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Jianghu Double Cannon Emploi Plein temps

3 mars 2023 à 4h58   Sécurité & Sureté   Saint-Louis   61 vues Référence: 502
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According to the information we have heard so far, apart from Fengshen Society and Xiong'er Villa, even Fulongbao, Huayang Villa and some of the nine masters in the world may be interested in this batch of dart silver for disaster relief. Of course, those who come and go alone, as well as some small groups of evil people, are no exception. Therefore, the land transportation from Zhongdu to Nanjing is quite risky. Although the Fengshen Club prefers the waterway, if the dart silver is robbed by others on the land route, won't the dream come to nothing? Therefore, in the next judgment, the association will certainly send a master in the land at the same time, if you can rob in one fell swoop, it will be good luck, if the situation does not allow to start, it will also contain other robbers, do not let the dart silver passive walk, in order to facilitate the water transport,Agate Stone Price, let the association succeed smoothly. The association has such an idea, one is that all kinds of robbers can't easily get the ship, and the other is that Fengshen still doesn't know that we have already detected that the association has controlled the command of the land, and sent officers and soldiers to assist in escorting, isn't it equal to sending the dart silver to the association? Judging from the above, I am going to focus on the land route, so that the dart silver can arrive in Nanjing smoothly first,Grey Marble Slab, and then deploy the escort matters related to the waterway. "What is my brother's idea about the dispatch of soldiers?" "Now, with the help of our predecessors, we have increased the chances of winning this action to 70%." Shen Ye thanked him and said, "In order to strengthen the protection capability of the dart cart, it is proposed to send a flying dragon outside the Great Wall to lead the dragon guards in the Nanjing area to escort the cart in disguise.". Wang Feng and Wang Lei brothers appeared in the city with the true face of the two demons of the underworld, and lured Fengshen Society to hire his brothers to work for the society, and took the opportunity to infiltrate the society as an insider. I, on the other hand, continued to harass the strongholds of Fengshen Society and Xiong'er Villa in Nanjing, so that they could not concentrate on the deployment of robbing darts. At the same time, they appeared as robbers, dealt with people from all walks of life, and seized the opportunity to create riots in order to contain and divide their strength. Reduce the external pressure of the escort silver. Senior couple and Miss Fu, Agate Slabs Countertops ,White Marble Slabs, please take Hsiao Hui and Xiao Yi to secretly follow up two miles behind the Escort Cart. Thank you for helping to protect the Escort when the situation is urgent. Of course, the antidote for the epidemic should be handed over to the Jinling Escort Agency by the four girls in advance. There is one thing to pay special attention to, that is, do not let the two show their true faces, otherwise I will not have a mouth to attack Xiong'er Villa and Fengshen. Seeing that Shen Ye had not mentioned him for a long time, the drunkard shouted, "Where is my old drunkard?"? You won't let me sleep in the inn! "The elder has to work harder, please take on the task of communicating between me and the Golden Knife and between the Golden Knife and the elder of the epidemic demon.". About when to start darts? Or how to take the dart, the senior will inform the person concerned. "Fengshen will be based in the underground chamber of the Lin family compound. Should we take action against him now?" Ling Hanbo asked. The underground chamber of the Lin Family Courtyard is the incense altar set up by the association in Nanjiu. The association does not know that the incense altar has been detected by us, so don't disturb them for the time being. After the Escort Silver arrives in Nanjing, there will be a large number of experts in the forum, and important senior figures will also arrive here. At that time, we will catch them all. Is it not once and for all? "Shen Ye analyzed the reasons for this. There is still half a month to go before the release of the Escort Silver for Disaster Relief. Ghosts and monsters from all walks of life have been actively deploying the few and weak to attract people in an attempt to form an alliance to strengthen their strength. Those who are evenly matched are using various means of conspiracy and assassination to destroy the strength of the other side, so as to increase the probability of success in robbing their own side. The silver dart was like a meat bone, which attracted a group of wild dogs to fight for food. Before the bone reached the mouth, the dog began to bite the dog. Rumors were flying everywhere, and from Zhongdu to Nanjing, many people with unknown intentions appeared along the way. Shen Ye's current reputation has risen to three + three days, and he has become the focus of attention of all parties. Some people hope to win him over in order to increase the momentum. Others are trying to eliminate him to eliminate a formidable competitor. When someone came to Ping'an Hotel to look for him, he had checked out for four days. Even the drunkard and the plague couple who were close to him had disappeared. The happiest o is the shopkeeper fat Maitreya, finally sent Shen Ye, the God of pestilence, away. I hope he can go as far as possible and don't come back. Ever since he came to live here, he has been frightened every day, and his belly has become thin. In the long run, what should he do? This is a relief. It's really Amitabha. On this day, three passengers checked into the Ping'an Hotel. Those registered in the running book were Wang Yun, Wang Leifeng, and Tang Hansheng. They are not together, and the person in front of them left the store an hour earlier. Tang Hansheng is a tall and dignified man in his forties. His whole body is full of the breath of an adventurer in Jianghu. Within two hours of leaving the shop, the shopkeeper knocked at the door outside. Come in Tang Hansheng, who was drinking tea, said. When the door opened, Wang Jiaying, a famous local martial artist, stood behind the shopkeeper. Sure enough, it was Tang Daxia who came. Do you remember my younger brother Wang Jiaying? Wang Jiaying entered the room with a smile and folded her fists as if she were very affectionate. It turned out to be Brother King of the Broken Soul Gun. Quite surprised, Tang Hansheng left his seat and greeted the guests with pleasure: "Please sit down.". Oh! Brother Wang didn't come to the store, did he? "My brother settled down in this mansion three years ago, and now he has set up a house to teach apprentices." Wang Jiaying took a seat on the opposite side and said, "It's been four years since we left Kaifeng. How has Brother Tang been?" "TOEFL and TOEFL are doing quite well." The two men exchanged pleasantries for a moment and talked about what had happened in Jianghu recently. Brother Tang came to Nanjing this time. Did he pass by? Or is it a special trip to work? "My brother came from Guanzhong and was transferred to Wuchang for nearly half a year." Tang Hansheng talked about the purpose of this trip: "It's hard to prepare to return to Yishui. I passed through your place. I didn't know in advance that Brother Wang had settled down here. I didn't pay my respects. Forgive me." "All right, all right.". How interesting! Tang Daxia is known as the Heavenly King's Sword,Stone Honeycomb Panel, ranking fifth among the nine masters in the world. It's no wonder that many noble people forget things! "Brother Wang laughed. What is the fifth of the nine masters in the world? It's just a false reputation to cheat the layman.". Brother Wang, what's the matter with this inn? The shopkeeper was nervous, and from time to time unidentified people were eyeing him covetously. What had happened?

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