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Rebirth of the grand marriage of a famous family in the entertainment circle Emploi Plein temps

23 févr. 2023 à 2h26   Banque   Dakar   166 vues Référence: 379
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Where to put the real girlfriend of the male God, when all the leaves are dead? Therefore Su Keer deliberately fell down, which was seen many times by many leaves, and made up all kinds of jokes, which were ridiculed by Su Keer's micro-blog. The fans were all angry and spoke naturally and rudely. Within half a day, Su Keer's title of "the biggest white lotus in history" was spread all over the Internet, and her acting skills were criticized as useless. The leaves called her: "Completely lowered the level of Ye's male God!" This situation became more and more intense, until finally, many passers-by a, B and C also came to join in the fun, the fourth hot topic of micro-blog, directly turned into "kneel down and beg Su Keer to get out of the entertainment circle!" This situation is so dramatic that people in the entertainment circle are stunned. Before they come to their senses, Tang Yun's wrestling was ridiculed by netizens. Netizens called it: "In order to grab the headlines is also very hard," @ Cheng Siqi V Xu Yiyi V, "come to stop Queen Tang on the headlines!" As a result, the Internet was lively for several days, and naturally Tang Yun was angry half to death. Su Keer was even worse, being criticized by netizens to collapse, Huanya simply suspended all her announcements and let her go home to cultivate her moral character. Inexplicably,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, Xu Yiren avoided the most turbulent negative emotions of the leaves, and when everyone reacted that the building was too crooked, another piece of news came out. Strictly speaking, it is not entertainment news, but it completely attracts the attention of all netizens. On May 3, Prince Weihe, Crown Prince of M, got married. The princess is of mixed race,Magnesium Sulphate producer, with half Chinese blood. In the news photos, the new princess with black hair and black eyes made Chinese netizens scream. The new princess looks exactly like her mother. A smaller version of Li Yin. Who is Li Yin? She is a legendary pop diva in the domestic music world. She became famous at the age of 17. She has been popular in the Chinese music world for more than ten years. At the most brilliant time, she suddenly retired. Some people say that she suffered from depression and committed suicide, while others say that she married into a wealthy family. After all, she is the only goddess in the hearts of a generation of boys and girls. Many early photos circulated on the Internet have been called "peerless" and "beautiful" by netizens. Her appearance is not delicate, but her facial features are charming together. The girl in the news photos is almost exactly the same as her. Her eyebrows and eyes are as thin as ink paintings, which contain light sorrow and make people feel distressed. Netizens called out: "The daughter of the Queen of Heaven is still continuing the legend of the Queen of Heaven." -- -- -- -- Digression -- -- Why is it so fast? Because the male God is twenty-eight years old. Jin always takes pity on beautiful men, heh heh. Dear friends, good night. 186: Wedding Photo (Part 1) [First Watch] After all, this explosive international news diluted many hot spots at the Golden Phoenix Film Festival, allowing Su Keer and Tang Yun to catch their breath, as well as Shangguan Ye and Xu Yiren. The netizens who came to their senses realized that it was May. Another high-profile event in the entertainment industry is getting closer and closer. Isn't it said that the wedding of Song Wang and Cheng Siqi will be held in Qingcheng on May 27? As a result, the entertainment circle is boiling again. Many fans and netizens pay attention to their micro-blog every day, Magnesium Sulphate price ,caustic calcined magnesite, and the countdown begins in the comment area of micro-blog. The excitement is like a national carnival. Micro-blog is too lively, Song Wang and Cheng Siqi have already taken into account, the wedding date is imminent, many things are also handed over to the assistant to deal with. Zhao Qing and Monkey had already rushed to Qingcheng to supervise the remodeling of the Song family mansion. Fei Chuan Yi and Rong Qing and others are consulting with the "Green Snake" crew to adjust Cheng Siqi's filming schedule several times, setting aside time for them to take wedding photos. Of course, two people are busy with their work, and the time is very tense. However Life events, Song Wang of course not willing to wronged Cheng Siqi. Two people lived in seclusion in Qingcheng and held a very simple wedding. It was really very simple, so simple that there were only four people in the whole wedding process. The two of them, along with the crazy Cheng Yu and the demented Siyuan. I always feel sad when I think of my past life. Taking into account Cheng Siqi's work and weighing the left and right sides, Song Wang chose all the wedding photo shooting locations in the capital. It includes more than ten cultural and natural scenic spots, such as Huaxia First People's University, Beijing Suburb Film and Television City Shooting Base and Suburb Christian Church, which are famous for their cherry blossoms. His mother believed in Christianity, but they came from Qingcheng, and he always wanted to give Cheng Siqi the original Qingcheng ancient wedding. After several entanglements, the traditional wedding was finally decided. Wedding photos are different from those of ordinary people. The phoenix crown and rosy clouds are the main photos, and the wedding dress is the second main photo. Secondly, according to the different locations, the college campus style, urban fashion style and other categories are determined. Song Wang was cranky and looked up in the direction of the fitting room. Their costumes for the photo shoot were first determined and then made, and each set was couture, including the college style and sea blue uniforms. The dress for the main photo was also the one to be worn on the big wedding day. The patterns on it were worked day and night by more than 60 excellent embroidery women in the country, and they were all hand-embroidered. Perhaps because it is more troublesome to wear, Cheng Siqi and two shopping guides have been in the fitting room for almost 20 minutes. Song Wang raised his wrist to look at the time, looked up again, and the door moved. The two shopping guides came out first, followed by Cheng Siqi. Song Wang stood up from the sofa and looked at her, aphasic for a moment. Cheng Siqi's beautiful clothes are red, gorgeous and dignified, like fire, like blood, like roses in full bloom, more like the most beautiful haze on the horizon. Gold and silver lines are painted into patterns, gold is like sunshine, warm and dazzling, silver is like moonlight, restrained and bright. She stood a few steps away, noble and beautiful, slightly dizzy. Song looked at her, inexplicably, unexpectedly felt some weak legs, want to kneel down. He was so excited that his eyes almost burst into tears. Cheng Siqi also looked at him. Her big and bright eyes curved slightly to his side. She shook his arm and said angrily, "Why are you still standing and haven't changed your clothes?" He just wanted to see the effect of her wearing it first. Song Wang came to his senses,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, touched her face and smiled: "So beautiful, Siqi, you are so beautiful."

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Rebirth of the grand marriage of a famous family in the entertainment circle