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A fair lady Emploi Plein temps

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Lilac heard the noise and came out of the room, "Niang, our family is not short of this ration. We have cleaned up the fertile land in the south, but we are afraid that there is no grain to eat. The eldest brother's family has more land and less land, so let the eldest brother's family plant it." Yang Shi felt that this was also the case, and was about to nod, but unexpectedly the second daughter-in-law was biting the matter. Don't forget that the old people were separated. The fields were separated long ago. The land in the north is ours. Why can't we plant it? The old people planted it. Liu's words are more and more ugly, said, a pair of hanging eyebrows hanging, as if suffered thousands of grievances. Looking at Liu's shrewd appearance, this will pretend to have a model, but also wipe tears and sniffle, is a pitiful appearance, we do not eat her this set, "aunt, our family is many, my mother is afraid that the rations are not enough, will want to milk to come, just borrow, not not to return, this land is the father's milk, who also don't want to occupy, the father's milk said to give who planted, my mother naturally has no opinion." Xiao Yuzhu threw the problem to Yang all of a sudden, Yang's idea, Yuzhu is aware of,Slate Wall Panel, this second daughter-in-law, a month, not to mention the field, is the chores at home, also too lazy to intervene, what kind of land she got in the north, just shallow. The second daughter-in-law's lazy style, Yang Shi is to see in the eyes and remember in the heart. The eldest and the second one each planted half of the land. There were five mu of land in the north, and one person planted two and a half mu. Yang shouted at the top of his voice,Granite Slab Supplier, "a bowl of water is flat, and now there is nothing to say.". Fan Shi took the grain and came down from the stool. "Two and a half mu is two and a half mu. Listen to Niang." With these words, he helped to peel the grain. Liu Shi stared round eyes, so angry that he threw the veil, "Niang, this family has long been divided, according to what I said, the old people can plant, have to collect some rent." "What are you talking about, sister-in-law?" The clove couldn't see past it and couldn't help interjecting. As a matter of course, you have to collect rent and give two piculs of grain to each mu of land. Liu's voice is getting louder and louder. You The clove was too angry to speak. She couldn't take care of the matter and went back to her room. It's too strange for you to say that about the second family. Fan stood up from the ground with a swish. Two people you a word I a word quarrel, Yang left and right is not a person, both sides pull to persuade, and mud. Xiao Yuzhu tried to pull Fan Shi, but she pushed her away with one hand. She was so angry and strong that she pushed Xiao Yuzhu back several steps. Liu Shi dug out some old sesame seeds and rotten millet, saying that Yang Shi was partial to the old and the young, sending flowers and cloth and meat, knowing that the second child was his own, Agate Slabs For Sale ,Pietra Gray Marble, and those who did not know thought it was a wild child picked up from the river. Spring rain in the courtyard, spittle flying in the corridor, noisy and restless, Xiao Yuzhu wanted to come forward to persuade a few words, but could not get a word in. Seeing that Yang's face was not good, she helped her sit down in the hall and poured a cup of tea for her to drink. Her face was much better. What's the noise? Mr. Xiao came back from the outside, wearing a bamboo hat and a coir raincoat. As soon as Fan and Liu heard that the master had come back, they were so frightened that they trembled and immediately shut up. The room was so quiet that only the sound of rain hitting the roof tiles could be heard. When the great savior came, Xiao Yuzhu ran over and took the bamboo hat and coir raincoat from his hand. Xiao patted the rain on his clothes and came over with a straight face. "It's not enough to be ashamed." "My Lord." Yang Shi met the master and sat down in the middle of the hall. Xiao Yuzhu cleverly served tea and whispered the matter in his ear, emphasizing in particular that Liu Shi wanted to collect rent. Sir, what do you think of this? I was going to say one person, all kinds of halves. Yang Shi looked at the master. As soon as Mr. Xiao patted the Eight Immortals table, "the wasteland in the north is all planted by the old people." With that, he got up from the arm-chair and went back to his room. Seeing that his clothes and shoes were wet, Yang went up to serve and change his clothes. Sir, you are so awesome! Old Xiao's voice was so loud that it could be heard clearly in the whole courtyard. Liu Shi pinched the veil in his hand and stamped his feet angrily, but his face was not good for the attack, and he went back to his room with a stomach full of anger. Fan Shi kept in mind the great righteousness of the master and was grateful to him. Seeing that the second daughter-in-law was not easy to provoke, she did not stay long, pulling Xiao Yuzhu, wearing a bamboo hat, one tall and one short, two figures supporting each other into the rain curtain. Chapter 43 Happy Enemies. "This is not a secret book!" Xiao Yuzhu felt the broken pottery in her hand burning and burning. This piece of broken pottery has been tampered with for several days, and it has just taken shape. The broken pottery looks like a vase with a thin mouth. The color of the broken pottery is very beautiful. Although it is fragmented, it still can not hide the brilliant beauty. The above text has the word "pottery" and the word "glaze", as if everything is related to pottery making, "This is not the secret book of pottery making, is it?" If it is really the secret book of making pottery, then I am so lucky that I can dig out the treasure in the broken ridge. Xiao Yuzhu was startled and shivered, the fragments in her hands almost fell to the ground, took a deep breath, calmed down, but completely unable to suppress the excitement, holding a pen in her right hand to copy the words on paper, according to the translation of the book. The pen in his hand fell to the ground with a bang, and the whole person looked at the white paper with an expressionless face, without a look and motionless. The broken pottery shards actually recorded an ancient recipe for making glaze! Xiao Yuzhu was silent for a long time, and suddenly woke up from the silence, this is an ancient prescription! The ancient recipe for making glaze! Glazes play a vital role in pottery, and with this ancient recipe, we can make pottery with good color and luster. Eyes a flow of color, red like fire, yellow like gold, blue like the palpitating blue of the sea.. I don't know when the rain stopped, the sky suddenly brightened up, someone in the yard talked, Xiao Yuzhu went to the windowsill, pushed open the window to see that it was three girls and four girls. I want to go by myself. "Third Sister, good Third Sister, help me ask Yuzhu for some. I want to raise it, too." "You four girls, I think you're just having fun for a while. You haven't been fed for two days. Third Sister is still feeding you. If I had known today, why did you have to do it at the beginning? At the beginning, you were shouting at the top of your voice and didn't let Yuzhu warm herself by the fire." "It serves her right not to call me aunt!" Three girls and four girls hide in the corner of the front yard, two people push pull pull, want to come to the house and embarrassed to come over. She knew the temper of the four girls. Xiao Yuzhu hurriedly put the broken pottery pieces into the pottery,Artificial Marble Slabs, stuffed them under the bed, put away the paper and pen on the table, and stuffed Xiao Yucui's half-embroidered veil under the quilt.

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