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Stone and Martyr (War Correspondent vs Photographic Madman) Emploi Plein temps

23 févr. 2023 à 2h42   Banque   Dakar   174 vues Référence: 401
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Now, Zhu Shanhai is wearing the clothes she bought and picking fish hand in hand with other women. At that time, Zhu Qingchen was buying vegetables and putting potatoes in his pocket when he heard his second aunt calling out in a panic: "Sister!" As soon as she turned her head, she saw the scene of Jiang Yu rushing up to hit someone. In front of the fish stall, the woman holding hands with Zhu Shanhai was suddenly grabbed by her arm from behind. She turned around in amazement. Before she could recover, a burning slap fell on her face. It was none other than Jiang Yu who grabbed her arm. As soon as Zhu's hand loosened in the morning, his pocket fell to the ground with a bang, and half a bag of potatoes rolled out and scattered on the ground. She dashed to the front of the fish stand. But it's still too late. Jiang Yu over there hit someone. Zhu Shanhai and the woman turned around together. Although they had no time to stop Jiang Yu from hitting someone, they immediately took Jiang Yu's hand and angrily rebuked him: "What are you doing?" Jiang Yu immediately raised his other hand and hit the woman again. The woman screamed back and stepped into the fish pond and sat down in the fishy water. Zhu Shanhai flew into a rage and suddenly raised his hand to hit Jiang Yu. The slap was merciless, hitting Jiang Yu on the right side of her face, making her ears buzz, and her center of gravity was unstable and fell to the ground. And this is not the end, he kicked Jiang Yu on the ground again, that kick on her waist, because of the pain, she cried out. After that kick, Zhu Chenchen ran to the fish stall and witnessed his father beating and kicking his mother in the face, with a bang in his brain, as if it had exploded. With all her strength, she pushed away Zhu Shanhai,china tile trim, who was going to hit him, picked up the cucumber on the vegetable stall next to her, and threw it at him. His hands rose and fell, and the cucumber snapped in two on his face. Zhu Shanhai cried out in pain and hit back subconsciously. But Zhu Qingchen is not Jiang Yu. She threw the cucumber broken into two parts in her hand, without any reason, and hit Zhu Shanhai with her bare hands. Her fist fell on his face and on his neck, and they wrestled together like street hooligans. Zhu Shanhai had an operation in his early years,stainless tile trim, and his heart was not good, but over the years, he always felt that he would not live long anyway. It's time to eat and drink, but he has brute strength. He was 1.83 meters tall and a man. It was impossible for Zhu Qingchen to gain the upper hand in a scuffle with him. May the victory of the morning lie in not wanting to die. She didn't care whether she was beaten or not, and she just beat him without any defense. The vegetable market is not clean, with rotten vegetable leaves on the ground, and because the fish stall is on the side, the fishy scales are all over the ground. The two men were so dirty that they rolled together and fought fiercely. Jiang Yu sat on the ground, almost confused. She had never seen Zhu Qingchen like this. In the past, when Zhu Shanhai attacked her, he always picked the time when Zhu Qingchen was not there. Probably that was the only conscience he had left. He knew not to beat people in front of his daughter. So Zhu Qingchen always came late and saw her face wounded and wanted to fight back. As a result, she failed every time under her resolute prevention. But today, Zhu Qingchen witnessed her being beaten, and he actually attacked Zhu Shanhai as if he didn't want to die. And Zhu Shanhai even punched and kicked his daughter without mercy! Jiang Yu could bear Zhu Shanhai beating herself, aluminium tile trim profiles ,aluminum tile trim, but she could not bear him beating her daughter. Wish the morning is her only bottom line. Her pride, which had been trampled underground for years, erupted like a volcano at this moment. She screamed and rushed up, pushing Zhu Shanhai desperately, trying to push him away from her daughter. The three of them rolled together, and the second aunt shouted for help. The scene was out of control for a while, and the whole food market was surrounded by people. 18. Meet again Chapter 18 The fight in the vegetable market was not the first fight in Zhu Qingchen's life, but it was the first time that she had no reason at all and wished she could kill the other side. It's funny that the man she wanted to kill turned out to be her own father. How ironic! She lacked the protection of her father when she was young, and her mother lived like a wimp. She couldn't even protect herself. How could she protect her? Because her temper is too hard, she fights with the children in the courtyard and is bullied by the boys in the school. She always rolls up her sleeves, even if her face is full of injuries, she also wants to give each other a good look. But in those years, no matter how hard she tried, she never thought of killing each other. At the moment, her face was covered with color. The sleeve was torn, revealing a white arm, which was black and blue, and was in a mess. Jiang Yu is still nosebleed, clinging to Zhu Shanhai, do not let him continue to start. Nosebleeds trickled down her chest and on Zhu Shanhai's arm, and for a moment it was impossible to tell who was injured. In order to get rid of Jiang Yu's coercion, Zhu Shanhai hit her in the face. All the people in the vegetable market were watching, and the elderly naturally did not dare to come up for fear of accidental injury. Finally, a few young people rushed up, one pulled one, and finally separated the three. Even if Zhu Shanhai was held up, he kept raving, saying that he wanted to kill Zhu Qingchen, a money-losing man, and Jiang Yu, a cheap man. From the moment he rushed up, Zhu Qingchen seemed to have lost his mind. He had never had such a strong impulse in his life. He just wanted to beat the man down until he was unable to raise his hand and speak back. How many years of grudges, how many years of hatred. It seemed that they were destined to meet each other one day. But when she was pulled away, separated by a distance of one or two meters, she clearly saw the ferocious appearance of Zhu Shanhai, and suddenly stopped struggling. She just stood there, covered with rotten vegetable leaves and traces of sewage. But he didn't move. The face was five or six points similar to hers, and anyone could see the blood relationship between them. How malicious was fate to get them to where they are today? In the noisy and dirty food market, she, Zhu Qingchen, fell into such a ridiculous situation with her biological parents, wishing she could fight to the death, wishing she could end their entanglement with death. She looked on coldly at Zhu Shanhai's exasperated appearance and suddenly laughed. Turning his head, he asked Jiang Yu,stainless steel tile edging, who was still bleeding from his nose, "Mom, are you still not willing to divorce?"

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Stone and Martyr (War Correspondent vs Photographic Madman)