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Rebirth of Hokage Emploi Plein temps

3 mars 2023 à 4h43   Sécurité & Sureté   Saint-Louis   76 vues Référence: 490
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With a call outside the door, Inoue Chen, who was responsible for handling family chores and taking care of his daily life, pushed the door naked and came in a moment later. The bearer's face looked a little reddish at the moment, and there was a distinct smell of alcohol on his body. From the appearance alone, it looks like he has drunk too much. Inoue Ryuji watched him walk, staggering as if he was floating, smiled to himself and did not speak much, and turned directly to leave his back to the other side for him to play freely. Inoue Tatsuichi, who felt he had drunk too much, did not have the idea of saying anything at this moment, and went straight to the tools in the bathroom to start his work. For a moment, the air in the bathroom seemed a little heavy, except for the sound of two people breathing, only the rustling sound of towels sliding across the skin. Chen Yi's action was very fast, and it didn't take long to complete the task ordered by the master. Feeling a little dizzy, when he just wanted to rush back to his room to rest, he shook his body and sat down on the floor of the bathroom. Hey, hey, hey, Tatsuichi, are you all right? Inoue Ryuji looked at the naked body sitting on the ground, some silly do not know the situation of the man Hei Hei laughed. After laughing for a while, he pulled the other party up from the ground and helped him into the steaming pool. Chen Yi, Chen Yi, why didn't I find you such an interesting person before. Hey,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, doesn't it feel good to be drunk? "Your lordship." Inoue Chenyi's body, which was already a little weak and weak, was soaked in hot water at the moment, and it was completely spread out like no bones in an instant. All right, all right, you're usually too serious. Long Er raised his hand and patted the other side's forehead with a huge scar, laughing and scolding softly a few words, there was no water on his body. Tatsuichi, you are not like those ordinary servants. You know, in my heart, you are my brother Inoue Ryuji. From now on, don't be too polite to me! Did you hear that? "Your lordship." Heard these words in the heart is certainly very moved, but Chen Yi now is really no strength to respond. He opened his eyes, which were somewhat foggy by the steam, Faux cherry blossom tree ,large palm trees for sale, and kept opening his mouth for a long time without spitting out a word. All right, all right, shut up and soak. "Ha ha Chen Yi, you know, there's nothing more comfortable in the world than a hot bath after a few glasses of wine!" "Old.." Sir. Lord "恩 ? What are you trying to say? Seeing Inoue Chen repeatedly opening and closing his mouth in a daze, Longer was so strange that he didn't know what he wanted to ask himself. Sir, the matter of the master of the house. You really.. Has, has been decided? "Yes, that's right!" After hearing the question clearly, Inoue Takaji picked up a handful of pool water and slapped it on his face, saying his answer in an unusually positive tone. Tatsuichi, I think I have thought very clearly. "Clear the source." "That's what I want most!" Early stage The return of his family gave Inoue Qingyuan a chance to relax his tense nerves. The exhaustion of work and the pressure from all aspects of life have been alleviated and released in the mediation of Inoue Longer, which seems to be somewhat ridiculous. He understood his father's painstaking efforts and what he was doing so hard to perform. Looking at him, a middle-aged man regardless of the image of playing tricks is to amuse himself, although there is a trace of bitterness in his heart, but it does not prevent him from laughing out loudly. Laugh enough and make enough, after a good sleep, a new day has come. After breakfast and chatting with his father at home, he put on the robe of the medical department and went out of the house. Maybe it's because of the upcoming Zhongren exam, or maybe it's because they're worried about the safety of the village during the Zhongren exam. Listening to the meaning of Inoue's words, it seems that almost all of those on the mission have been called back. From this point of view, the old monkey who was about to become a sperm did not seem to be confused, but also knew how to guard against others in advance. I just don't know what kind of mood he will feel when he finds out that the last enemy is his apprentice. It's strange that he's not going to save him? Of course, he will not go out of his way to save the old monkey. Not to mention how many times the old man had calculated him over the years, what he had suffered over the years alone was enough for him to take the lunch box directly. As a victim who has been used all the time, how can he run heartlessly to save his enemies in some way. What a big joke. Besides, he couldn't help shivering at the thought of meeting someone to save the guy. The last experience is still vivid in my mind, in the absence of absolute certainty to face a stronger opponent than their own, what is not self-destructive. Although it was a little sorry for Asma, who had always loved him, he had no way to compromise. Did you do it right? How interesting I don't think I did anything wrong. Inexplicably giggled a few times, not knowing what he was thinking about, Inoue Qingyuan was suddenly stunned, holding his forehead and lowering his head. Forget it, or take one step at a time, who can plan everything without loopholes? It's better to talk about the future later. Shaking his head, he looked at the line at the corner of his own food store and nodded contentedly. How could the taste of the things he sold by Inoue Qingyuan be bad! Those businessmen who are confused about the situation and have been looking for trouble from him do not think about what they are doing worse, but blindly follow the trend and learn their Inoue's meals, which will only end up with a superficial end. Really, even if you don't count this store, just the newly opened store that only sells snacks, the business is not good. Hum, it's a wise decision for him to go back to his old job. Mm-hmm! Purr It's so hot! Suddenly,large ficus tree, a voice of patience, mixed with surprise and a little pain, came from the front of the procession.

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