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The leisurely life of a pseudo-sorcerer Emploi Plein temps

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Xiang Shubao put down the phone and saw that Zhou Jing was sorting out the accounts of the Taoist Hospital. Xiang Shubao came forward and hugged Zhou Jing on the shoulder: "How much liquidity do we have in our accounts?" "Well, quite a few. In the first half of the year, the funds of Taoist Tea have been withdrawn. In addition, the additional investment of Taoist Medical Center has been completed last year. There is no investment in the first half of this year. They are all pure profits, and there are a lot of funds." Zhou Jingdao. How much money can be drawn out in total? Xiang Shubao asked again. Why, what kind of investment do you have? Zhou Jing turned her face sideways and asked doubtfully. It's Miss Cai. She called me just now and asked me to prepare a check to go to Dongliang. There is a good investment for me to participate in. Xiang Shubao said. There were a lot of them, but you donated a lot some time ago, and now you can draw out about 20 million. Zhou Jingdao. More than 20 million? It's a little less. "Well," said Xiang Shubao, "I'll go to the bank and borrow a little more money to make up 50 million." "Fifty million, so much, what kind of investment?" Zhou Jing was surprised. Fifty million yuan is the biggest investment in recent years. In fact, I don't know exactly what to invest in. However, Cai Yatou said that it was to invest in Wudaogang. You know that Wudaogang used to be called Tianjie in the past. Each post is a Tianjie. I estimate that this girl is going to take all the assets of the mining company in Daogang. To tell the truth, if I really want to invest this, I may not be able to account for how many shares. You need to know that Lafayette's mining group was a giant in those days. Xiang Shubao said. Nonsense, no matter how huge it is, it is also the past. Now, the environment of Wudaogang has been destroyed. After several mudslides, the mountains have all become stone mountains, and the water has become stinky water. Does Wudaogang still have the value of investment? I think it's going to go down the drain if I put it in. Zhou Jing muttered. You can rest assured, Cai Yatou can do it, which time she asked me to invest, I lost money,ultrasonic dispersion machine, more and more money, remember the golden camellia, she made the golden camellia, let me invest, now how much profit the golden camallia brings to us every year, that girl is a lucky general, can we lose money? Xiang Shubao said. Also, I worry about this blindly,ultrasonic cutting machine, this wench always has a sense of propriety, forget it, no matter whether to earn or not, Cai wench rarely opens her mouth, let's support it. Zhou Jingdao. Before she suspected that it was also a matter of business, but even if Cai Yatou opened her mouth, then even if it was a loss, she would support it. That's natural. Xiang Shubao nodded, but he had a premonition that this investment would not only not lose money, but might make a lot of money. In short, that girl is good at creating miracles. Even Zhou Yong said that the girl was a blessing in the future. Well, I'll call Zhou Yong later and take him there. Isn't Zhou Yong's wife also from Wudaogang? It's right to repay his hometown. By the way, didn't you say that Miss Cai had gone on a trip? Why did you go to Dongliang again? At this time, Zhou Jing, who came to her senses, asked again. I don't know. It must be that girl who misses the boy of Le's family. Xiang Shubao grinned. What else do you think? The Le family doesn't like our granddaughter of the Zhou family. Hearing Xiang Shubao say this, Zhou Jing is not happy, ultrasonic molten metal ,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, there is no impermeable wall in the world, plus Le Qiang is looking for Cai in such a big way, in addition to Fang Xiaobei, the gossip party, Liu Ronghua and Bai Cai's agreement had been dug out, this week's family is naturally a little unhappy, and Zhou Jing has a good relationship with Cai, she doesn't care what the difficulties are. She felt that Cai Yatou was looked down upon, and naturally stood on the side of Bai Cai Cai indignantly. Don't say that either. Le Qiang is very good. Your fourth brother-in-law, Secretary Bai, praised him a lot. As for the concept of elders, they always have to turn around slowly. I've seen this kind of thing a lot before. Xiang Shubao spoke like an experienced person. He didn't meet Zhou Jing until he was in his thirties. Someone had introduced him to him before, but as soon as he knew that he was born in Laoshan Taoism, he turned his head and blew. Therefore, this kind of thing, his nerves have long been very tough by Duan Lian. I'm just a little unconvinced. Our Cai girl has grown up, and she's worse than others. She still falls into other people's mouths to pick. I don't know what's going on with our Zhou family. From the past to the present, it seems like she's on the line with the family. Zhou Jing choked in a crackling way. Xiang Shubao listened to his words and said, "Now you are more and more like your fourth sister." Zhou Jing was stunned by Xiang Shubao's words, and then laughed. Zhou Jing's temper was very gentle before, but in any case, it was the seed of the old Zhou family, and the fierce spirit in her bones was not small. When she lost her temper, the two sisters became one temperament. Hum, laugh at me, don't tell you, I go to find six son, about the bank credit to eat a meal, this money is too urgent, I don't know if it's too late. Zhou Jingdao, called about six younger sister Zhou Chang, the family runs the loan matter always is Zhou Chang in doing, she is familiar. Well, go ahead and give up some more money. A bank like our company is eager to lend more money. It's not difficult to do so. Xiang Shubao's rich and powerful appearance provoked Zhou Jing to roll her eyes. And sure enough, the next day, in the afternoon, the money arrived. Then Xiang Shubao called Zhou Yong, who had made a lot of money in the antique market over the years. As soon as Xiang Shubao jumped up, he set off for Dongliang with a check in his pocket. And this side of Dongliang. Today is the first lesson of Bai Cai's life. School began, but as an intern teacher of history class, Bai Cai Cai was under little pressure. There were only a few classes a week. Bai Cai Cai also learned the style of Professor Gu. When he talked about history, he mixed a little archaeological content in it, and mixed some unofficial history and anecdotes. This class was also lively and lively. In addition, since childhood, he was influenced by Mr. Zhou. For the management of students and how to mobilize the enthusiasm of students also have some experience, the results of only one class, will be recognized by the students, became the most popular intern teacher in Daogang Middle School. However, the so-called most popular is not able to withstand scrutiny, because the whole Daogang Middle School so far she is an intern teacher, not the most is also the most. Ok, that's all for today's class. Goodbye,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, class. Bai Cai Cai stood on the platform. Today, her class is the last one, and the class is over.

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