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The Complete Biography of Mortal Xiuxian Emploi Plein temps

5 déc. 2022 à 5h44   Menuiser Métallique   Dakar   168 vues Référence: 189
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Seeing such a large number of flying insects, Poison Jiao's face changed at first. Then there was a look of despair. In the white light, Feng Xi's face also suddenly changed, revealing a terrible color. We should know that although the breeding period is shorter and many eggs are laid at one time, it still takes hundreds of years to breed once. After the incubation, it will take decades of training and training. Is really available. In addition, the more powerful the spirit worm is, the higher the rank is, and the longer the time it takes. So in the realm of immortals. Even though there are many monks who know the art of repelling insects, they are famous for repelling insects. But it's rare. Especially after the knot Dan, it is rare to hear! Most of the deworming monks are lucky to have more than a thousand of them in their lifetime. In this way, most of the master passes on the disciples, and the disciples pass on these flying insects to the next generation, so that they can barely have such a number. And the spirit insects are too fragile compared to other spirit beasts. In a fight, all the spirit insects are destroyed. It's also a common thing. This is also the other monks, even though they know that the power of the spirit worm is not small. But the reason why few people practice deworming. Han Li devours the gold worm fiercely, Feng Xi and Poison Jiao have already seen it. Even as a class monster, they also feel terrible. So see Han Li release such a large number, the two demons are so incredible. Of course, they do not know that these gold-eating insects are spirit insects that have not evolved to maturity, otherwise they will be even more discolored. Han Li ignored the look of anger and resentment in Poison Jiao's eyes,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, and his mind moved. All the flying insects chirped loudly. Into a few shares, a batch of to poison Jiao body crazy down. Result. The blood light spurted out again from the injured demon body of the poison Jiao, and the gold-eating insects in the sweep turned into nothing, but the roof insects kept circling down unflinchingly. Only a moment later, the blood light began to decrease and dim down, and after a little while, the blood light disappeared completely in the dead color of the demon's face. When Han Li saw this,touch screen whiteboard, his eyes lit up! The swarm of insects flew down unceremoniously and drowned the poison Jiao in an instant. Before long, the high and bulging insect pile changed from high to low, from big to small. Scaly armor was breached by the poison Jiao can not hold out for long, and finally was eaten by a group of insects died. Seeing this scene, Feng Xi's face turned pale slightly, but immediately his expression calmed down, just staring at Han Lifang. With a murmur, the swarm of insects flew away from the original place, revealing some of the remains of the poisonous Jiao. In the wreckage, a fist-sized bloody demon Dan flickered there. There was a flash of color on the Korean facade, but before he could take any action, the demon Dan flew into the air with a flash of blue light and shot away in the direction of the door. Han Li did not want to flick his finger, and a blue sword gas came out of his hand and hit the demon Dan. After the demon Dan was hit and turned around for a while, a blue light suddenly flew out of it, wrapped in a mini dragon about an inch in size, smart interactive whiteboard ,interactive boards for classrooms, which was the spirit of the poisonous dragon. As soon as this Jiao soul sees the trace to reveal, immediately panicked blood light flash, immediately disappeared the trace. The cold light flashed on Han's facade, and suddenly he patted a spirit beast bag on his waist. A green light flew out of the bag and landed on the ground, showing a lazy little monkey with a rather unhappy look. It was the crying soul beast. Han Li had no time to worry about the mood of the beast, patted the head of the beast, the crying soul beast involuntarily snorted, a yellow light from the spray, after a circle in the air, a cover next to an empty place. As a result, after a flash of yellow light, a blood-red mini Jiao soul was revealed. Then Huang Guang rolled back, and the spirit of Poison Jiao was pulled into the nose of the crying beast. The soul naturally refused to let the sheep into the tiger's mouth. On the way, the whole body emitted a dazzling blue light. The blue light was against Huang Xia for a while, and remained motionless in situ. It is worthy of being the spirit beast of heaven and earth in the period of transformation. The power of the soul is far more powerful than that of the monster of level six or seven. Of course, this is also because the soul beast is in its infancy, otherwise it is a bit unworthy of its great reputation. But Han Li's original intention, originally had not thought really lets cry the soul beast to inhale this Jiao soul. The spirit of the eight-level monster is extremely rare in this world. He won't waste it. As a result, when Huang Xia and Poison Jiao were deadlocked. After Han Li's figure flashed, he reached one side, and then with an expressionless face and five fingers, he grasped the demon soul that could not dodge at all, and accurately grabbed it into his hands. Only an inch long Jiao soul, desperately shaking and struggling between the five fingers, but Han Li's other palm turned over, and a jade bottle that had already been prepared appeared in his hand. A shake of the hand. With a whoosh, Jiao Hun was wrapped in a blue light and thrown directly into the bottle. Han Li quickly covered the bottle and carefully put it into the storage bag. That's a little relief! Below, Han Li did not mean to delay time at all. As soon as he turned around, he walked in the direction of the turtle demon. But at that moment, there was a sound of "bang" in midair, and the mask finally collapsed under the attack of two giant swords. Han Li did not lift his head with one hand, a large blue light sprayed out, once the exposed wind and thunder wings involved in it, instantly pulled back to the hand. He didn't care to look at it at all, so he stuffed the treasure into his storage bag. This action, looking at the side of the crack wind beast almost vomiting blood in the heart, originally calm down the face, once again full of resentment of the extremely look. But Han Li's eyes fell on the high pile of insects, and with a low sound in his mouth, the swarm of insects immediately rose from the ground, revealing the turtle demon below. After entering the eyes, Han Li gasped. The demon was black and blue all over his body, his flesh and blood were blurred, but his whole body was emitting khaki light, and the naked flesh and blood kept wriggling, just as Han Li's eyelids were lowered,smartboards for business, he was quickly reborn and healed. In an instant, the wound was more than half healed. "Autonomous Body" Han Li's face was shocked, and then his mouth became bitter. The so-called "autonomous body" is not uncommon among monsters. Many low-level monsters have the weird ability to heal wounds and regenerate limbs.

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