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The screenwriter's wife of the president Emploi Plein temps

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All right, don't think so much. Wash up and go to sleep! Jiang Jinrun smiled and sat on the sofa, turning on the TV and watching it slowly. Zixia put the book on the sofa and ran to the bathroom with her clothes. Jiang Jinrun could not help turning over the book written by Zixia and found that the book was really too sweet. No car accident, no cancer, no crying, no trouble, no hanging. You can kill a single dog! People who have never been in love want to fall in love. It seems that yuan Zixia's writing ability is really getting stronger and stronger, presumably this novel will soon catch fire! I guess it can be made into a movie or a TV play. I really want to congratulate Zixia. At lunch time, Zixia did not eat with Qianhua, but took the book to find Yan Yan. She handed the parcel to Yan Yan and said with a smile, "Yan Yan, I sent you your wedding gift in advance. I believe you will like it very much." "Thank you!" Yan Yan took the package with a smile and took out the book inside. When she saw the beautiful cover, she was so excited that she almost jumped up. She hugged Zixia tightly and smiled: "Zixia,face detection android, thank you so much. I feel unprecedented happiness and respect when I know you. Thank you." "Don't be polite to me!" yuan Zixia scratched her hair and smiled awkwardly: "You ignore your personal safety in order to save me. What is it if I give you a book?"! As long as you like it! "I will read every book of yours in the future!" Yan Yan's face is in full bloom with a brilliant smile, as beautiful as a Lily in full bloom. Although yuan Zixia has seen many beautiful women, there are few girls like her who bring people the feeling of elegance like chrysanthemum. yuan Zixia took out her cell phone to look at the time and said with a smile, "Yan Yan, there are still a lot of things to deal with in the company, so I'll go back first.". We'll be there when you get married. "Yes!" Yan Yan's elegant eyes are slightly raised. Watching yuan Zixia leave. When she has nothing to do in the afternoon,touch screen digital signage, she sits on the sofa and reads a book, which is really attractive. I don't want to stop for a moment. Huang Zhizhong came back and took off his clothes and changed his shoes at the entrance. See her so serious appearance did not call her, but slowly walked to her side. It was a long time before she looked up at him and laughed: "Zhizhong, Zixia sent us the book in the afternoon!"! It's so sweet! "Is it?" Smiling, Huang Zhizhong sat beside her and took the book: "Let me see!" Yan Yan tone is not heavy, but said very sure: "I read it in one breath!"! Almost more than one hundred thousand words, and it doesn't look tired. Huang Zhizhong was also attracted by the contents of the book, and did not even hear what Yan Yan said. yuan Zixia added some funny elements to their original story, making the content of the book both funny and sweet. The sweet man has a toothache. The alarm clock on the computer rang suddenly, temperature check kiosk ,information kiosk price, and yuan Zixia remembered that Qianhuayi would attend the film conference with Jiang Qingfeng today. No wonder I didn't see Qianhuayi yesterday. So she went to Beijing. Zixia opened the web page, looking for the relevant video about the film conference, and found it after a while. Qianhuayi and Jiang Qingfeng stood together in matching clothes, which really matched each other and blocked thousands of leisurely mouths. It's just that the reporters at the scene were so gossipy that they asked Qianhuayi about Gao Weizhi. Hearing such a question, Zixia felt very angry. I really don't know how Qianhuayi could face the reporter gently. "I did have a crush on Gao Weizhi, but that's a thing of the past," Qianhua said with a smile. I will not evaluate Gao Weizhi's personality, now I just want to go on with Qingfeng, just want to write a good script and novel, other things I will not think about.. After watching the video, Zixia continued to write the novel. A text message suddenly came to the phone, which was sent by General Manager Huang. Your writing is so good that Yan Yan and I read it in one breath. Zi Xia could not help laughing and quickly replied to him: "Thank you for liking the book I wrote.". Qian Huayi and Jiang Qingfeng haven't come back from Beijing yet, so yuan Zixia handles all the big and small things in the company. After lunch, the three of them swam in the swimming pool to cultivate their sentiments. Zixia lay on the shore and took off her glasses, took the juice from her assistant and drank it. yuan Zixia looked sideways at Zhou Qing and asked with a smile, "Zhou Qing, why haven't you and Liu Canrong heard anything yet?"? When are you going to get married? Zhou Qing pursed her lips with a trace of displeasure and said, "I'm still waiting for Canrong. He said he can't afford to buy a house or a car now. He will work hard for a while and get married when he has a house and a car." "This Liu Canrong is also true!" Li Qiuyuan also began to fight for Zhou Qing: "When we have a house and a car, our Zhou Qing's youth is gone!"! Why are men so selfish? Can't you earn a house and a car if you get married first? In my opinion, he just doesn't want to get married. He just looks at flowers on horseback! "All right!" Zhou Qing glared at Li Qiuyuan, frowning slightly, and said, "I know Canrong's personality. I believe he will not let me down. He will certainly be responsible for my feelings." "Maybe!" Li Qiuyuan shrugged her shoulders helplessly: "Zhou Qing, you believe him so much now. What will you do when he marries someone else after his condition is good?" "Wouldn't that be better? I'm free!" Zhou Qing very readily spread out his hands, smiling: "If after marriage I found that he is not good, then after the divorce I became a divorced woman, the reputation is not good!"! Before we get married again, we find that he is not good. At most, if we don't get married and break up, it will have no effect on my reputation. yuan Zixia pinched her shoulder and comforted her: "Well, don't think so much first.". Don't push Liu Canrong too hard. Maybe he really feels that the conditions are not good enough now! Take your time. I believe Canrong is not the kind of person who starts with chaos and ends with abandonment. "Yes!" Zhou Qing nodded in agreement, she did not believe that Liu Canrong is also the kind of scum man! yuan Zixia pursed her lips and said,digital whiteboard price, "Sometimes, it's because we think too much that makes us so uncomfortable!"! So, you must let yourself have a good attitude.

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The screenwriter's wife of the president