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Stepmom, she rolled over. Emploi Plein temps

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Feng yuanhuai only felt that Shi Jiao's voice was like a flying insect getting into his ear, which made him subconsciously want to reach out to block it. Without saying a word, he shook off her hand, got up and lifted the curtain of the carriage. With a little toe, he flew to a horse that followed the carriage. Shi Jiao sat up, wiped her lips with the back of her hand, tidied up her clothes, which were not in a mess at all, and gave a sniff with a little disdain. That's all she could do. A kiss would be silly. Moments later, she restrained her expression, put shyness and satisfaction in her eyes, pushed open the small window, lay on the side and whispered, "Husband.." Feng yuanhuai just did not stop Shi Jiao for the first time, now the whole person is in a state of confusion, heard Shi Jiao's voice, subconsciously want to clip the horse belly to run quickly, escape from this voice, good hanging hold back. With a sullen face, he turned his head sideways and frowned at Shi Jiao. He looked very fierce. He was a paper tiger. Shi Jiao put her elbows on the side of the carriage and said with a smile, "The general can rest assured. My body has received the benefits of the general. Naturally, I will be obedient." Feng yuanhuai turned his head coldly and felt his neck stiff. The horse under him had been with him for many years. His name was Hongyun. He was the most familiar with him. As soon as his whole body tightened, Hongyun knew that there was a tough battle to be fought. He raised his front hooves high, neighed, and ran forward. Shi Jiao Jiao closed the small window, her expression recovered, closed her eyes and pondered how to deal with her "own son" in this world. Soon arrived at the gate of the palace,grey marble slab, the carriage stood still, Shi Jiao Jiao got off, looked back at Feng yuanhuai, followed behind the eunuch, transferred to step by step, and walked slowly along the palace road towards the palace. Of course, the palace was also written by Shi Jiao. All the palace articles she wrote were based on the template that was specially drawn by someone, but every time she set the pen, she changed the name of the palace. The palace is rich and lofty, Shi Jiao looked at it a few times,Porcelain Marble Slabs, and there was indeed a feeling of shock in it, but when she thought that it was all from her hands, it was not very fresh, and she looked forward with a restrained look. The eunuch who came to the palace gate to pick her up was the one who had taken the imperial physician and the private guard to see Feng yuanhuai. At that time, he almost helped the first lady dispose of the two ladies. He didn't expect to meet again in this way so soon. The catfish eunuch's name was Zhixi, and he was the number one person who served the emperor. Along the way, he had been observing Shi Jiao without any trace. He found that she was now sitting in a relaxed posture, her eyelashes drooping, and she lacked interest in the gorgeous palace lanterns and scenery around her. She had a kind of posture that had been in the upper position for a long time. Zhixi is not afraid of Shi Jiaojiao hate the previous things, after all, the emperor's interest comes and goes like the wind, this moment curious about this woman, the next moment may be ordered to be executed, he took care of the emperor from small to large, is the "evergreen tree" around the emperor. Zhixi followed him, guessing that the emperor summoned his family in the middle of the night. It was supposed to be very irregular, but the emperor was the emperor, and there was no minister's wife in the harem. Absolute power was in his hands. In this world, not to say that he wanted a minister's wife, white marble mosaic ,pietra gray marble, he wanted the minister himself. Who could stop him? This is not the time for the Queen Regent to be constrained everywhere. The one on the throne is now the sky. Compared to the old catfish's mind, Shi Jiao can be said to empty herself, see the emperor she is not nervous, in fact, in addition to Feng yuanhuai, this book no matter who in the world, she is not afraid. Walking to an arch and landing, Shi Jiao Jiao got up and followed the old eunuch, walking slowly towards the inside. It was very quiet in the palace at night, and the people around her walked like cats, silent, for fear of disturbing anyone, only frogs and insects came from the waterside pavilion. Shi Jiaojiao followed a group of people up an arch bridge, under which the water was murmuring, and the lotus lantern was hanging half a foot above the water surface, but it could still reflect the underwater fish. The light and shadow were floating, and the breeze was blowing on her face, as if she were in a fairyland, but it made her slow down. Shi Jiao Jiao looked under the bridge, the lotus was half open, the faint fragrance filled the air, this was not written by her, it was obviously filled by the world, so beautiful. A group of people surrounded her to walk, her movements a slow, everyone's footsteps are hesitant up, the little eunuch is a face of shock, in front of Zhixi out of a section, found no one to follow, then frowned and turned his head. As soon as she saw Shi Jiao standing on the edge of the bridge, she looked down with a smile on her face, and her eyelids twitched. The old eunuch has been in the harem for a long time, and he has seen all kinds of people. If he gets a little favor, he will go to heaven insolently. There is always no good result. But it was the first time in his life that he dared to delay on the way to the emperor's summons. Madam Feng, the emperor is waiting, you. As soon as Shi Jiao turned her head, she saw this catfish face. In fact, she had seen it before and knew that he was beside the emperor. After all, this eunuch also had two points of ink in the book. In Shi Jiao's heart, there are ink descriptions of her cubs, not wild children, but she does not want to recognize this. The main reason is that I haven't described his appearance. He looks too arbitrary. Zhixi served the emperor for so long, and even the minister had always fawned on him, but Shi Jiao looked at him as if he were looking at a mole ant. While Zhixi was stunned, there was a burst of fire. Even if she is favored today, she is afraid that there will be no future in the palace! No one in the palace could survive because of his appearance and the emperor's favor. Shi Jiao Jiao was not very satisfied with the cub, and naturally noticed the evil in the cub's eyes, but she was not afraid, because she did not even bother to lift her hand, as long as he lifted it, he immediately became his own puppet. After a brief conversation, she continued to walk in the direction of the emperor's bedroom. Shi Jiao knew the layout of the palace. The more she walked, the more strange she felt. No wonder Feng yuanhuai's face was so smelly. She was not allowed to wear beads and flowers. She also threatened him not to charm the emperor. This *** in the middle of the night the emperor summoned his wife, unexpectedly in the son of heaven bedroom, what is the purpose? Too rampant, Shi Jiao Jiao wrote, only wrote the emperor deliberately withheld the wife of a minister, the beautiful name, is into the palace to accompany his own concubine, because the minister's only weakness,Pietra Gray Marble, is a woman, withheld only to raise, did not sleep. Is it difficult for the emperor to sleep with her in the middle of the night.

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Stepmom, she rolled over.