and commission strength, there is nothing bad, I think I am very good! Drunken Cat Royal Sister Wants to Rob Yue Yang in the hands of Qilan wine, but her strength, want to grab things in the hands of Yueyang, it is not easy. Sister Ye, drinking for a long time is definitely not good for your health. "She did not know how many times she had been persuaded by the gentle voice of the sick beauty." How can you live without drinking? Drunken Cat Royal Sister said. You can have nothing,jacuzzi suppliers, but you must drink wine. In the long run, what will happen? Yue Yu was careful and heard the warning in Yueyang's words. Ask:: "Small 3, you tell everybody quickly." "She will be more and more crazy after drinking, drunk state, strength will be improved." Rise faster and faster, and the sober state will always be stuck, always stop in the quasi-innate state of immobility. It can reach congenital level 3 or even congenital level 4. Level five, her body will not be able to stand, and it may be destroyed. If she drank this bottle of Chelan wine, she would be asleep for days. All the strength of alcohol is converted into energy, and all aspects of the body will lose a point at the same time. Now her body can still bear it. After the third level of congenital, her body Intensity is not enough, it is estimated that it will be very painful, need to drink all day, a day not drunk will have the feeling of explosion. "Yueyang belt." A little intimidation with a little real warning. Actually, if the drunk cat royal elder sister drinks again, best whirlpool tub ,outdoor whirlpool tub, not necessarily will explode the body. But maybe the body will automatically adjust, that is, the realm. It can't go up any more, and it has been stagnant. The only danger is that in battle, one day you are promoted, and you are in some kind of special place. Domain, there is no wine to drink, so drunk cat royal elder sister will be very painful. As soon as Yueyang said this, the sick beauty and the Lord of Fallen Flowers suddenly realized, "Why is Sister Ye?" An alcoholic? The reason is that she subconsciously wants to drink to maintain a higher state, if the body must also drink to feel comfortable. Therefore, it has always formed an instinctive habit. Of course, this result is certainly not the best growth. To be able to ascend to the innate realm, drinking is just a kind of Powerful assistance is not absolute. Besides, keep drinking like this. Definitely not! "" Is there no other way? Give her Think of one. The Lord of Fallen Flowers looked at Yueyang and asked him to help him make up his mind. Tell her not to drink again. Yueyang laughed. 'No, If I don't have a drink, I'll die. Drunken cat royal elder sister mercilessly white Yueyang one eye, raises the fist to punch heavily, wants to smash Yueyang to fly, but lets him catch with one hand. Another way is to break through the innate state of sobriety and close the distance, so that even if it is stronger when drunk, it will not hurt the body. For example, drunkenness is the third level of congenital, but usually it is the second level of congenital, so it certainly has little impact. Yueyang's words made Drunken Cat Royal Sister a little tempted, although drinking ranked first. After all, the body is still needed, and you can't watch the body being destroyed. "How can ability let night elder sister be in sober condition below bring out congenital condition?" The sick beauty found this a little difficult. Angry, Yueyang grinned and put away the Qilan wine. When the Drunken Cat Royal Sister was ready to start, he nodded, indicating that he wanted to be in such an angry state. On that day, When the Eastern Demon Clan attacked. Drunken cat royal elder sister alone killed the extremely powerful plum leopard, Yueyang has been unknown how she did it, now a little understand. Although this drunk cat royal elder sister is not drunk, but she is in a state of anger, the strength of the outbreak, so killed the opponent. At this point, after Yueyang went on a rampage, its strength soared tenfold. The state of invincibility is similar and equally uncontrolled. The Lord of Fallen Flowers immediately patted Yueyang on the shoulder and said, "Sister Ye will give it to you." The sick beauty also expressed confidence in her lover. Yue Yu followed closely. Yue Bing and Yi Nan went to practice together to try the power of the new war beast. Finally, Only Drunken Cat Royal Sister and Yueyang are left. However, there was also Niu Niu, the little panda, but her eyes were smiling like a crescent moon, and she didn't know at all. His mother is about to fall into the mouth of the wolf and become a delicacy. It's not easy to get angry. How many people do I hit a day? It doesn't induce any congenital state. Drunken Cat Royal Sister said she didn't believe it. That's not really angry. Yueyang threw a golden hammer to Niu Niu, the little panda, and asked her to share it with Yue Shuang, the little girl. The drunken cat royal elder sister that gives Douxin Douyi again waves a hand: "Come with me, assure to be able to be cured in a few days, it is no problem to drink casually later." "Really?" Drunken cat royal elder sister originally did not believe Yueyang, but heard him say that after drinking casually, and a little heart, for the sake of wine,outdoor hot tub, or go with him! Into the martial arts hall. Yueyang first asked what was the relationship between the drunken cat and the night queen, but the drunken cat did not answer. He estimated that this girl was the younger generation of the clan after the night, perhaps the niece of Emperor Hua Xu of Tianluo.

