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Carousel Ride factory Emploi Plein temps

18 août 2023 à 2h39   Ingénierie   Mermoz Boabab   20 vues Référence: 946
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Carousel Ride factory Description Of Products Welcome to the Meshalook. Your amusement / theme need a Kids and Adults Carousel ride (we also call it Merry go round ride). It will be adult & childs鈥?good place for fun & relax. With the classical decoration style, with the white color as the main tone, the ceiling and the middle coiling adopts a lot of LED light. With beautiful horses and carriages, more prominent noble and luxurious. In the soft music, accompanied by horses rise and fall, as if the tourists into a fairy tale world. The Carousel ride Features: 1.With different kinds of horse / swivel chair, fiber glass material & stainless steel.It is safety for parents & kinds. Beautiful and colorful appearance can catch the visitors鈥?eyes. 2.Environmental paint make the product looks more vivid and durable. 3.The music & LED light have been equipped with. At night, it will attract people with the funny music & colorful light. 4.Stable performance, higher security, easy to maintain. Applicable to Theme Parks, Amusement Parks, Scenic Areas锛孡arge Amusement City, Children's Parks锛孫utdoor Playground锛孎eatured Theme Park, Featured Culture Park锛孎eatured Tourism Park. Machine Name锛欿ids and Adults Carousel ride Product Details Model锛?/p>MSL2-005 Voltage:AC380V Power:4000W Occupied Area:Diameter:5.2M X H3.5M;(Iron fance diameter: 7M) Seat:16 people Running speed:4r / min Meshalook Entertainment is committed to giving you a childhood dream.Carousel Ride factory website:

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Carousel Ride factory