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Infinite dawn Emploi Temporaire

20 févr. 2023 à 5h44   Ingénierie   Saint-Louis   234 vues Référence: 347
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"I command!"! The 6th Division of the Samsara Army fired at all the magic objects, saved and covered the retreat of the people, formed a blocking position on the spot, and at the same time.. "Shoot all those who take advantage of the chaos to rob, kill, and disturb the order, attack our soldiers, attack innocent people!" Chapter 45: Sudden Attack! (Part Two) The action of the reincarnation army, the changes in the city of Argos, all of which Chu Hao did not know, he is now suffering from the greatest danger after coming to this world, the attack of the gods! Yes, he was attacked by three gods, and he wasn't a doppelganger! Just as they arrived at Medusa's lair and were about to enter it, three gods suddenly descended from the sky, two men and a woman, a tall, strong, handsome man in silver armor with a two-handed heavy sword, a man in green armor with a spear and a pair of metal wings on his back, and a man with a silver bow. A beautiful woman with long silver-white hair. The three gods all fell from the sky. After they fell, the man in silver armor, who was the leader of them, laughed directly and said, "The sage Chu Hao!"! Because of your blasphemy, Zeus sent down the oracle, we will kill you here, and bury your bones and soul in the depths of hell,die casting parts, this is the divine punishment for your blasphemy! And I, Ares, am here to destroy you! With that, he had raised his sword. Chu Hao felt the surge of divine power on the sword for the first time, which meant that he could not use words to negotiate and communicate. He shouted directly to the rest of the people: "Everyone enters the temple!"! Led by Zhang Heng! Kill Medusa and return immediately! In the voice, he had concentrated on Ares, and all the magic in his godhead began to be used. The rest of the people are a little stupefied, but the next second, see Chu Hao body around the emergence of dense runes, and then these runes began to form a void formation,DIN screw plug, Zhang Heng has been startled, also shouted: "everyone come with me, first into the temple!"! Chu Hao, what will you do? I have my own way! Trust me! At the moment when the three gods appeared, Chu Hao had already thought about a lot of things. First of all, he thought that he had been betrayed by Hades, but soon he denied this, at least in part, because Hades issued the Styx oath, which was exchanged at the main God's place. It was a signed contract with high exchange value. So he confirmed that there was indeed a Styx in the multiverse, and that the Styx was only effective for the gods, and it was super effective. With the Styx oath, Hades could not completely violate his oath. At most, he could only make some small changes, and such things as selling him would make Hades fall directly. Since it was not Hades who betrayed him, another possibility was that when the solar eclipse began, the world's bondage to the gods was reduced, and the gods would be able to enter and leave the real world at will, so Zeus, car radiator cap ,die casting parts, who had been waiting for a long time,  now it was time for him to prove the strength of these gods. When numerous virtual runes around his body were formed, Ares, the leader, had taken the lead in launching an attack. The epee in his hand was cut down. In fact,alloy die casting, he was at least ten meters away from Chu Hao. But when the sword was cut down, the huge force broke the air raid, which made Chu Hao feel a little dangerous.

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Infinite dawn