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Coupling Agent Emploi Plein temps

11 août 2023 à 0h52   Répétiteur   Saint-Louis   14 vues Référence: 912
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Coupling Agent Production Method Product Namealuminium isopropoxide CAS555-31-7 Molecular formulaC9H21O3Al Product Introduction Product Name: Aluminium isopropoxide CAS: 555-31-7 Molecular formula: C9H21O3Al Application It can be used as isophytol, testosterone, progesterone, andro sienedione, ethisterone in pharmacertical industry and aluminate coupling agents in processing rubber and plastic industry. It could also be used as dispersant, chemical drugs, pesticide intermediates, coating additives etc. Product Parameter (Specification) Product NameAliso CAS No.555-31-7 Molecular FormulaC9H21O3Al Nickname (s)Aluminium isopropoxide; Aluminumi-propoxide; AIP; Aluminum triisopropoxide Molecular weight204.24300 Precise quality204.13100 PSA27.69000 LOGP2.62710 Prodection Details Appearance and property: white solid Density: 1.035 g/mL25 ° C Melting point: 128133 ° C Boiling point: 125-130 ° C (38 mmHg) Flashing Point: 46 ° C Refractive Index: 1.0346 Water solubility: REACTS Stable under normal temperatures and pressures. Storage condition: Store closed containers in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. It shall be used up after opening the box. Dont be exposed to atmosphere in long time. Our Factory And Company Our factory advanced production technology and equipment. FactoryCompany Major Exporting Countries Cooperation Cases Production Methods 1. Reaction of isopropyl alcohol and aluminum under the catalysis of aluminum oxide. Raw material consumption quota: isopropanol 1255kg/t; Aluminum 166 kg/t. 2. It is prepared by the reaction of metal aluminum and isopropanol under the catalysis of mercury chloride. In a 1L flask equipped with reflux condenser and calcium chloride drying tube, put 1mol aluminum wire or aluminum sheet, 300mL anhydrous isopropanol can be obtained by distillation by adding 5% sodium of its mass. And 0.5g HgCl2. Heat the reflux, add 2mL carbon tetrachloride to the condenser as it begins to boil, continue to heat, and suddenly begin to release hydrogen. Remove heat and sometimes cool. After the violent reaction calm, continue to boil to fully reflect the aluminum (about 6 ~ 12 h), steamed out after solvent, will have a vacuum distillation residue and collect the boiling point of 130 ~ 140 / 933 pa (7 MMHG) products. The yield is 90% ~ 95%. The product is usually cured after 1-2 days and can be stored in a paraffin sealed glass bottle.Coupling Agent website:

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