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Why did the Holy Father suddenly become the Tang Priest! Yang Yi Xiju, and her boyfriend can contact the people, is it a very special existence? Mark and Donghai Ao Guang are very familiar with each other. When he knew that his girlfriend's new master was actually someone he knew, and this person was still the boss of his dormitory, he was very embarrassed. It was a bit of a coincidence that so many people on a server could let them meet and become master and apprentice by chance. Of course, what Mark did not want to admit was that he was relieved to know the new identity of Ao Guang in the East China Sea. Mark knew the dormitory boss who had lived together for four years very well, and even during those four years of college life, the boss, who was comparable to the Holy Father, gradually developed an alternative personality under the influence of several of them, but the nature hidden in that body remained unchanged. Even Mark could guess the reason why he had accepted his wife as an apprentice in the first place-he could not bear to see the girl sad and sad, and to see the sad name of others aroused his deep love for the world. After meeting his good friend in college and introducing his new identity to each other in a simple greeting at the beginning, Ao Guang in the East China Sea was completely excited-he took Yang Yi and Mark to the task monster quickly, and the typing frequency made Yang Yi even wonder how he did it. [Private Chat] Poor No one loves: that Is your dormitory boss related to the Tang Priest? [Private Chat] Donghai Longqi: He's just excited. It doesn't matter. [Private Chat] Poor No one loves him: What's his major? Can you say that? [Private Chat] Donghai Longqi: Just like your boss. Yang Yimo, after thinking about it and finally understanding something, immediately thought of another thing-why are they all studying law, their boyfriend's eldest brother is like a holy father, while her Luo eldest brother is like a hag! [Team] Donghai Ao Guang: Hey, by the way, Laosan, have you finished your paper? [Team] Donghai Longqi: En. [Team] Donghai Ao Guang: Do the old men and old women understand? [Team] Donghai Longqi: I don't know. [Team] Donghai Ao Guang: You are really hard for them! How fast the topic changes! Yang Yi paused, how did he suddenly turn from the game to the paper? However, after all, he was talking about his boyfriend, and Yang also asked with great interest. [Team] Poor No one loves: What is the content of your paper? Has it anything to do with the euro? [Team] Donghai Ao Guang: Haha,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, so the third brother and sister also know that thing! But the third brother has made progress this time, he does not write the euro, does not continue the German mark, he writes the game ah! [Team] Poor No one loves: (@ @), game? [Team] Donghai Ao Guang: On the Value and Generation of Virtual Currency, Laosan, do I remember correctly? Does Murphy say that the purpose of his game is to study a way to generate virtual currency? Yang also tears, no wonder their own boyfriend such a person would actually go to play games, he is actually to write papers? Summer vacation After a private interrogation, Yang finally figured out that the content of Mark's master's thesis is to discuss the common social problems of virtual economy in the current society, including a wide range of issues, Mark used the simplest point card problem to give him value, stainless steel welded pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Bar, the study is the universal value of the point card. As well as the circulation of money between online games, virtual communities and real money. In order to study these problems, Mark registered more than 50 forums and played four or five online games at the same time. Of course, at the very beginning, Ma, who did not study online games at all, chose to follow his old friend in the area of the game where they are now, starting from the Dragon Seven in the East China Sea. So instead of running away, she crashed into the nest. In other words, self-entrapment? The corners of Yang Yi's mouth twitched. Although at first she thought it was really strange for a person like her master to indulge in online games, in view of his ability to make money, she regarded the process as if her boyfriend was actually working. After knowing the truth, Yang was suddenly enlightened, but his heart was also a little more secretly pleased, according to his original assumption, it should not be after finishing the paper to continue to play, right? In retrospect, it seems that he handed in his paper at Christmas last year, which means that he actually had an idea about her at that time, right? Originally, after all the means, are to abduct her! Yang also gritted her teeth, but fortunately she did not take the initiative to confess, otherwise she would really die! "So my wife is with our Holy Father," Mark said leisurely. "So I'm relieved." Yang Yi's hand paused, and she breathed a sigh of relief in her heart. Fortunately, she didn't have a real tendency to have an affair, and she was also very polite to Master Donghai. Otherwise, someone would have written it down and then pursued her guilt for her derailment! Ao Guang, the eldest student in Mark's dormitory, is also very enthusiastic about the third younger brother and sister and apprentice he just met. In his opinion, he can subdue Ma Laosan, who only recognizes money but not people in his dormitory and has no humanity at all. He can also make the third brother change a lot of habits that once made their dormitory abhorrent for her. This girl is definitely a rare talent! As a result, taking the apprentice to catch ghosts became taking the younger brother and sister to catch ghosts. Ao Guang in the East China Sea was so energetic that he never thought about why they came back here to relax. He also completely forgot the sad name of Yang Yi, who was pitiful and unloved. He just thought that this was their interesting life. You run and I chase, life is wonderful. In response to his wife's little rebellion and the arrival of the summer vacation, Mark immediately changed some of his policies and compromised on some things-for example, even on weekends, he would allow her to sleep in a little late, of course, it was not allowed after 10 o'clock in the evening; for example,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, when he did not want to go out to exercise, he would take someone shopping, all as a different type of activity.