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Legend of the Red Star of Rebirth [School] Emploi Plein temps

1er mars 2023 à 5h07   Plombier   Saint-Louis   93 vues Référence: 478
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Chiang Kai-shek uttered a few words and said in his characteristic Ningbo accent in a slow and soft voice, "Brother Yujie, I carefully studied Liu Yimin's tactics and found that he was particularly good at long-distance raids and hit the bone-setting point that the Japanese had to save.". This time the Japanese forces are too large, whether they attack Xuzhou or southern Shanxi or cross the river to attack the hinterland of the Central Plains, I am afraid that the strength of a single war zone can not contain them. Even if they divide their forces and attack in two or three routes, you know what happened in the battle of Xinkou. I'm afraid the main force of our army will be seriously damaged. The most worrying thing is that even if our army has made great sacrifices, it may not be able to stop the enemy's pace. In terms of the national war situation, we need time to complete the deployment of defending the Central Plains and Wuhan. Old Peng always had a straight temper and could not bear to speak in a roundabout way. He said directly, "Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, please say what you mean. You don't have to be so polite." Only then did Chiang Kai-shek say, "If the Japanese army doesn't start this time, it will be a thunderbolt.". I would like to ask the two instructors to give orders to Liu Yimin to seize the opportunity of emptiness in the enemy's rear after the Japanese army launched, to fight a battle like the attack on Taiyuan and Tianjin, to disrupt the enemy's deployment and force them to return to the rescue. I also thought that now the Japanese army must strengthen the defense of Peiping and Tianjin, where there may not be opportunities. I discussed with Bai Jiansheng and Yue Jun, and felt that Shijiazhuang and Jinan were both good. To attack Shijiazhuang, we could mobilize the Japanese troops on the Peiping-Hankow line and the Japanese troops in Shanxi to return to our aid. To attack Jinan, we could force the Japanese troops advancing along the Jinpu line to return to our aid. After the Japanese army is launched on all fronts, we can ease the danger of our front line by letting the instructor hit and pull like this. I don't know what you two think. Before the meeting,<a href="">Serum Bottle With Dropper</a>, Chiang Kai-shek also felt that the instructor had been greatly weakened, and it didn't matter whether Liu Yimin came to the meeting or not. As soon as the situation was grim, he immediately hoped that God would bless him and let the teacher suffer less losses, and then give the Japanese aggressors a ruthless one to ease the crisis of the war situation. Think of the central China battlefield and Shanxi battlefield is in crisis, Liu Yimin hit Tianjin, the deployment of the Japanese army was completely disrupted. If Liu Yimin could capture Peiping when the Japanese army attacked on a large scale this time, wouldn't the Japanese army be in a mess? Chapter 266 preparation (2). Of course, Chiang Kai-shek knew that the Japanese army would defend Peiping heavily,<a href="">Glass Cosmestic Containers</a>, and even Tianjin would probably have no chance. Only then did he settle for the second best and set his eyes on Jinan and Shijiazhuang. Although Zhu and Peng did not know Chiang Kai-shek's complicated mental journey, they knew that this idea was very good, which was consistent with Liu Yimin's thinking before he left Taiyuan, and was also the established policy of the instructor. That being the case, Chiang Kai-shek must recognize the legitimacy of our army's entry into Shantung. President Zhu said, "Chairman, this idea is really very good. Once it is successful, it can really play a role in easing the war situation.". Especially in Jinan, as long as the occupation of Jinan, the Japanese attack on Xuzhou was cut off, they must turn back to pounce on the teacher, the tension in Xuzhou can immediately ease a little. First, however, <a href="">Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale</a> ,<a href="">30ml dropper bottle</a>, the Japanese army is now strong, the key points of the city defense is bound to be tight, to teach the strength of the teacher to forcibly attack, not to say that it is not easy to succeed, that is, successful casualties are bound to be great. Second, the Japanese army had been fooled several times and hated the teacher deeply. Their attack would be bitten by the Japanese army immediately, and it would be even more difficult to break through again. Third, Jinan is in the south of the Yellow River. Once the teacher attacks Jinan, it will be very difficult for him to return to the north of the Yellow River. When the time comes, we will be faced with an unfamiliar environment, whether there are local forces to cooperate, perhaps we will be counterattacked by the remaining forces of the National Government, which is very dangerous! As soon as Chiang Kai-shek heard this, he understood what Zhu De meant. The Communist Party was reluctant to sacrifice this army, which was good at fighting. At the same time, it also wanted the instructor to have a legal status in Shandong. Chiang Kai-shek thought for a moment and said, "In the face of the national crisis, all Chinese troops should have the determination to sacrifice.". Teachers should obey orders unconditionally because of their superior position behind enemy lines. Now that most of Shantung has been lost, after the Teacher's attack on Tsinan, he can engage in guerrilla warfare behind the enemy lines. At an appropriate time, we can return to the Shanxi battlefield.

” President Peng must have been annoyed and said directly: "Shandong is now full of bandits and mutinous soldiers. If there are no strong troops to persist in the war of resistance behind the enemy lines, these bandits and mutinous soldiers will probably be incorporated into the puppet army by the Japanese army. When the time comes, these puppet troops alone will be enough for us to fight.". Besides, the generalissimo keeps saying that Mr. Liu Yimin is your adopted son-in-law, and his wife's cousin is also claimed to be his wife all over the world. Is the generalissimo so worried about him that he can't be allowed to clean up the situation in Shandong? This recruit general will be in place, but it is too straightforward. Chiang Kai-shek immediately changed his face and said in a huff, "How can state affairs and family affairs be confused?"? I've said my opinion, and you can do it as you see fit. Don't regard guerrilla warfare as grabbing territory and pulling teams. The eyes of the Chinese people are discerning. Chiang Kai-shek was annoyed, and President Peng was even more annoyed. He immediately stood up and said, "We can't accept what Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek said.". As soon as our army went to war, it fought many fierce battles and wiped out more devils than all the national armies combined. Our base areas were all recovered from the Japanese. If the generalissimo is unwilling, our army can return to Shensi and hand over all these base areas to the national army. I'm afraid the national army can't hold them! Two people this one ox, the situation is very embarrassed immediately, Zhu Mister has to play: "Old Peng, you say a few words less, do not lose etiquette!"! Chairman, what Lao Peng said is also reasonable! Think about it, if our army hadn't wiped out the main force of the 5th Division and the entire Chahar Dispatch Corps at the gates of Taiyuan, it would be hard to say whether southern Shanxi could be saved now! At the very least, it is impossible for the Shansi-Suiyuan Army and the 14th Group Army to rest and replenish themselves so calmly for so long. How can we say that our army regards guerrilla warfare as pulling troops to seize territory? This is a great injustice to our army! If this word reached the ears of the soldiers, it would be very chilling. Chiang Kai-shek snorted and said, "Let's not talk about this now. The Eighteenth Group Army has been fighting really well since it took part in the war. I hope you will continue to work hard."! I have something to do, and I will go to Xuzhou right away,<a href="">Glass Cream Jars</a>, so I won't keep you. The war is tense, you go back to the front as soon as possible! I hope you can tell Liu Yimin that to seize the opportunity, the Chinese people are hoping that he will create another miracle! Mr. Zhu and Mr. Peng had to salute and leave. <a href=""></a> 

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