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Splendid Heroes (Part 7) Before Sunrise + Fanwai by: Drunken Rain Emploi Plein temps

23 févr. 2023 à 2h33   Banque   Dakar   179 vues Référence: 393
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Jiang Yang froze for a moment, the dog looked a little familiar. He had not raised a dog seriously and had not had much contact with military dogs, but after Su Chaoyu brought back the star, the situation changed greatly. He found that he could know the animal's heart at a glance, such as the star, even if Jiang Yang stared at it fiercely, it was never afraid, if possible, it should be willing to stand up and compete with the commander. In front of this dog is the same, Jiang Yang looked at it, it actually noticed, and then walked quickly over. Two soldiers blocked Jiang Yang, raised their guns to it, but it was not afraid at all, sitting five or six meters away from Jiang Yang, looking straight at him, slowly opened his mouth. It was not the kind of affectionate call that he had imagined. If he could speak,Fish measuring board, he would be crying loudly. Jiang Yang heard a heartbreaking sob. The dusty dog looked at him with pleading eyes. He stood up again and walked back to where he came from. Every three steps, he turned back and sobbed and pleaded until Jiang Yang decided to follow him and took the first step. The big dog ran all the way and stopped in front of the ruins. It was a falling roof. How long were they? It formed a good triangular space between them and the wall. The big dog dug the ground like crazy near there. The dust was all over the sky. It could hardly open its eyes but did not stop. Have a soldier to say: "Inside is somebody?" After hesitating for a long time, a bold first-class soldier quietly touched the past. The big dog immediately stepped back several meters to show that he had no intention of attacking. The first-class soldier bent down and immediately shouted: "It's a man!"! Nass's! The big dog roared at him a few times, as if to correct, but did not approach until the medical team lifted the man out of the ruins, and then it trotted to Jiang Yang's side,Walking tape measure, sitting and refusing to go. This kind of friendship made Jiang Yang decide to take a look and see what kind of charming person would make his dog stay in such a dangerous situation. Lying on the ground can be said to be a corpse, right chest has a bullet hole, blood is coagulated, the medical team does not seem willing to carry out the next step of rescue, especially the other side is a mercenary. But at this time, the big dog rushed over and began to lick the man's face vigorously, trying to open his mouth and put his nose against his neck, repeatedly and unrelenting. To Jiang Yang's surprise, the corpse lying on the ground suddenly took a breath, as if he had just figured out that he was going back to the world, which made his whole body spasm, but proved that he was still alive. The medical team rushed to rescue. The bullet grazed his lung and should have pierced his heart. There was no heartbeat in the stethoscope, horse weight tape ,Diameter tape measure, but the carotid artery was still rising and falling faintly. When the man heard the dog barking, his eyelids would subconsciously try to lift. This is simply too weird, medical worker can not think of any possible explanation for this matter, until Jiang Yang suddenly woke up: "wipe his face!" " Someone immediately complied, Jiang Yang strode up to see, and then grabbed the collar of the medical team leader: "Warrant Officer Wang Ruogu of the Special Action Team, be sure to save him!" The speedboat carrying Wang Ruogu and September took Jiang Yang's barrier-free access permit and headed for the Chang Hu Bay Medical Center. Jiang Yang clenched his fist tightly and looked in the direction of Chatur. The flames of war were fierce, and what he had just told Qin Yuelang was: "Of course I know what happened to Chatur.". My lover Su Chaoyu is there, he is alive, this is all I know, I just know this is enough. Jiang Yang could not restrain his body from trembling and pretended that it was just because the temperature was too low. He heard his Su Chaoyu's heartbeat, and he didn't want to admit all his worries about Su Chaoyu-missing? It was impossible. He waved away all the thoughts in his head. Su Chaoyu was there, always there, always there. Jiang Yang only needs to do one thing, to brush the dust off his shoulders for his Chaoyu, to leave the battlefield with his Chaoyu, and to live with him. 124. Great victory at Chatur Under the guidance of Meng Fan, Su Chaoyu and his 14 people moved several times to avoid the enemy, although the overall time is less than two hours, but Meng Fan has been waiting for the opportunity to almost let people think it is escapism. They have no choice but to wait quietly in the dark-before sunrise, they must complete the task, otherwise they will be exposed to the light, not to mention fourteen people, even one hundred and forty people may not be enough. Around three o'clock in the morning, the twelve soldiers present, together with Su Chaoyu and Peng Yao, finally heard all the process of Meng Fan walking directly into the general control room with a gun. Meng Fan is not a powerful man, even, because the nutrition is not very good and do not often bask in the sun, more thin than normal men, the fight is absolutely not as good as anyone in the control room. Fortunately, he is a smart man who knows how to take advantage of people's weaknesses. After entering the general control room, he did not shoot the switchboard with enthusiasm, but kidnapped the person in charge. The man knew the switchboard password and the startup password of the standby power supply, and was the controller of the general database. Meng Fan put a gun against his temple and retreated to the corner. He said calmly, "You can shoot. I have no bullets." Some people really believe that hearing the sound of loading, the person in charge was completely frightened: "What do you want?" "I don't want to die myself," said Meng Fan. "Don't tell me that you are really humanitarian and will pay us the rest of our wages and then really buy us a villa in Doolittle." "Buy,cattle weight tape, definitely buy." The person in charge nodded sharply, "This can be discussed, our own people."

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Splendid Heroes (Part 7) Before Sunrise + Fanwai by: Drunken Rain