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Male Frequency Version of the Stepdaughter of a Rich and Powerful Family [Chuanshu] --Yuxiao Liantai Emploi Plein temps

23 févr. 2023 à 2h28   Banque   Dakar   269 vues Référence: 384
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Holding his own good friend's arm, he chattered with her, and gave a supercilious look to each of the brothers who came up to disturb him, very impatient. The young men, who were led by their fathers to greet each other, saw that they could not get close to Yunxiao at all, so they had to follow their fathers or uncles with regret. Before they left, they reluctantly looked back at Yunxiao several times. There are also those who are unwilling to give up and want to work hard. Li Sheng, a 17-year-old young master of the rich and powerful Li family, has settled abroad with his mother all the year round. This is the first time he has seen the legendary Miss Bai. The first thing he saw was the crown of the queen. The Li family's jewelry brand is famous all over the world. With his knowledge, of course, he recognized the origin of the crown at a glance. Li Sheng was shocked at first, not knowing why the crown, which was well kept in the royal treasure room, appeared on the head of Miss Bai. Then he couldn't help looking at the young lady carefully, wondering if the fourth owner of the crown was worthy of the legendary crown. Just as a sword should be a hero and a BMW should be a famous general, in Li Sheng's mind, although the crown of the queen has not appeared in front of the world for many years, its historical value and its true legendary glory are not inferior to other jewelry handed down from generation to generation, so how can it be worn casually on the head of a rich and powerful lady. Such a crown should appear on the hair of the next queen and continue its glorious legendary path. Then Li Sheng saw the face of the eldest lady of the Bai family. Bright and gorgeous atmosphere,304 stainless steel wire, bright eyes, bright and brilliant, almost stunned Li Sheng. Then he noticed that the young lady was full of style, confident and calm, luxurious and graceful, but handsome and elegant. She seemed to notice him, glanced at him, smiled at him,304 Stainless Steel Wire, and suddenly the room was full of light. Li Sheng only felt the heart "thump" a heavy jump, the whole body blood rushed to the head in an instant, the face brushed red. Dizzy, he answered with a silly smile, and with his weak legs, he wanted to go to her side and say something to her. However, as soon as he took a step out, a wheelchair passed by him. Chang Fusheng, the second young master of the Chang family, sat in a wheelchair and stopped beside the eldest Miss of the Bai family, talking gently to her. Li Sheng foolishly stopped in place, and finally found that the young lady was not smiling at him at all. Li Sheng:.. qaq Li Sheng's heart was suddenly empty, and the feeling of great loss came to his mind, so that he could not help but want to rub over there. Even if you can't speak, 304 Stainless Steel Coil ,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, listen to her voice. However, the reality has given Li Sheng a heavy blow. Before he could get to Miss Bai's side, a pair of eyes of the eldest young master of the Bai family swept over and stared at him with a fake smile. Li Sheng suddenly felt a chill in his back. He quickly smiled ingratiatingly at Bai Jingyao and looked at Yunxiao unconsciously. Bai Jingyao hehe, moved his feet, and directly blocked his sister behind him. Li Sheng changed his position three times, but was blocked by Bai Jingyao. He immediately looked at the other side plaintively. Unmoved, Bai Jingyao looked at the young master of the Li family in disgust and waved him away. Li Sheng had no choice but to follow his father back step by step after the conversation. When he returned to his mother's side, Li Sheng was still out of his mind until Mrs. Li pulled him and told him in a low voice to take a good look at the daughters of each family and pay attention to whether he liked any of them. The marriage of rich and powerful families is mostly a marriage, which is euphemistically called a strong alliance. But the circle of rich and powerful families in Dingguo is so big, and there are so many daughters. If you want to get married, you have to set it up early. Otherwise, if you hesitate here, other rich and powerful families will not give you a chance. Maybe when you finish hesitating, the engagement ceremony will be finished. Mrs. Li felt that her son was seventeen years old this year, and the engagement should be put on the agenda. The daughters of all families should also let their sons get in touch with each other and see who they like. When Li Sheng heard her words, his eyes lit up and he couldn't help saying, "Mom, I like the young lady of the Bai family. Can you help me to say that I'm engaged to her?" As soon as Li Sheng thought that the girl wearing the crown of the queen would become his fiancee from now on, he would only smile at himself, and his heart was pounding and his face was red. It was the first time that Mrs. Li had seen her son so shy, and she could not help laughing and joking. She recalled the information of the young lady of the Bai family, and then remembered the surprise inspection last summer and the turmoil in the rich and powerful circle caused by it. That incident made the whole rich and powerful circle still have a lingering fear, but Mrs. Li thought about it carefully and felt that the Li family was also law-abiding, even if the elder Miss Bai stood behind Feng Lao and the police, they were not afraid of the Li family. Moreover, the family tradition of the Bai family was very good, and Mrs. Li thought about it and thought that the marriage could be discussed. She is also a straightforward, immediately took her youngest son to find Bai Zhengqing and his wife, ready to test the tone. Coincidentally, because there were too many guests coming up to chat, Bai Zhengqing and Yunxia had not yet separated from Qu Xiuming and Bai Jingyao, and several people were still standing together, just talking to their acquaintances. So, after Mrs. Li came over, her tentative words in conversation with Yunxia were being heard by Bai Zhengqing, Bai Jingyao and Qu Xiuming. Bai Jingyao glanced at Li Sheng, who was shy and red-faced, not far behind her. "My sister is still young." Bai Zhengqing is like protecting a calf: "Our family is not in a hurry. Let's talk about it when my daughter wants to talk about it." Qu Xiuming glanced indifferently at Li Sheng. His eyes made him step back. Then he said, "The daughters of Qu and Bai don't need to be married." What he said was not polite. Bai Zhengqing father and son somehow reluctantly pulled a reason, he is good, straightforward refusal, let Mrs. Li quite embarrassed. Mrs. Li also never thought that she would come to help her son to test, how like poking a hornet's nest, one by one fired at her. She smiled awkwardly, managed a few pleasantries, and quickly pulled her son away. Li Sheng was dragged by the wrist to walk forward,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, but also did not forget to look back reluctantly to the sky, that pitiful look, as if almost crying.

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Male Frequency Version of the Stepdaughter of a Rich and Powerful Family [Chuanshu] --Yuxiao Liantai