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The Counterattack of the Cannon Fodder Female Partner of Quick Wear Emploi Plein temps

5 déc. 2022 à 5h49   Indépendants & Freelance   Saint-Louis   205 vues Référence: 201
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On the contrary, it has a beautiful feeling like a fairy. In the words of men, it is a goddess. In a man's mind, this kind of beauty is superior beauty. "Hello, I'm Ning Shu." Ning Shu is a little surprised that beauty and charm are a kind of power, just like other powers. Take people's lives in the erosion of bones. Redjade nodded to Wan, but Wan did not speak or respond to Redjade. Redjade said nothing and sat down in a seat. Ning Shu felt that Ah Wan and he didn't deal with each other very well. But it was none of his business, and now she had several people staring at her with eyes like nails. The people in the restaurant communicated with each other, whispering, as if they were waiting for someone. Ning Shu did not know anyone here, can only keep drinking drinks, anyway, do not want money, do not drink white. Someone went into the restaurant, and they stood up to meet him. Ning Shu quickly put down the drink and stood up. The school doctor came in, followed by a man with a tray. He glanced at the people present, his glasses gleaming. The people he swept felt a chill in their spines. Ning Shu stood up. The school doctor took a medal from the tray in the back. The medal is silver and white, with a drop-shaped decoration in the middle. Ning Shu walked towards him and stood opposite him. Now you are awarded the honorary Lord of the City of Water. Please be responsible for the City of Water, shoulder your due responsibilities, and be worthy of the city's support for you. Said the school doctor in a low voice. Yes Ning Shu said forcefully. The school doctor took the medal and pinned it on Ning Shu's chest. But Ning Shu, who has suffered from illness since childhood, is not tall. Ning Shu has just arrived at the position of the school doctor's heart. If the school doctor wants to give Ning Shu a medal, he has to bend down. The school doctor pinned the medal on Ning Shu's shoulder without changing his face. Ning Shu turned to look at the medal on his shoulder and silently took it off and put it on his chest. The people called below stand up,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, the law of wind incarnate, the law of thunder incarnate. The school doctor said lightly, with a solemn tone. The two people who were called came forward. We admit that during the mission, we used some of the power of the law in the plane, but it didn't have much impact. Said the incarnation of the law of thunder. We'll pay attention next time. Said the incarnation of the law of the wind with a smile. The school doctor's golden glasses reflected the cold light, and he raised his eyebrows and said, "It didn't cause much impact. There was a huge storm in one plane, and a forest fire in one plane because of thunder and lightning." "There are other planes, and I'm too lazy to list them." The two men looked serious. "We ask for an appeal. We can explain these things." The school doctor turned around and took out two pieces of paper from the tray. "See what this is?" "Shoot order." The people present exclaimed. When the shoot-to-kill order came out, there was no chance to refute it. Ning Shu:.. Ning Shu did not think it was a medal ceremony, but an example. Scare all law avatar questors. Feng and Lei looked at each other and disappeared from the restaurant. The school doctor has also disappeared. They hurriedly threw out the restaurant and looked at the sky. The school doctor blocked the way of the two men, pulled out the gun from his waist and pointed it at them. The two men's faces were changeable, Brushless Gear Motor ,Micro Gear Motor, and they decided to attack. It was a storm and thunder and lightning. The mighty attack destroyed the world and attacked the school doctor. A black hole appeared behind the school doctor uncle, which directly swallowed up these attacks. The hem of his windbreaker moved slightly. I was wrong. Give me another chance. "Yes, no, we didn't get any warning." Wind and thunder are very helpless about this, and it is not easy to come to this step. Sometimes the ability may not be able to control, in fact, watching the struggle of weak creatures is also a pleasure. It's like throwing an ant into the water, floating up and pushing it down, watching it struggle, flutter, and finally die feebly. The bad taste is coming, and it can't be stopped. You have to find something to do when you're bored. Is it our fault that we didn't warn you in advance? Do you have to warn when you do things? The school doctor raised his eyebrows. Shooting at two people, two people seem to be imprisoned by space, simply can not move, can only let the force of obliteration hit on the body. After all, two people are the embodiment of the law, the school doctor opened a lot of guns to destroy the two people. Wind and thunder disappeared, and there were no more of them in the world. It left two marks of law, one is thunder and lightning, the other is the mark of wind law. The school doctor stretched out his hand, and the two rules floated into his hand. Ning Shu suddenly thought, is not who got the law mark, who is the embodiment of the law? Chapter 1684 killing people at any time. People are dead, but the mark of law is still there. Ning Shu touched the mark between his eyebrows, is she gone, this mark will not disappear. The two marks floated into the hands of the school doctor. As soon as he grasped them, the two marks were crushed and disappeared. With the power of law, you should know how to do it. The school doctor looked down at the people below and stepped through the void. Ning Shu silently swallowed a mouthful of saliva, basically every time we meet, this guy is killing people, killing people. And it completely obliterates people. But what about the power of the soul of the person who has been obliterated? Did he take it all. He must have taken away the power of his soul. In such a scene, all the people present looked bad, and they understood that it was a drama of killing the chicken to warn the monkey. But I was a little scared. Ning Shu was speechless in her heart. She thought that the incarnation of the law was a gold medal to avoid death. As a result, she did too much to obliterate it. There is no discussion at all. But to be in charge of a city, the tax revenue of a city will give Ning Shu a huge tax revenue. In order to keep the city of water safe, Ningshu must pay attention to the boundary of the city and the restlessness of the law outside the city. Repair the boundary at any time. Ning Shu looked down at the medal on her chest, which had the function of connection, which also represented her identity. Everyone left one after another,gear reduction motor, and after a while, all the people around him left. Wan said lightly to Ning Shu, "I'm leaving." "Good."

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