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Heaven's plan to control hegemony Emploi Plein temps

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It is enough to let the person who has been recognized by the law here agree to his departure. Otherwise. He's going to be stuck here for a while. What man!? "Your ancestors!" Wei Jun smiled and answered a very common frightened inquiry from a person caught in the net. He kindly gave an answer. Of course, the people inside did not speak any more. I'm a little timid. Wei Jun dragged a group of people caught in the net on his shoulders and strode back to Yuexi. Yuexi was speechless. You've caught my men. Let them out. Wei Jun was at a loss: "No, it's all the people you just passed on. There's no one else. I counted them." Wei Jun said, and counted a net of captives. One, two, three.. Eight people In addition, there is a monkey, this is not a person, probably whose spirit pet? Ouch, the monkey bit me! Watch.. I really want to beat him. What's going on? "Yes, that one..". Monkey ” Yuexi pointed to the thin black silk net bag that looked like a fishing net. It was not surprising that Fang Peng had turned into a monkey. What was strange was how Fang Peng had the breath of his adoptive father? No, it should be the gift of Godfather? Wei Jun pulled out the monkey that had bitten him before he fainted from the net bag and pinched it hard. Yuexi quickly reached out to him out of thin air and took Fang Peng's monkey over. Fang Peng looked dizzy. Not very sober yet. Yuexi looked at Wei Jun. Cough, be covered by net of black light of my dark God, spirit can be immersed in faint, do not have a thing, sleep good. Yuexi naturally didn't listen to him and just slept. Yuexi has a little silver on her hand. With the supreme breath of the soul,rapid sand filters, the pure soul power is transmitted into Fang Peng's body, and some dark breath is cleaned up. Then Fang Peng opened his eyes blankly. That's your monkey. There was a little regret in Wei Jun's voice. Chapter 1301 Void Fairy. Wei Jun was a little curious about the monkey who could lift his spirit and bite him in the black mask of the dark God, which was not an ordinary spirit beast. If it's ownerless, he's going to take it. Unfortunately, it's Xiao Xianyou's monkey. Fang Peng, the monkey,multi disc screw press, opened his eyes and did not explain that he was not a monkey. He disappeared at once and was sent back to the world of Xinghai. Wei Jun's eyes flashed. Cave sky? The source of the space fluctuation in the cave came from Yuexi, and Wei Jun suddenly. Is it the cave in the body of the little fairy friend? Of course, Yuexi did not have the habit of explaining, Wei Jun also had a wink, curious but did not ask, was originally a first acquaintance, who would get to the bottom of it? "Wait a minute, I seem to have some impression of the person you are looking for." Yuexi saw a group of people who were caught in a magic weapon. Her eyes were very cold. She didn't rush to receive it, but said something to Wei Jun first. I'm Yuexi! She didn't report the origin. She thought she had no origin. Of course, this is compared with the ninth-order peak from other worlds in front of us. Wei Jun although curious about the origin of Yuexi, see she did not say, Rotating sludge scraper ,rapid sand filters, but also do not ask, he reached out in the net to pull out, see these blood evil karma is very deep. Tut a few times. Yuexi is unwilling to be an enemy of Wei Jun, and another reason is that there is no blood karma on this person, although the breath is dark but Pure Brightness. It's strange that darkness and Pure Brightness should exist at the same time. Of course, Yuexi is not incomprehensible. After all, she is also a fellow practitioner of the powers of light and death. Yuexi Xiaoyou, I'm Wei Jun! Wei Jun introduced himself again, but learned that Yuexi did not introduce his identity, but elaborated on the purpose of his trip. Said the reason again. An expedition to capture treasure and kill teammates. The teammate who was killed passed on the last scene. Draw revenge from friends. If the man kills my friend, I will search all the worlds and slay him! Revenge for Aye! Wei Jun has been smiling expression convergence, cold up. It turns out that outside the realm of Zhenwu, is it also similar to the mode of Xiuyu? Practice, retreat, exploration, team formation, for the sake of interests, there will always be contradictions, and then casualties, which in the eyes of the true martial arts practitioners are the existence of immortals. In fact, he lived a life similar to that of a practitioner. The only difference is. It's just the strength of each other. "As long as people are still in this realm, I can find them, and my enemies will be here first.." "Don't do this, Yuexi Xiaoyou will deal with these people first." Wei Jun did not trade in a methodical way. He dumped the eight people in the net directly and rolled them to the ground, where they were half-open and dizzy. Thank you very much Yuexi's straightforward affection for this man rose. Subsequently, Yuexi did not waste time asking one by one, and directly stretched out his empty hand and patted several people on the ground. White and tender-tender little hands, one pats a meat pie. With one move of her hand, she received the souls of these dead people in the world of Xinghai, and the spirits were in her hands, and she could retaliate as much as she wanted. Whew ~ Is it so simple to take this group of demons to avenge Xiao Changsheng? Yuexi's mood is still a little complicated. She had run several places in Zhenwu before but failed to find the target. She thought it would be a long search and tracking, and she was trapped here again. Result Really, things are unpredictable! "Why do you call me Little Fairy Friend? I didn't become an immortal." "Where is Huimingjie?"? What kind? What worlds have you been to? What does it all look like? After not rejecting Wei Jun, Yuexi's curiosity rises, and her state of mind is more relaxed and lively because of the influence of the enemy's solution and the power of vitality. She asked Wei Jun very directly. Two people idle also idle, each other had the intention of making friends, on the happy exchange. In this exchange,wall penstocks, both sides learned more about each other. Wei Jun surprised way: "You have only been in this world for ten years, and you have recovered to the peak of Lingxian?"? This is the highest limit of tolerance in this world. The speed is amazing. It's not coming, okay.. Sort of ”

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Heaven's plan to control hegemony