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Custom Bottom Lid Emploi Contract

30 juin 2023 à 1h47   Indépendants & Freelance   Saint-Louis   43 vues Référence: 867
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Custom Bottom Lid Tinplate normal lid are good for packing meat, fish, tomato paste, evaporated milk, vegetables, coffee and powdered products. We supply them by using high quality tinplate, special lacquer quality and perfect manufacturing. We can even design a bottom for your specific need. Our factory mainly provide the technical parameters of 52.tinplate normal lid as follows: TemperT1, T2, T3, T4, T5, DR7 DR8 (TS245-290, TH415-620), etc. Coating1.1/1.1, 2.8/2.8, 5.6/5.6 customized weight is available AnnealingCA, BA Surface finishingBright, Stone Raw materialMR Advantage聽 1: Corrosion resistance. Because the tinplate normal lid is plated with tin on the surface, which can play a good role in placing corrosion and rust, so the cap has a very good corrosion resistance, in the application of rust will not easily appear phenomenon. 2: Non-toxic. From the specific material and the cost of raw materials, tinplate normal lid do not contain any substances harmful to human health, so has a non-toxic characteristics, can be used in food packaging. 3: Good ductility. Tinplate is a very good ductility of the material, so it can be more easily made into a thin normal lid with a large flat area. 4: High strength. Tinplate normal lid have a high strength, will not easily deform the structure, so it can be applied to maintain a stable seal packaging. 5: Provides an effective source of iron. In addition to the above mentioned aspects, tinplate normal lid can also provide an effective source of iron in the process of use, that is, it can provide the required trace iron, so compared with other ordinary types of caps, more attractive to the user's attention.Custom Bottom Lid website:

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