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Cheap Vibration Meter Emploi Plein temps

12 juin 2023 à 7h12   Coiffeur à domicile   Saint-Louis   50 vues Référence: 817
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cheap Vibration Meter VIB庐05 Handheld vibration meter The 3-in-1 machine condition monitoring Vibration路Bearing Condition路Temperature The VIB05 Handheld vibration meter is suitable for routine testing the vibration of machinery and equipment, especially the vibration of rotating and reciprocating machinery. It can measure acceleration, velocity and displacement, which is widely used in mechanical manufacturing, electric metallurgy, general aviation etc. The VIB05 Handheld vibration meter is a compact, rechargeable, handheld Vibration Meter designed to conform to ISO10816-3 and operates with a constant current IEPE accelerometer providing accurate vibration measurement. Simple operation, compact structure and portable for measurement Visually display the measurement result Acceleration, velocity and displacement measurement Different vibration frequency High sensitivity probe for accurate measurement Long and short probes provided, suitable for different situations of measurement Multi-functions, such as low power indication, auto power off, LCD backlight The VIB05 Vibration testers can be used to effectively monitor vibration levels in most types of rotating machinery, such as electric motors, fans, and pumps, in a diversity of industrial environments. 3 Measurements Machine Vibration Measures Velocity in mm/s RMS; Acceleration in g RMS; Displacement in um Peak-Peak Vibration Evaluation: According to ISO10816-3銆?/p> Bearing Condition Measures Bg - Hi Frequency Acceleration in g RMS;Bv - Hi Frequency Velocity in mm/s RMS銆?/p> Bearing Status Check: By using rules of thumb Temperature Measure Non-contact Infrared Sensor,Target and Environment in 掳C or 掳F,Red Laser Pointer銆?/p> VIB05 Specifications Display: Monochromatic LCD, 128x64 pixial Sensor: IEPE Accelerometer, 100mv/g, Integral 80 cm cable, BNC connector Vibration: Acceleration: 0-20 g Peak Frequency 10-12kHz Velocity: 0-200mm/s RMS Frequency 10Hz-1kHz Displacement: 0-2000 渭m Peak-Peak Freq. 10Hz-1kHz Bearing Status: Bg: 0-20 g RMS Freq. Range 1kHz-12 kHz Bv: 0-200 mm/s RMS Freq. Range 1kHz-12 kHz Accuracy: < +/-5% Alarm Indication: Vibration Evaluation for velocity measure: ISO10816-3 Bearing Status check for BG and BV: Rule-of-thumb Temperature: IR Sensor temperature range: -20 掳C to 120掳C or -5掳F to +250掳F Accuracy: 卤2掳C; Resolution: 1掳C; Laser guide : Red, <1mW. IEC 60825-1 compliant Distance to surface D:S = 8:1; Recommend distance range: < 20 cm Power & Charger: Lithium rechargeable battery, 3.6V 1700 mAh, Recharge time 3 hours ; Operating time >50 hours continuous Mains charger: AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz input; 4.2 V DC 600 mA output In-car charger: DC 12-24 V input; 4.2 V DC 600 mA output銆?/p> Environment: Operation temperature: -10掳C to +50掳C; Storage temperature: -20掳C to +60掳C Enclosure: IP64 - Dust-tight and splash-resistant Electromagnetic compatibility certificate: 2004/108/EC Dimensions:115 x 75 x 25mm锛圠xWxT锛?/p> Weight incl. battery:230g VIB05 Complete Kitcheap Vibration Meter website:

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