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Solar water tank price Emploi Plein temps

17 août 2023 à 7h23   Sécurité & Sureté   Dakar   29 vues Référence: 936
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solar water tank price Our History ZHEJIANG KESUN NEW ENERGY CO., LTD. is a group company established with merger of HAINING ENSUN SOLAR TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD and ZHEJIANG YILE NEW ENERGY CO., LTD, starting manufacturing and supplying solar heaters since year 2009. for worldwide wholesalers of solar heaters and solar collectors, Kesun Solar has been manufacturing for 11 years.Currently Kesun Solar provides jobs for 100 skilled workers and 20 office members. In over 150 countries and areas, there are Kesun Solar wholesalers. On avarage, Kesun Solar ouputs around 200000 solar heaters, solar collectors and air heat pumps every year. Our Factory ZHEJIANG KESUN NEW ENERGY CO., LTD. is professional on solar heaters OEM manufacturing, from small size 40ltier to big size 600liter. Kesun solar water heaters are designed, manufactured, inspected and packed at high quality level. OEM services include logo paint onto water tank, logo print onto package cartons and installation manuals. A lot of worldwide and national famous brands are using Kesun products. Our Product 1.Compact non pressure solar water heater 2.Compact high pressure solar water heater 3.High pressure solar collector / flat panel solar collector 4.Pre-heat compact non pressure solar water heater 5.Split high pressure solar water heater 6.Heat pump solar water heater 7.Solar air heater 8.Solar water heater accessories: assist tank, temeperature controller, electrical heater, megnative valve, magnesium bar, temeprature sensor, mixture valve, non return valve, p/t valve, work staiton, expansion tank, pressure water pump, etc. Product Application Water heating for residential usage Water heating for industry usage Water heating for government project Air heating for residential usage Air heating for industry usage Solar collector of water project Our Certificate Solar Keymark EN12975 Solar Keymark EN12976 CE ISO IEC for electrical heater Production Equipment Automatic steel feeder Automatic steel shearing machine Automatic logo painting machine 16 head high speed automatic punching machine Straight seam welding machine Argon arc welding machine Leak detector machine PU foaming machine Automatic packaging machine Production Market Mexico and Latin America- 67% 20million usd Asia - 26% 7.8million usd Africa - 3.3% 1million usd Europe - 3.3% 1million usd Our Service Before sales - quotation as customerize requirements, volume calculation, logo design, package design, water tank design, installation manual design, shipment budget planning, delivery time planning, etc. During production - production report, water tank leaking inspection, package confirmation. Aftersale - container loading report, document confirmation, document delivery or telex releasement, 5 years quality water tank price website:

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Solar water tank price