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One side of Chen Zhisheng looked dumbfounded, could these precious medicinal materials be eaten by this monster? He immediately some big head, the original to raise a monster needs so much money, but also must be on the year … After paying the money, Buqingyun walked out of the Living Buddha Studio without stopping and quickly went to Bujiaxing. Before leaving, the little fellow bit the medicinal plant he was holding in his paw and turned to look at the pharmacy, his bright eyes flashing a hint of cunning malice. You are a guy who knows how to eat all the time and call you a foodie in the future. Bu Qingyun laughed and scolded, but his unintentional joke provoked the little guy to jump around, apparently protesting, with a wheezing sound in his mouth. Don't like the name of foodie? Good, then I'll give you another one, which is called Yan Zhi, and I'll be all-powerful together! After hearing this, the fire beast obviously liked the name very much, and while biting the herb, he rubbed his head against his master's bosom. Looking at those two eyeballs, Buqingyun had a headache, and this guy began to act cute again. "Pedal.." "The player's Precious Beast gains three points of experience, and the Fire Beast's experience value is 98/100." "The player's precious beast gains three points of experience, and the experience value of the inflamed beast is 101/100." "Fire Beast experience is full, upgrade?" Just arrived at home that moment,cosmetic tube packaging, step Qingyun's mind flashed out of these information, he immediately in the heart of a happy, hurriedly ran into the ancestral temple, see the little guy after the upgrade changes! Little did they know that when the little guy hatched that day, the discoloration of heaven and earth appeared again! Lead clouds came, lightning flashed and thunder roared, as if a heavy rain was coming, but it never fell. On the eaves of a tall building in the distance,metal cosmetic tubes, Youyouxiao, dressed in blue, looked at the vision. He frowned and said, "The vision of heaven and earth. Is it a divine object that has been unearthed, or is it someone who will be promoted the day after tomorrow?"? It seems that this piece of abandoned land, which has been quiet for decades, is about to set off a mighty storm. I wonder if there are people in the real world.. Looking at the distant horizon, he showed a slightly desolate expression. At the same time, on the highest mountain peak of the Seven Swords Sect, a middle-aged man in russet brocade clothes and embroidered robes looked into the distance at the sky on this side of Jizhou City: "Visions appear one after another, and the pattern is about to be broken. It seems that the Seven Swords Sect can no longer sit back and wait for death. It needs to find an opportunity to reappear and defend the status of the first faction of the Song Dynasty!"! Teenagers looking for excellent aptitude also have to speed up, so as not to have a long night and many dreams. By the way, Third Martial Nephew's beloved disciple was killed, and the man he used was also beheaded, so he was born through this! "It seems that the children of the Bujia family are not bad in aptitude, tube lip gloss ,plastic packing tube, and the two disciples who came back also said that their strength was not weak.". Might be a good candidate.. He muttered that he just laughed off what the two men had said about the child of the Bujia family being a monk of the Six Heavens. These words must have been the words that the two men had thought of in order to survive. But in the ancestral temple of the Bujia family, Buqingyun did not know how big the movement of the little guy was. After he decided to upgrade, he saw that Yan's small and exquisite body slowly grew bigger. The two antennae were the most obvious. The red and white tail showed scales faintly, but failed to take shape. Thumb. Congratulations on the player's precious beast promotion! Fire Beast: Mid Toddler; Experience: 1/1000. After flashing the news, step Qingyun face a smile, now step home finally have the ability to protect themselves, even with the Situ family for the name of the first family in Jizhou city, the former first clan of the Song Dynasty, just around the corner! He did not tell the news to the old man, not to distrust, nor to surprise him, but in today's situation, hiding the true strength to confuse the enemy is the most important. Bu Qingyun was worried about the invasion of the Seven Swords Sect, especially after the appearance of Gou Kuang, who saw that he had taken some elixir and was able to reach the day after tomorrow in such a short time. In that case, the strength of the Seven Swords Sect will be doubled, and it will be even more difficult for the Bujia to protect themselves. But look at the face of Gou Kuang, that medicine should also be highly toxic, I am afraid few people will take it regardless of the consequences. "There are still eight days to go before a month. During this period of time, we will fully understand the nine-style halberd, and quickly improve our strength after the big gift!" He firmly believes that this consecutive gift will not only give a primary experience Dan! The first time I took it, I jumped three times in a row, the second time I jumped two times in a row, the next time I'm afraid it will only get lower and lower, step by step, I'm afraid I can't practice my strength to the day after tomorrow without five pills. "What a fool!" He suddenly patted his head. "Can't I practice on my own without experience?"? The aptitude brought by talent Dan is not simple. Since he got the experience Dan, he was a little too dependent, always thinking that he didn't have to spend his time practicing, but he didn't know how much time he wasted. After a moment of self-reproach, he made up his mind that the seventh heaven should be crossed by itself and never rely on the elixir. If you rely on primary experience Dan for a long time, it will not hinder your future, but it will have a great impact on your mind. Everything depends not only on external forces, but also on yourself. In the prime of youth, we should strive to move forward, not be lazy and greedy. Chapter 29 upgrade Chapter 29 upgrade to the website. Chapter 30 the bandit Eight days passed in the blink of an eye. Who said what would happen tomorrow? The Seven Swords Sect would attack at any time. It was really a torture for people to wait for the crisis to come all day. Buqingyun wanted to end it quickly, but unfortunately his strength was too weak. If he has the ability to protect himself, he will never sit back and wait for death. He must go to the Seven Swords Sect and stir him up first. The dream is beautiful, but the fact is cruel, after a big idea, he calmed down, looked down, the change of the upgrade has ended, the body is bigger than before, as big as a born puppy, the scales on the tail are not very obvious. Wheezy.. The little fellow made a comfortable sound, and then his whole body began to shine, and when it dimmed down, it returned to its original appearance,pump tube, small and exquisite, only palm-sized. Looking at its big eyes that can make people soft, it is hard to imagine that this little thing will be acquired strength.

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Invincible login gift pack system _ 20200215155712.