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After becoming a vicious actress, I abducted the villain [Entry] Emploi Plein temps

3 mars 2023 à 5h05   Services financiers   Saint-Louis   66 vues Référence: 512
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Really is too long, the first meeting, do not know what to say, Su Man do not want to chat with people, she was about to leave, at this time, Su Qing hurried over, asked with a smile: "What are you talking about?" Seeing Su Qing smiling on her face, she looked at herself with a trace of vigilance, as if she had come to catch the wife of the mistress. Su Man laughed in her heart, but she did not show it on her face: "Elder Martial Brother Mu and I just met, and the sixth sister came over. We haven't had time to talk about anything yet." Knowing that Su Qing was on guard against herself, Su Man didn't want to add to the congestion. "I just came back, and I haven't had time to meet other friends, so I won't talk to you." With that, Suman turned and left. After leaving with two people, Su Man went to find Wei Cuisine, Wei Cuisine did not change much, or that baby face, big eyes, looks very cute. When seeing Su Man, Wei was very happy, especially when she saw Su Man's cultivation, she was envious. Although she had built a foundation, she could not compare with Su Man. After the two chatted about the things after the separation, Su Man asked her about He Chengyu without any trace, but Wei Cuisine did not know. Su Man asked her about Yin Yueyue, and learned that the other party died in the mouth of the demon,CSD filling line, and even the whole Yin family was not spared, Su Man did not feel strange, Su Qing always has revenge, once there is a chance, she will certainly eradicate. After that, Su Man secretly inquired about He Chengyu, but still found nothing, as if the man had completely disappeared from the world. Soon, the big wedding day arrived, and their wedding was much more luxurious than that of Liu Enchanting and Xiao Hui. It can be said to be the most grand wedding in the past thousand years in the world of the sea. Looking at the sweet smiles on the faces of a couple of newlyweds and listening to the sincere wishes of the guests,bottle blowing machine, Suman felt somewhat gloomy in his heart. At the end of the celebration, Su Man quietly left Xianyue Zong and was about to leave when a charming and cool woman suddenly stopped her. Seeing that it was the Charm Fairy, Su Man's eyes flashed with surprise. "Charm elder, what's the matter?" The charming fairy gave Su Man a sidelong glance and said, "If you want to see He Chengyu, come with me." With that, the charm fairy went away directly with the sword. Although the Charm Fairy is not a good person, Suman's primordial spirit has entered the golden elixir period, and her spiritual capacity is far higher than that of the Dzogchen Friar. With the charm fairy may not be able to fight, but want to escape is no problem, after all, the Jin Yunlin's stealth effect and speed are good. With such a thought, Su Man almost did not hesitate to catch up. 162 Suman followed the fairy all the way north, flying over the Kendo Sect, the Hehuan Sect, the rivers and mountains, and finally came to the extreme north, the snowy land. Standing on the flying sword and looking into the distance, it was snow-white everywhere, liquid bottle filling machine ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, and there was no second color in the whole world. The cold wind was cold and biting, and the breath turned into white fog in an instant. After flying for a while, frost crystals congealed on his eyelashes, eyebrows, and even his hair, and Su Man's little face was frozen white. This kind of cold is no longer the monk's own strength to resist, Suman exhaled a breath, on the body to impose a protective shield, so that the consumption of Reiki faster, the speed will naturally drop down. In order for Su Man to keep up with herself, the speed of the charm fairy was not fast all the time. Now, seeing that Su Man was even slower, she raised her sword at her feet and threw a white fox fur at Su Man. "Put it on," she said. "Thank you." Su Man put on the white fox fur, immediately felt a lot of warmth on the body, so saved the spiritual power, her speed returned to the previous level. Snow is very cold, whether it is a monster or Lingzhi are very rare, Su Man heart can not help but give birth to a trace of doubt, He Chengyu really here? But then again, Su Man searched the whole inland, but never came to the snow, not because she was afraid of the cold, but because the magic did not occupy the snow, here can be said to be the only piece of pure land in the sea. Demons are afraid of fire and cold. The reason why they don't come to the snowy land is that there are very few creatures in the snowy land. They can't see a living thing for a long time. Having lived in the Demon Land for so long, the Demons are extremely disgusted with this kind of place where there are no living beings, so the Snow Land is naturally not within the scope of their occupation. On weekdays, after flying for a period of time, Su Man and Charm Fairy will have a rest, adjust their bodies to the best condition, and then continue on their way, but when they arrive at the snow land, Charm Fairy will not stay. Although Su Man is very hard to follow, but the thought that he may soon see He Chengyu, the moment is full of energy, that is, the biting cold can not feel. So do not know how long to fly, when Su Man felt his body more and more stiff, has been almost no longer their own, the fairy finally stopped in front of a snow peak. It is said to be a snow peak, but in fact it is more like an ice peak, because there is a thick ice wall around the peak. Before she got close, there was a deep fear in the fairy's eyes. She controlled the flying sword and stopped in the air. She pointed to a gap below that could only accommodate one person and said, "He's inside. You go in." Suman frowned slightly and asked, "Aren't you going in?" The fairy shook her head. "I can only accompany you here. If you want to see him, you can go in by yourself." In fact, the fairy did not know what was inside the ice peak, but every time she stood in front of the ice peak, the fear that went deep into her bone marrow would envelop her, so that she did not dare to approach. Seeing the fear in the eyes of the fairy, Su Man also had a little hesitation in her heart, because subconsciously, she was also afraid of the ice peak, which was the intuition of the monk, the higher the cultivation, the more accurate the intuition. Su Man's frosty eyelashes trembled slightly, and finally he controlled the flying sword to stop in front of the gap, jumped down the flying sword, and stepped in. Although what the fairy said may be false, in any case, she has to see it with her own eyes before she can feel at ease. Of course,Edible oil filling machine, the reason why Su Man is willing to believe the words of the charm fairy is that she has been with Xiao Hui for a period of time. If we say who is most likely to know the whereabouts of Xiaohui, it seems that it is really the fairy. Watching Suman gradually disappear in the gap, the fairy's eyes flashed a smile of unknown meaning and turned away.

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After becoming a vicious actress, I abducted the villain [Entry]