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Princess Is Not Good: Only Favoring the Imperial Concubine (1) Emploi Plein temps

1er déc. 2022 à 5h36   Menuiser Métallique   Dakar   199 vues Référence: 145
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No wonder Dongling Huang will come back to find himself, afraid to know that Xuanyuan Che has gone to Shuicheng, know that she is useful. Fearing that she would be used as a tool of revenge by Dongling Phoenix, Feng Yichen told him everything he knew. Xiaoxiao was thinking that Xuanyuan Che was not very concerned about himself, even if he was taken to Yuguo by Dongling Phoenix, he could not threaten Xuanyuan Che. Who would have thought, just now with Xuanyuan Che night talk for a while, learned that Xuanyuan Che actually went to Shuicheng. She had no idea that he would value herself so much. I thought he was at most a little interested in him. You know, Shuicheng is a small town between the two countries, and it is even closer to Yuguo. Xuanyuan Che came to Shuicheng to look for her in a big way. If he was known by someone with a heart, wouldn't his situation be very dangerous? Dongling Phoenix is afraid to know this, so he used this to test Xuanyuan Che. If Xuanyuan Che was smart, he would not have ventured to Shuicheng at all. Now that he's here, it means he cares about himself. So, oneself, also had use value? The smile on Dongling Huang's face gradually faded away, and his expression became cold and dark. "Xia Weiyang, who told you this?"? Is it Feng Yichen? "He did tell me something, but I guessed it myself that you wanted to use me to lead Xuanyuan Che to marry Yuguo." Dongling Phoenix suddenly reached out to embrace her waist, tightly, as if to break her waist, "you are right, so you must follow the king back to Yuguo, wait for the king to solve Xuanyuan Che, will detoxify you." "Will you send someone to take Xuanyuan back at night?" "This childe will let Lei Yue escort him back to the city." Xiaoxiao was hugged so tightly by him that he was almost out of breath. Why not use Xuanyuan Night as a bargaining chip? Dongling Huang let go of her and said with a sneer, "He's not qualified enough." When Xuanyuan finished bathing at night and opened the door, he saw Xiaoxiao leaning against the door, as if he were thinking about something. Xia Weiyang, what are you doing here? After the bath, Xuanyuan night restored its original beautiful and delicate appearance, dressed in white men's clothes, wearing on his body, slightly fat. It's not peeking at his Highness's bath, is it? Ha ha, I see that there seems to be a lot of people to support Xuemo, Xuemo's part of the play is actually a lot, don't worry, he will soon be written, Xuanyuan Che, his part of the play is also more. There are many unexpected plots in the back. This article will add some fantasy things in it. Please wait and see. There are still some things to do in the evening, so that's all for today's update. Spoony Millennium 4 Xiao Xiao pulled the corners of his mouth and looked at him in silence. Someone will escort you back to the city. I've come to say goodbye to you. Xuanyuan Che frowned lightly, and some tender little faces showed a puzzled look, "won't you go back with me?" "What am I going back to do with you?" "Myna has been looking for you everywhere, and even the affairs of the court have been delayed. Don't you have any affection for him?" Xiaoxiao leaned back against the wall and smiled softly. "He is nothing to me. Of course, there is no affection." He is not his lover all the time, and he can't give himself a pair of people all his life. She is a person from the 21st century, who is naturally unique and unique. Xuanyuan Che is already a family man, and it is impossible to give up anything for herself, Inflatable dry slide , so even if she really has her in her heart, even if he really cares about her, she can't respond to him. Short pain is better than long pain. Besides, now I only have some affection for him. Even if I give up the feelings that have just sprouted, it will not be too painful. I believe he is the same. Time can dilute everything. Perhaps, one month, two months, he will forget himself. Xuanyuan night shook his head and said softly, "Weiyang, your heart is really cold. I have never seen Myna care so much about a woman. It can be seen that he is sincere to you, but you say he has no affection at all." Xiaoxiao sighed faintly and said indifferently, "Go back, help me bring a word to him, say, Weiyang has a heart in mind, let him not waste his mind on me here.". ” "Well, your words I will bring, I ask you a word, you like, really is that Dongling Phoenix?"? Don't you know that he likes men? Xiaoxiao is stupefied, immediately think of must be cloud side imperial concubine to say these words, can't help smiling, "he likes a man so what?"? If you like him, you like him. Even if he doesn't like me, I'll admit it. Xuanyuan night frowned more tightly, opened his mouth, as if anxious to say something. Spoony Millennium 5 Xuanyuan night frowned more tightly, opened his mouth, as if anxious to say something. Xiaoxiao reached out to cover his mouth and shook his head gently. "Well, no need to say more. I'm leaving. Let's say goodbye." Say that finish, let go of the hand, but see Xuanyuan night in the eyes of tears, can not help but eat a surprise. Dead girl, now that you have made up your mind, your Highness is too lazy to talk more. Well, it's better to leave, so as not to make people worry about it for no reason! When he said the last sentence, his voice was very low, and his face was slightly flushed. Xiaoxiao secretly sighed, it seems that Xuanyuan night has some affection for himself, Xia Weiyang is beautiful, and after such a festival, in his heart, she must be different from other women. May I ask, how many women dare to spank the prince? It was because she was different that he was interested in her. However, he was still young, and even if he was in love with her, it was just a natural phenomenon when he was young and ignorant. This feeling came and went quickly. It was another parting, and the melancholy in my heart was deeper. After a day's journey, I finally arrived at Yuguo smoothly. When Prince Yu returned to the mansion, the servant knelt on the ground at the door. The ground was covered with a red blanket. When he got off,inflatable amusement park, a boy ran to the front of the carriage and knelt on the ground. Xiaoxiao originally got out of the car first, but when he saw a man kneeling on the ground, he quickly sat in the car again. What's the matter?

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