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Three Patents and Five New Standards, Midea TG8 Cleaning-free Electric Water Heater Zhijing Guarding Modern Bath _ Change Emploi Contract

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Original Title: Three Patents and Five New Standards, Midea TG8 Cleaning-free Electric Water Heater Smart Clean Guard Modern Bath Electric water heater has become a common household appliance because of its convenience and other advantages, but its shortcomings are increasingly obvious with the development of technology. After a period of use, the inner container will accumulate a layer of scale, which needs to be cleaned from time to time, otherwise it is easy to cause skin health problems. It may even cause dangers such as explosion and electricity leakage, making bathing complicated and dangerous. The Changer TG8 electric water heater of the United States has three patents and five new standards. It does not need to take care of the inner container without cleaning. It takes care of the health of bathing in an all-round way and does not need to replace the titanium core for life. It is an innovative electric water heater without worries. Zero-loss patented titanium net core, free of replacement for life, more durable In daily frequent use, impurities in the water gradually accumulate to form scale. In order to prevent the scale from corroding the inner container, magnesium rods are necessary in traditional electric water heaters. However, after a period of use, the magnesium rods will be consumed and the inner container will still be filled with scale. Midea Changer TG8 electric water heater, with innovative application of anti-corrosion titanium core (electronic magnesium rod), newly uses 99.5% high-purity space-grade titanium core to replace ordinary magnesium rod to protect the inner tank, and has won the patent of utility model in China. Titanium has high corrosion resistance, with 15 layers of precious metal oxides combined with 20000000 AI operations per second, release active electrons, adsorb water ions in the liner, protect water quality and liner cleanliness with space-grade technology for a long time, life-long replacement of titanium clean core, save effort and money. Safer patent water outlet and power off, enjoy bath without electricity With the 5G communication technology quietly entering people's lives, the TG8 electric water heater, the innovator of the United States, has opened the "5G" speed for bathing, breaking through the fastest new heating speed of the water heater. The 3000 W 5G fast heating technology is free for a long time. The 5G fast heating technology has also won the patent authorization of China's utility model. In summer, it can be turned on and washed immediately, with a large amount of water, so that the whole family can enjoy the fast bath. Recently, news about water heater leakage and explosion endangering the safety of family members has appeared from time to time. This is about the third patent. The water outlet power-off function of TG8 electric water heater can help you avoid danger immediately. This function has won the authorization of Chinese invention patent. The machine can automatically monitor the water flow. When the water flow at the water inlet of the whole machine exceeds 1.2/Lmin, it will cut off the power supply of the water heater, stop heating and turn off the screen. The plug is not needed to pull out the power supply, which avoids the occurrence of leakage accidents and protects the safety of the home. Expand the full text Free of manual intelligent sterilization, titanium bar grade 5 , free of daily cleaning troubles Midea Changer TG8 electric water heater can also detect water consumption and automatically sterilize according to the growth cycle of bacteria. According to the experimental data of Guangdong Microbiological Analysis and Testing Center, heating tap water to 80 and keeping it for 5 minutes can effectively kill Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus in water. With the bacteriostatic inlet and outlet pipes, the bactericidal effect of 99.99% can be achieved. The clean and good water of the United States makes bathing more reassuring. When you are busy with work, when you enjoy life, when you and your family are happy together, the TG8 electric water heater of the United States silently opens the intelligent sterilization and cleaning function, free of manual intelligent sterilization, without daily care, instant cleaning, natural and lasting, no longer need to worry about the electric water heater. The AI intelligent cloud housekeeper of TG8 electric water heater, the innovator of the United States, will constantly learn and correct itself, can predict when you use water, automatically turn on heating/dormancy according to your life mode, ensure water consumption, and save 30% of electricity per month. Hardcore Guardian, High Appearance Peak Enjoyment In daily use, based on Meiju IoT smart home system, the various operation modes of Meiju Changer TG8 electric water heater make it more convenient for the whole family to use. Can say through small beautiful stereo: small beautiful small beautiful, help me turn on 45 degrees hot water, or use waterproof remote control, fuselage button to adjust temperature, switch and so on. When you are away from home, you can make an appointment to take a bath in advance through the Mercure APP. High-quality home life, also can not lack the complementary high face value, luxury matte gold, stable and atmospheric appearance, even if hidden in the bathroom, it is difficult to hide the high luxury texture. The United States is well aware of the high-quality aesthetic needs of users, and the design of art is redundant in home life, so that there are also romantic aesthetics in firewood, rice, oil and salt. With three patents and five standards, the TG8 electric water heater, the innovator of the United States, promotes the upgrade of the use experience with technological innovation. It can harvest clean water and healthy bath without taking care of it. It studies the technology day and night to make the friction of life less, make the home simpler and enjoy the pure happy time; With the brand attitude of continuously protecting the health of users,6al4v titanium bar, we should focus on the long-term needs of users, dare to be the first, and use smart technology to make good things continue to happen. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.

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