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Strange things record _ snake from the revolution Emploi Temps partiel

20 févr. 2023 à 5h55   Ingénierie   Saint-Louis   142 vues Référence: 362
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Strange things record _ snake from the revolution

Bastard dressed in a Taoist robe rested in the woods until it was getting dark Stay up until the dark began to walk ringing the bell with the root of the child forward Nothing weird happened along the way But many villagers who walked at night saw him walking with the corpse and knew that he was driving the corpse Avoid early Bastard saw the right direction and turned north Bastard for the first time to drive the corpse is not used to from time to time look back to see if the body is lost The whole night just walked to the wild three Flavors and Fragrances passes Bastard found a small village not far from Yesanguan According to the traces of the custom of driving corpses he rested in a cave outside the village The sky was already bright and the cave gradually became clear There are some things left in the cave such as cinnabar and oil lamps There are also some accumulated sweet potatoes placed by villagers Bastard took some to eat Then I looked at the picture on the stone wall in the cave which should have been drawn by the former corpse driver with charcoal The lines of the picture were rough and rough and the strokes were not very delicate The content was the scene of the struggle between the two factions of  corpse He was a smart man He had many ways to drive the corpse After reading it several times he had a test object When he arrived near Enshi Prefecture he was already skilled After Enshi we can no longer take National Highway 318 and turn southward to Xuan'en County Bastard was so bold that he drove the corpse on the uninhabited mountain road during the day In less than two or three days I arrived in Laifeng County Chemicals Suppliers Laifeng County borders Hunan Bastard settled down looking for someone to ask the way and thought for a long time finally decided to cross the Hunan boundary take Longshan Longshan is not very famous But after Longshan there is a place that all the corpse drivers are very familiar with-Chenzhou Village Since ancient times Chenzhou Stronghold has been a popular place for driving corpses Bastard night walking on the road between Longshan and Chenzhou village has seen several colleagues and do the same thing There was an old man in his sixties who had driven away five or six gods of joy Bastard and they all tacitly do not answer each other This is the rule of the corpse driver When colleagues are working it is better not to pile up God of joy together who knows what will happen irremediable things Bastard didn't even enter Chenzhou Stronghold He went around in a circle and continued to walk south The lower the latitude the higher the temperature There was no snow in the sky but the drizzling winter rain was falling intermittently Bastard walked in the dark rainy night and was even more depressed for no reason Bastard bought a coir raincoat in Longshan and put it on himself and his son After all the coir raincoat is not as good as the raincoat The rain keeps falling on the body and there is always rain seeping into the body of the tortoise Every time the tortoise has a rest he has to change his clothes and ask someone to bake them in a nearby village This night I walked to the boundary of Changtan Bastard wanted to go more at dawn and missed a village but the rain was Household Chemicals getting heavier and heavier and he saw that the day was about to break  whether to continue walking The wild ghost with an umbrella drifted slowly on the road and floated towards the bastard The root child behind him suddenly jumped up Bastard is urgent it seems that the soul of the umbrella is specially on the road to drive the corpse want to enter the corpse evil

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Strange things record _ snake from the revolution