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Super Soldier King Emploi Plein temps

23 févr. 2023 à 2h18   Banque   Dakar   23 vues Référence: 377
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Two days ago, Danny? Bauer escaped our last cordon. Disappear without a trace. However, according to our speculation, there are only three places where they are most likely to hide at present. Here is a swamp, full of snakes, insects, rats and ants, full of many unknown dangers. This is a primeval forest, and I believe they are more likely to be here. This is the desert, I believe they will not be foolish enough to enter here. We have surrounded them all around, and it is not so easy for them to escape. Brendan said. You just need to tell us about them. As for the rest, it's not your consideration. Said the nigger. "What weapons are they using?" Brendan was stunned by the nigger's words and snorted angrily, but he still replied: "They are all the latest weapons in M country, besides light and heavy machine guns, and equipped with heavy weapons, such as rocket launchers.". Last time we just didn't know the details and suffered a great loss at their hands. "Here!" The nigger took Brendan's pen, drew a circle on the map, and said, "There's a good chance they're here." "Impossible. This is a desert. They entered the desert with such weapons. They are undoubtedly looking for death." Brendan said, "This desert is very big, and there is no oasis, and the recent weather is prone to sandstorms.". If they go in here, they won't have a chance to come out. They won't be so stupid. "Put them to death and then live." Said the nigger, if you can think of it, they can think of it. If they stay in this swamp or virgin forest, and only you enclose the entrance and exit, then they will die. But this desert is different, because of the vast territory, you simply can not completely block every intersection. And,heavy duty rack manufacturers, as far as I know, there is a small oasis where they can recuperate. Brendan looked at the nigger in astonishment, obviously in disbelief, and said, "It's impossible. There is no oasis in this desert." The nigger smiled and said, "I have walked through this desert, and here there is a small oasis of about a hundred square meters.". More importantly, the desert has a relatively wide field of vision, and if someone is chasing them, they can find it quickly. Moreover, because the desert is full of all kinds of unknowns, if you go in, you will face all kinds of risks like them, which is very beneficial to them. As far as I know, this Danny? Bauer is a master of desert warfare. He will definitely choose this place. Brendan obviously didn't agree with the nigger, High Density Storage Drive In Rack ,push back racking system, but he didn't argue with him again. "You're in charge here. You're in charge." The nigger smiled with satisfaction and said, "However, just in case, you send two troops into this swamp and forest respectively, and my team members are responsible for searching the desert.". Remember, your duty is to search. Once you find them, you must not have a direct conflict with them. Just contact the command headquarters immediately and inform us. We will snipe them immediately. After a pause, the nigger said, "Show us the weapons.". Weapons are the lives of our soldiers, and we must first deal with their good relations and good feelings. Brendan was slightly stupefied for a moment and looked at the nigger in astonishment, somewhat baffled by his theory. For him, weapons are just tools for soldiers, tools to defeat their opponents, not life. Yesterday, the higher authorities allocated a batch of the latest weapons, all of which are the most advanced weapons imported from M country, specially prepared for you. Come with me! Brendan finished and walked out of the tent. After several tents, we arrived at the ammunition depot. It was filled with all kinds of weapons and ammunition, but it was obvious that they were all outdated weapons. On one side, there were two wooden boxes sealed with seals, which should have been the newly allocated weapons mentioned by Brendan. Open them up! Brendan said to one of the soldiers. With a cry, the soldier broke the seal and opened the wooden box. The crowd went up to take a look, and each of them took out a shot from inside and looked at it over and over. People can not help but look at each other, obviously see the meaning of each other's eyes, although these weapons are good, but they are not the latest weapons produced by M country, they should be the obsolete products two years ago. Compared with the weapons of wolves, they are much inferior. But there is no other way, after all, here is not a wolf tooth base, can have such a weapon has been good. Bai Tianhuai took out a sniper rifle, aimed at it, then weighed it in his hand and said, "It's too heavy. The accuracy is not very good. It can only hit 400 meters at most." The rest of the people, including Ye Qian, quickly opened the guns in their hands, and then quickly installed them. The whole process took less than four minutes, and it was fast and accurate. Brendan was surprised to see that although they had received such training, they did not have such speed. Choose your weapons, have a good rest tonight, and prepare all the dry food and water. Remember, bring more water. In the desert, without water, we will die miserably. It takes about five days from the entrance of the desert to the oasis, so we must not have any negligence. If you meet Danny halfway? From Bauer's people. It may also delay our progress. Therefore, we should prepare at least seven days of water. The nigger said, "Everyone should take a compass. Radio is almost useless in the desert. If you get separated in an emergency, remember to use our code to communicate." The nigger had walked through the deserts of many countries and had the most rigorous survival training in them. He was more familiar with the deserts than they were. It was the best thing for him to command the battle. All right,asrs warehouse, after dinner, everyone go back to rest and get ready. Tomorrow morning, leave on time! Said the nigger. Yes The crowd answered in unison.

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