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Switch Test Equipment Emploi Temps partiel

22 sept. 2023 à 0h52   Répétiteur   Mermoz Boabab   23 vues Référence: 982
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Switch Test Equipment The definition of terms 鈼?Open (Close) gate time:: minute open(close) tripping coil power as the starting time, the dynamic and static contact just minutes open(close) of the time. 鈼?With the same period: The same phase among the open (close) opening time difference between the maximum and minimum. 鈼?Interphase period: Three among the open (close) opening time difference between the maximum and minimum. 鈼?Average speed: Open (close) gate process, the moving contacts total stroke before and after each take 10%, to take the middle 80% of the moving contact sport stroke versus time. 鈼?Maximum speed: Open (close) gate process, the moving contacts begin to exercise, take the moving contact sport every 10ms as a speedometer unit until stopped moving contact sport, get the value of a number of speed units, the largest unit speed value is the open (close) brake maximum speed. 鈼?Just minutes open(close) Speed: According to the manufacturer the test switch different switch models, the various manufacturers define different just open(close) speed 鈼?10 ms before close or after open: IEC standard, part of the oil switch and some SF6 switch; 鈼?Before and after open and close 5ms: Part of the oil switch; 鈼?LW8-35: LW8-35 type SF6 switch; 鈼?10% to fracture: Xi'an Switch Factory production part of the SF6 switchgear; 鈼?ABB-HPL245B1锛?/strong>ABB's 220kV SF6 switch; 鈼?LW6: LW6 type SF6 switch; 鈼?Average speed: Shenyang Switch Factory production part of the SF6 switchgear; 鈼?LW33-126: LW33-126 type SF6 switch; 鈼?Before close or after open 10mm: Part 35KV vacuum switch; 鈼?Before close or after open 5mm: Part 10KV vacuum switch; As mentioned several definitions are not being used, the user can test the instrument in accordance with the measured travel time curve (stroke directional), Just minutes open(close) Speed, sampling rate segment, the high voltage Switch Tester automatically calculates the user-defined Just minutes open(close) Speed (sampling period of time than the trip). Field Wiring Special Safety Tips: Instrument to the scene, Please first instrument to protect the earth connection with the site, prior to all other wiring and operation after the test, turn off the power to the instrument, and then split the other line, and finally removed the ground. Fracture signal wire Fracture wiring diagram (three fracture) For the three fracture switch, the switch can be grounded at one end, a termination signal test taken fracture, but can not make the switch to ground at both ends, otherwise unable to complete the test. Fracture wiring diagram (six fracture) For the six fracture switch, test, must ensure that the switch is not grounded at both ends phenomenon, otherwise unable to complete the test. Closing and opening control wire A closing and opening control mode switch test is divided into two kinds: internal trigger internal power supply mode and the external trigger external power supply mode. Test of two kinds of methods can only choose a way. Internal trigger internal power control wiring diagram Note: You must disconnect the measured control power switch in the control box (usually the control box is connected to control power and control bus insurance unplug), but do not cut off the power switch mechanism storage, or switch does not automatically store energy. Tip: internal instrument can only provide DC power supply, with the internal trigger use of the internal power of the instrument. If ta switch is AC current operation mechanism, please use the external trigger mode. FAQ Q:Can the products be manufactuered by customer's requirement? A: Yes, the specifications stated above are the standard ones, we can design and manufacture as requirement. Q: How is the packing of products? A:Safe packing for long distance shipping. Q:f l don't know what kind of the product I need, what should I do? A: Just relax. You just need to tell us what you want from the product.Then, we can recommend the most suitable products to you, or we can provide our electronic catalogue for your reference, you choose the right model, you just need to tell us the model.Switch Test Equipment website:

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