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Corpse abuse Emploi Plein temps

5 déc. 2022 à 5h48   Gardiennage   Dara   179 vues Référence: 198
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With a flash of silver, the shackles dispersed the pressure of destruction around him. Before he could do it, Farrett shouted, "Seraphim, don't do it yet!" Facing Vidal and Adriano at the same time, even with the shackles of war, Farrett is not so confident! "In the name of my Lord, rule!" In response to Farrett's shouts, the sound of a passionate battle song suddenly came, and the endless silver holy light condensed in the sky, dispelling the black fog directly. In front of Farrett, a figure with two pairs of silver wings on its back flashed in the air. In his hand, there was another golden sword. The sword pointed forward, carrying endless holy light, a pillar of judgment filled with the great power of war, and rushed towards the darkness of destruction in front of him. In silence, the space trembled violently, dark ripples opened, and the magic shield of Norman Fortress, like thin paper, was swallowed up directly by the ripples. The light of judgment and the darkness of destruction are entangled and devoured by each other. They have the advantage of rank. The darkness of destruction has a slight advantage, but it will not break the barrier of the light of judgment for a while. In the back, the giant fist of the demon of purgatory has also been handed over with the power of Farrett. In the vigorous power of purgatory, there is a faint sense of destruction. Even if the silver light is scattered from the shackles of war,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, it has no advantage under Adriano's giant fist. Boom! There was a huge explosion, and the three of them joined together and retreated into the sky. Below, Vidal and Adriano are joined together, while Kebis retreats into the Norman Fortress. Unexpectedly, there are still power angels in this plane, but the power angels under the Lord of War are not as good as the power angels under the Lord of Light after all! The giant eyes froze on the four-winged angel, and Adriano's face sank, but then he laughed again. With four wings,micro gear motor, it means that the angel has entered the realm of intermediate angels, purgatory demons and angels have had numerous wars, he naturally saw through the power level of this war angel. Among the intermediate angels, this Seraphus should have entered the rank of the power angel. If the strength is fully restored, Adriano alone can pinch three angels of this strength, but at this time, I am afraid it can only slightly gain the upper hand! As soon as they looked at Vidal, both of them had some warning in their hearts. If they hadn't solved them before they closed up with the Empire of Light, even with Lilith, the Dark Empire would have fallen a little behind, but. To completely solve these two people, I am afraid it is not so easy! "The undead emperor." What a calculation! There was a flash of light in his eyes, but Vidal sighed in his heart. With all kinds of situations, the undead emperor created an opportunity for the God of War Empire and the Light Empire, so that they had to take this opportunity to launch the final battle with the Dark Empire, no matter who won or lost, in the end, 24v Gear Motor ,brushless gear motor, it was the undead Empire that took the greatest advantage! "Kill Farret first, then Seraphim!" At the same time as the wedding, with a low shout from the demon of purgatory, the holy power of war and the power of destruction swept the sky again. And below, under the respective leadership of Kebis and Rossio, the flood of armies from the Empire of the God of War was also entangled with the strong dam of Norman Fortress. Under the oppression of all kinds of situations, the God of War Empire finally went to war with the Dark Empire! As it moved, the Empire of Light, which had been in a state of contraction, also took advantage of the situation to stand up and, under the leadership of the Holy Ice Angel Lafayette and others, launched the most fierce offensive against Adriano's absent Demon Legion. Less than half a day, darkness, God of war, light, the three powers will fall into the abyss of fire, and even if the situation continues to deteriorate, I am afraid even Lilith and Hayes will not be able to sit still! The eighty-third chapter of purgatory should die (I). Chapter 83 die if you should (part 1). "Sure enough, it's started!" Since Anya revealed some words, Vulcan Fen Shen arrived at the junction of the Three Kingdoms early, at this time the four of them opened with all their strength, naturally unable to hide his perception. "Farrett, Vidal, Adriano, and one." Feeling the power fluctuations coming from the void, Vulcan frowned slightly again, and he could recognize three of the four powers directly, but there was still one, which was a little hard to guess. Is this the Seraphim that Ledders was talking about? No wonder he can be juxtaposed with Farrett, and in terms of the intensity of this power fluctuation, he is probably slightly better than Farrett! As soon as the figure sank, it turned into a shadow, and Vulcan went in the direction of Norman Fortress and fled slowly. Farrett four people open with all their strength, to maintain the consistent advantage, Lilith will never let the God of War Empire win, and in order to deal with the undead empire behind, Hayes also wants to keep Farrett them. In that case, I'm afraid the two of them will not be able to hold back! Between the shadows, Vulcan's heart is a sneer. If the Pope of Light and the Banshee King of Hell are really against each other, it's hard to say whether the loser will live or die, but the winner will never feel better. As long as the time is right to appear, it may be another big harvest! Of course, this is only possible, and in this possibility, there are many variables, such as. Undead Emperor! The whole thing was almost directed by the undead emperor, even though he was still in the city of dragon slaying. Vulcan Fen Shen but also dare not be careless. With the means of the immortal emperor, if the light pope and the hell banshee king really want to separate life and death, in the right time, he will certainly appear. And once the undead emperor appears, it will expose the details of the Vulcan Fen Shen, and I'm afraid it won't be so easy to get the harvest that Nirak wants. Showing up early will upset Hayes and Lilith. If you show up late,Planetary Gear Motor, you'll encounter the undead emperor again. The shadow stalked slowly. In his mind, Vulcan also calculated the possibilities he was about to encounter, and how he would deal with them once he encountered them. "Clang!"! Clang!

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