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Feng Lin Tian Xia: Princess 13 years old Emploi Plein temps

15 nov. 2022 à 4h31   Plombier   Passi   137 vues Référence: 30
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"The little old man has already said that our Fenglai Inn has been booked and will not receive any guests. Please find another place. You will not be allowed to enter here." Said the innkeeper in a deep voice. Package, who is so big at this time. "Damn it, what kind of shop is it? It really needs a ***ing beating." "I want to see who it is." All of a sudden, the Jianghu people gathered outside the inn either complained or scolded, making a mess. In the midst of the uproar, the ordinary carriage came slowly towards the Fenglai Inn. Don't go there. There's no place to live. The Jianghu people on the side shouted angrily to the ordinary carriage, "They can't live in it even if they give one or two gold, not to mention that the carriage looks so poor that it's a ghost to live in it.". Not wanting the ordinary carriage to be heard, he headed for the door of the inn. In front of the gate, the coachman waved his whip and threw something out of thin air into the hands of the innkeeper who was going to stop people. The innkeeper was stupefied. He looked at the things in his hands and immediately greeted him with a smile on his face. He said respectfully, "You are here at last. Please, please. The inn has been cleaned up long ago. You are always satisfied." There was a great uproar among the people around. In the midst of this loud noise, a long white hand slowly stretched out and lifted the curtain of the twilight car. Wulin Congress 1 Eyebrows are not painted but Dai, lips are not painted but fresh, eyes are like bright stars, and elegant demeanor is extraordinary. For a moment, all the people around him quieted down, and the thought flashed through his mind. See, the carriage in a simple crescent white gown, black hair into a bunch of casual extreme, without any superfluous decoration, but natural charm, proud and independent. A body of cold, a body of strength of character. The starry eyes, as black as obsidian, swept over the crowd,iron nail machine, and the brilliant sunshine was almost taken away by him. He was as handsome as if he had come down from the painting. His elegant demeanor was the best among people. People in Jianghu are not people who have seen the world. At this time, when they see such a handsome man, they all lose their souls, which shows his great charm. The man in white glanced faintly at the people around him and headed for the inn, followed by the coachman. Wait until the man in white disappeared in the inn, the people outside the shop to react to come over, one by one stunned do not know what to say. If it is a woman with such stunning beauty, they look dumbfounded and say that this is clearly a man. They are also so virtuous, it is simply. Just, but do not know how,High Speed Nail Making Machine, is attracted by his eyes, eyes can not stop to stop on his body, as if he was born to be the attention of millions of people. Now that I think about it, it's quite baffling. The reaction of the people for a time regret, how to be attracted by a man's eyes, forget to say to him can accommodate them to stay in the hotel, at this time, people are gone, where they go to find him, do you really want to sleep in the wild today. All of a sudden, the whole shop was more noisy than before. Entering the inner room, the coachman waved back the affectionate shopkeeper and accompanied the man in white into the Tianzi No.1 room. Master, drink tea. Breaking off the straw hat on the top of his head, the coachman showed his true face, stern and cold. This was not Du Yi, the first blood shadow under Liu Yue. Disuse The man in white looked up at the brilliant winter jasmine blossoms outside the courtyard. Stunning beauty and outstanding charm. Look closely, that eyebrow that eye is not Liu Yue who is. Just more beautiful than the 13-year-old Xiaoliuyue, more calm breath, Nail machine manufacturer ,Nail Making Machine price, and the last generation of Lin, it is exactly the same. Wulin Congress 2 At this time, a crescent-white man's suit covered up the murderous look of iron and blood, leaving only cold and handsome, no woman disguised as a man's four unlike, that a free and easy and unrestrained pride, even ordinary men are not as good as, look, a real peerless man. Is there any news from the other side of the sea? Standing by the window, Liu Yue said in a deep voice. No Du Yi immediately bowed back. Liu Yue frowned and looked up at the boundless sky outside the sky. Xuanyuan Che, they haven't seen each other for three years. Three years ago, she sent Du Yi and others to secretly escort Xuanyuan Che all the way to find someone, but as soon as they left Tianchen, Murong invincible appeared and asked them not to follow, otherwise, they would not give Xuanyuan Che treatment if they were found. No way, du had to come back to reply. Three years, escort Xuanyuan Che to find that do not know people, do not know the name, what do not know the power of Murong invincible, also did not return to Tianchen country, but from time to time there is a message passed over. A few words, tell Xuanyuan Che is constantly getting better, just because the poison in the heart, really not good conditioning, its Chinese medicine blindly, need a long time to configure, therefore, can not return. She followed the news to find the past, found that Murong invincible actually out of the sea, the carrier pigeon across the sea, she wanted to find also can not find a place. Can not find, only wait, only wait for Xuanyuan Che himself to come back, only wait for him to come back. White clouds are flying, birds are singing and insects are making noise. Three years later, she is already sixteen years old. Staring at the sky, Liuyue eyebrows slowly rippled a smile, she grew up, but not the same as when she was a child, her Xuanyuan Che did not know whether to recognize her when she came back, if not, she must throw him into the cesspool. After taking a deep breath and withdrawing her mind from running away, Liu Yue turned to look at the respectful Du Yi and said, "Is there any news at the border?" "Everything is stable at the border. Although the State of Chen and the State of Zhao have stationed troops here, there is no sign of any change. General Rukawa, please rest assured." Liu Yue listened to nodded, three years ago Chen and Zhao stationed troops on the border, want to attack the day Chen, she took Liu Chuan, Chen Si, Zhou Cheng, and other Xuanyuan Che general, and the hundreds of thousands of tiger army starry night to the border guard. Wulin Congress 3 She doesn't know the art of war, she doesn't know strategy, but Rukawa knows it. And, also do not know how, she Murong Liuyue name unexpectedly also spread to Chen and Zhao there,Nail machine supplier, a listen to her Murong Liuyue with Xuanyuan Che soldiers and generals came to town, Chen and Zhao actually have a little reserved up. Perhaps because of her fierce name, she was born in a family of military generals.

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