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Solar Air-condition Kit suppliers Emploi Plein temps

25 juil. 2023 à 6h36   Ingénierie   Dakar   22 vues Référence: 899
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Solar Air-condition Kit suppliers 鈪? Product Introduction 聽 Photovoltaic air conditioner (PV AC) is a type of air conditioning system that is powered by a photovoltaic (PV) panel or solar panels. It converts sunlight into electrical energy which is then used to power the air conditioning unit. 聽鈪? Product Feature and Application 聽 AC&DC Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner DC Inverter Compressed Drive Power Conversion &Power Tracking Human-Machine Interaction &Temperature Control New Display-Energy Loop Auto-Balance WiFi Remote Control Solar Generation Monitoring Cross-industry integration of new energy introduction solutions Using high speed DSP chips which integrates the control and calculation of BLDC motor drive (FOC), air conditioner frequency control (compressor, fan, etc. operation), AC/DC conversion, DC/DC power following (MPPT) and conversion. 聽鈪? Key Parameters (Specification) 聽聽鈪? FAQ 聽 Q: What is your MOQ? A: 1*40鈥橦Q container(230 pcs). Sample available. 聽 Q: Can you print my own logo on the product? A: Yes, OEM/ODM is negotiable. 聽 Q: What`s the warranty and after sale service? A: Main unit 1 year, PCB 2 years, Compressor 5 years. Designed life could be up to 25 years. 聽 Q: Is DDP available? A: Yes, with the support of our processional forwarders, all Incoterms are negotiable. 聽 Q: What products or equipment can you provide ? A: We have two series of solar air conditioning system Type A: ACDC Hybrid solar air conditioning system,12000BTU,18000BTU, and 24000BTU. ACDC Hybrid system is mostly used in the places suffering high electricity cost and power outage. It can work under solar(DC120~350V)and grid(AC208~230V). The Hybrid still works even if the grid power is out during the daytime when solar is strong enough. It's the best solution for the applications like schools, offices and residential where people mostly stay there in the daytime. Type B: DC48V Off-Grid solar air conditioning system,12000BTU DC48V system is used in remote places where there is no grid power, such as the remote island,container house, desert and telecom stations. It can be used anytime, anywhere, as long as there is enough power in the battery bank. 聽 Q: May I only purchase the air conditioner alone? A: Of course, for sure. You may use your own solar panels and mountings. 聽 Q: What if there is any problem with the system? A: First of all, all parts are 100% inspected before delivery so please make sure to call professional team to finish the installation. What's more, please provide photos during and after the installation for confirmation. If the failure is caused by installation, we cannot provide free parts. If it's the product failure, we will provide free spare parts and provide on-line technical support. We will try our best to offer an excellent experience to consumers. 聽 Q: There are frequent power outages in my city. Will this damage the air conditioner? A: Of course not,our air conditioners have 25 hardware and software protection,which is specially designed for such situations. 聽 Q: What benefits that Photovoltaic air conditioner can bring? A: It can bring many benefits, including but not limited to: Energy Efficiency: Using solar energy to power the air conditioning system results in reduced energy consumption and lower energy bills. Environmental Sustainability: By utilizing clean, renewable energy, solar air conditioners help to reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment. Independence from the Grid: Providing cooling even in areas where access to the electrical grid is limited or unreliable. Reduced Maintenance Costs: Solar-powered air conditioning systems are typically more durable and require less maintenance than traditional AC systems. Improved Comfort: Providing cool and comfortable indoor temperatures, even in hot and humid environments. 聽 Q: How to use it in my life? A: To use a solar air conditioner in your life, you will need to follow these steps: Research and Choose the Right System: Choose a photovoltaic air conditioning system that is suitable for your needs in terms of cooling capacity, size, and budget. You can always trust TONG SOLAR about it. Install the System: A professional installation is recommended for the optimal performance of the photovoltaic air conditioning system. TONG SOLAR will provide technical support during the process. Connect to Solar Panels: The air conditioning system will need to be connected to a photovoltaic array that generates enough electricity to power the AC. Use the System: Once installed, the solar air conditioner can be used just like a regular air conditioner, but with the added benefit of reduced energy consumption and lower energy bills. Maintain the System: Regular maintenance of the solar air conditioner and its components, such as the solar panels, is important to ensure its long-lasting performance. Monitor Performance: Regularly monitoring the performance of the photovoltaic air conditioning system can help you identify any issues early on and ensure that it is working efficiently. 聽聽Solar Air-condition Kit suppliers website:

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