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It's today-I'm lucky to meet when I'm not married. Emploi Plein temps

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A particularly disappointing thing happened. When the shrimp was brought to his mouth, she touched his lips. Shocked, panicked and ashamed, the shrimp almost fell into his lap. He laughed in his heart, but pretended not to see her shyness and embarrassment. She felt that her face should be comparable to that of the crimson shrimp. Buddha bless, he only ate three. The height of her heart was as high as that day when she was in danger on the slope of the tiger's mouth. It was not easy to stay up until the end of the dinner. When Pei Yunkuang got up, her body shook, and she had to come forward to support him. However, after a few steps, she was not sure whether he had drunk too much or not, because although he had an arm on her shoulder, he did not exert himself, and she could feel a kind of indifference. Sitting in the carriage, she had a feeling of relief, this night, she did not expect so "hard.". Is he resting on the white carpet with his eyes closed or is he drunk and sleepy? Too many "accidents" happened, and she was embarrassed to look at him, shrinking in the corner of the carriage, and her heartbeat was still abnormal. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and smiled. "Did I scare you?" Just now, was it the scene sitting on his lap? Embarrassed to answer, she blushed and bowed her head. He sighed, "If I hadn't used you as a shield,Nail Making Machine price, I would have to keep a woman in the house. How much money would it cost me to eat and wear for a year?" He's crying about being poor! She was so funny and angry that she couldn't believe him. He stared at her as if he saw what she wanted to say and said angrily, "You see, you still laugh at me.". I don't like her, and I have to support her, so I won't be a sucker. She looked at him with a smile. "You are so rich, so what's the harm?"? He continues to nag: "I am not in the capital all the year round, if come again a red apricot comes out the wall.". I really lost a lot. It's a big loss. She pursed the corners of her lips and couldn't help laughing out loud any longer. He gave her a disapproving look, as if accusing her of being unsympathetic. The dim light in the carriage showed that his features were more warm and handsome than usual, and his lazy look hung on his face,Nail machine supplier, faintly tired, as if he were a friend who could communicate with each other and almost be regarded as a sucker, so she felt soft in her heart and could not help saying: "You don't like her, so you stare at her hard." Finish saying, she is a bit embarrassed again, this tone, how and complain jealous a bit like? She blushed a little and regretted that she should not have said so. He curled his lips and said, "Oh, do you just like it?"? So I've been looking at you for a long time and I like you? That's it! Her heart pounded, and she could not go on, could not refute, could not admit, only silence. Just, the ear root slowly hot, fortunately there is only one light in the car, even if the blush should not see clearly, Nail machine manufacturer ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, she so comforted herself. Back to the palace, it was late at night. Si Tian went to Su Pian's room first, and she was waiting for her news. When Su Pian saw her enter the room, his eyes lit up and he waved her to sit in front of him and let her start from the beginning. When Si Tian talked about the scene in which the King of Linjiang presented the beauty, he blushed and only said that Pei Yunkuang used himself as a shield, but did not elaborate on how he "blocked" it. Su Pian did not seem interested in this, but smiled: "The old trick." Then he asked, "Is there any shrimp in the dish?" "There is a plate in front of Wang Ye." "Did the prince eat it?" "Eat it." Her face was red again, and she could not tell how he "ate". Su Pian breathed a sigh of relief, hesitated for a moment, and then looked up at her, her eyes falling on the peach blossom in her hair. The beautiful eyebrows and the bright peach blossoms set each other off. Pure and charming, a perfect match, amazing. She sighed with envy, "It's good to be young, and it looks so beautiful to wear flowers.". If I wear it, I don't know how tacky it is. Si Tian's heart jumped, thinking of the door, he looked back with a smile, and that poem. It's beautiful. "Is he talking about flowers or her?"? She hastily suppressed the thought, and her heart was a little flustered. Take a break When she returned to her room, she found that her mother had not slept and was waiting for her. She felt a little distressed and said angrily, "Mother, didn't Sister Su tell you that I went to Linjiang Wangfu?"? Why don't you go to bed earlier? You didn't come back. I slept there. Wang Ye has plenty of maids and guards. Why did he let you accompany him? She could not tell her mother the reason. Guard is impossible to bring to the banquet, and the maid, on the way out of the assassination, obviously Su Pian is not at ease with the people in the house, so she picked her. It can be seen that he also trusted her very much, and she liked this kind of trust, but some "accidents" brought about by this trust made her heart confused, like pieces of willow catkins disturbing her sight. Who was invited to the dinner? Xi Ran asked again casually. Prince Leping, Prime Minister Zuo, and two other adults. Xi Ran's face suddenly changed and he asked anxiously, "Did Zuo Xiangye inquire about you?" How could he ask about a maid? She was a little surprised at her mother's thoughts and answered, "No." Xi Ran breathed a sigh of relief and said thoughtfully for a moment, "If I have a chance to meet him again in the future.". In case he asks about you, you must not mention my name or your father's name. Si Tian is curious unceasingly: "Why?" Embarrassed, Xi Ran hesitated for a moment before saying, "Because I had an engagement with him. Later, when I met your father, I followed him to Xinzhou." "Elopement" two words, she was embarrassed to say in front of her daughter, she is not a person, and Si Qi was really in love, but the Xi family because of face can not repent marriage with the left family, so she had no choice but to follow him to leave Luoyang to Xinzhou. Later, Si Qi's business reached the capital, and she took her children to live in the capital for a year. Only then did she know that Zuo Shiqiu had already worshipped the prime minister. In order to avoid meeting one day, she and Siqi gave up their business in the capital and returned to Xinzhou. I didn't expect that my daughter would meet him one day. Although she also felt that his chances of asking her were almost zero, she was still not at ease to tell her. Si Tian Leng, she also did not expect, mother and Zuo Shiqiu is an old friend. She was a little dizzy and said casually,High Speed Nail Making Machine, "Mother, if you had married him, you would have given your life to your wife now."

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