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Treasure appraisal doctor Emploi Plein temps

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Yang Ming looked at her anxiously and said with a smile, "Do you really want to know?" "Yes, just tell me." "Otherwise, you can marry me, so you are also a member of our Yang family, even if I tell you, it is not against the rules of our ancestors." Zhang Mei thought to herself, "No matter how good your medical skills are, you are just a small farmer in the countryside. I'm sure I can't marry you!"! Thinking of this, Zhang Mei said: "Your request is obviously not good, or change it, besides, I just want to know how you cure the disease." Yang Ming thought about it and said with a smile, "Since you say so, I will pity you. Lower the conditions. If you kiss me, I will tell you." "Give you a kiss, you wish." Zhang Mei said. Actually, I don't want you to kiss me either. That's just right. I'm going back. Yang Ming stood up and said with a smile, "In fact, I asked you to kiss me, just to give myself a reason to tell you." When Yang Ming turned to go, Zhang Mei suddenly said, "Wait a minute." With these words, Zhang Mei walked up to Yang Ming, kissed him on the cheek, and then said,artificial banyan trees, "How's it going?"? Can you tell me now? Yang Ming was stunned and said, "You, you really kissed." "Now you should tell me how you treated Mr. Cheng?" "When I say kiss, I mean let you kiss me on the mouth. What's the matter with you kissing my face?" "Don't act shamelessly. You said you would let me kiss you, and now I kiss you, and you want to act shamelessly." Zhang Mei said that there were tears flashing in her eyes. Yang Ming looked at her pitiful appearance and said with a smile, "Don't cry. I'll tell you. I use Qigong. Do you understand? Qigong therapy." "I've heard that Qigong can cure diseases, but it's not as powerful as you, is it?" Zhang Mei said with a little incredulity. That's because they are not as good as me. I have been practicing Qigong since I was a child,decorative palm trees, and my palms can exert force. Yang Ming said that his palm was facing Zhang Mei's desk, more than one meter away from the desk, and the pen on the desk suddenly jumped. Zhang Mei looked at Yang Ming in surprise and said, "Yang Ming, you are so powerful that you have such powerful Qigong." "Now you believe it, in fact, you see the martial arts novel inside the internal strength healing is the truth, the internal strength is powerful, really can heal." Yang Ming said with a smile. I thought all the martial arts novels I read before were fake, but I didn't think they really had such great kung fu. Zhang Mei said with a smile. Yes, like you, I can see that you are sick now. Yang Ming said with a smile, "Every time you have your period, the pain is unbearable. You have seen many people and taken Chinese and Western medicine, but it has no effect." Zhang Mei was stunned. She didn't think Yang Ming could see that she was sick, and the symptoms were not bad at all. You, you are really a miracle doctor. Zhang Mei stammered. Yang Ming said with a smile, "I can see Mr. Zhang's illness, large ficus tree ,fake ficus tree, and naturally I can also see your illness. Why don't I help you treat it with Qigong?" Said, Yang Ming stretched out his hand to pull Zhang Mei, Zhang Mei unprepared, was Yang Ming pulled in the arms, sitting on the sofa. Yang Ming stretched out his hand to press Zhang Mei's stomach. Zhang Mei wanted to resist, but she couldn't. She didn't have the strength of Yang Ming. But her mouth was still saying, "What are you doing?"? You let go of me. Yang Ming said: "Kindly take a donkey liver and lung, I am helping you to cure the disease, later you will understand." Said Yang Ming's right hand against Zhang Mei's small stomach, Zhang Mei felt a big hand on his soft stomach, suddenly a blank brain, also forgot to resist. Don't move, it'll be ready in a minute. Yang Ming said that the aura of his right hand was slowly injected into Zhang Mei's body. Zhang Mei felt a little warm in her stomach at the beginning. With this feeling, she felt very comfortable and did not want to resist any more. Instead, she sat in Yang Ming's arms with her eyes closed. Yang Ming's forehead already wanted to sweat again, at this time, Zhang Mei felt some slight pain in her stomach, so she wrinkled the steamed bread. Seeing Zhang Mei frowning, Yang Ming said, "Don't be afraid. It's normal to have a little pain." Zhang Mei nodded, did not speak, and sure enough, the stomach did not hurt, but some swelling, some fever. Before long, she felt that her stomach was very comfortable, feeling a kind of comfort that she had never felt before, so she could not help but "hum" in her mouth. At this time, the door was suddenly pushed open, Zhang Xiaoxuan stood in the doorway, she looked at the scene in the office, immediately stunned. Yang Ming hugged Zhang Mei and put his hand under her, while Zhang Mei closed her eyes and hummed, and the fool knew what was going on. Zhang Xiaoxuan stood there awkwardly and said, "I'm sorry, you go on.." Said, she turned to go out, at this time Yang Ming can not speak, because now is the critical time can not be distracted, just like the critical moment in the martial arts novel. If you are distracted, you may be possessed by the devil, and Zhang Mei's illness will be wasted. After another two minutes, Yang Mingcai drew back his hand and said with a smile, "All right.." At this time, Zhang Mei was still somewhat interested and said: "That's all right.." "Yes, not only is it better, but it's a radical cure!" Zhang Mei stood up from Yang Ming's arms and said, "You, too. If you want to cure the disease, explain it well. You must give me a sudden attack." Chapter 119 of the main text: Attend the reunion. Yang Ming said with a smile, "What's wrong with the sudden attack? So are you. I helped you cure the disease. You didn't thank me, but you blamed me." "Thank you." Zhang Mei gave a white look and said with a smile, "If you don't attack suddenly, I will plug the door, and your girlfriend won't see it. How embarrassing it is now. You should explain it to your girlfriend quickly." "There's no explanation. She's not my girlfriend at all." Yang Ming said with a smile, "You think she is the mayor's daughter,faux ficus tree, how can she be my girlfriend?" Zhang Mei thinks also is, oneself do not want to marry small farmer, can the mayor's daughter take a fancy to a small farmer.

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