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Online Games: Raging Death Emploi Plein temps

1er déc. 2022 à 6h35   Développeurs   Fatick   134 vues Référence: 149
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Liu Yunfei knew that he had misunderstood and took the initiative to admit his mistake and said, "I'm sorry, I misunderstood you." "It doesn't matter." They understood that the man was nervous about their leader. Liu Yunfei hates his eyes. Now the two members of the Demon Hunting Group are scarred and may die here if they are not treated in time. More seriously, they may also be infected by the strong evil atmosphere here and demonized into monsters. In that way, with their strength, the monsters that are demonized will become more troublesome. He had no choice but to take out the newly opened [Portal] card today and opened the portal directly to Jialan City. He said to the two men, "Hurry back and ask for support. I'll go and find your leader." "Good." "Thank you." The two men entered in turn, and the portal, which could only be opened for 10 seconds, disappeared. Liu Yunfei feels that his head is now two big. If Ruolan is not his woman, he must smoke her. Usually when I look at her, I feel that she is a little too simple, but I didn't expect that she is not only simple, but also a little silly. Now that it's safe, we should go outside the town and go back to readjust for support. Why do we continue to approach the most dangerous place in the center of the town. Isn't that totally going to die. But he was brought out by Liu Yunfei from Jialan City, and now he can only rescue Ruolan first even if he doesn't want to. I'll think about the rest later. According to Duncan and Hegg, Liu Yunfei also rushed to the town center. They rescued some members of the Demon Hunting Group and sent them back to the city. They also saw the bodies of several members of the Demon Hunting Group who had been killed and eaten. It was even more difficult to kill a member of the Demons Hunting Group who had been demonized. Fortunately, the other side's demonization time is not too long, and the mutation is not complete. Otherwise,ultrasonic dispersion machine, it can be treated as an elite BOSS. It was also when he was about to arrive in the middle of the town with two streets left that he finally met Ruolan, who was fighting a huge meat worm. If.. Liu Yunfei hurried to call her. But she happened to see that she was no match for the big meat bug, and was violently hit by the meat bug and flew out, and the mouth parts full of fangs rushed at her to swallow her. Boom! A flame bomb just exploded on the head of the meat bug, shaking its head so that it could not immediately attack the injured Ruolan. Liu Yunfei seized this opportunity to rush past, and succeeded in the moment when the meat bug's second attack fell, almost rubbing the other side's sticky black colloid skin from the other side's big mouth to rescue the temporarily immobile Ruolan. He hugged her tightly and rolled around the ground several times, successfully escaping from the possible attack range of the meat bug. "***!" The food that is about to reach the mouth runs away like this, and the meat worm makes a harsh sound. Liu Yunfei which will pay attention to, if the orchid has no way to win the monster he can not solve in a short time, sonicator homogenizer ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, not to mention now is the most important rescue if the orchid. If she's demonized because of her extreme weakness, that's the real problem. Regardless of the pursuit of the meat bug behind him, Liu Yunfei kept deliberately running to the alley, using the hard rock house to block the speed of the meat bug. Liu Yunfei did not believe that these houses could really block it with the appearance of sand worms seen in the desert. So he ran faster and faster, and took advantage of the time when the meat bug was not paying attention to get into the house of a nearby family. Holding Ruolan hiding under the windowsill, I saw the meat bug make a loud noise passing through the window, accidentally rubbing the window directly shattered, but did not dare to send out the atmosphere. Violent bandits? Only then did Ruolan wake up and find herself lying in someone's arms. Suddenly the tight body went soft again, reflecting the absolute trust in Liu Yunfei. If Liu Yunfei was holding such a fragrant and soft body at ordinary times, he might take the opportunity to eat tofu by caring, but at the moment he was not in such a mood at all. In addition to his anger, he was still angry with Ruolan. He shouted at her in a low voice: "You just do things with your brain?"? It is said that there are a lot of demonized civilians here, so I have to ask you for help. How can you let the members of the hunting group rush in without a plan. Now things are like this, what do you say?! “……” Ruolan knew it was her fault and bowed her head with grievance. Only when she knew the tragedy had happened did she realize the seriousness of the matter, but unfortunately she had no power to recover at that time. So I want to solve this matter by myself to make up for my mistakes. Unfortunately, it was not Liu Yunfei who came to save her. She is dead now. Liu Yunfei sighed. After all, she took over the hunting group not long ago, and she didn't understand a lot of things. To put it simply, it is too naive to think that it can be solved by killing directly with the strength of the hunting group. Say to her: "We rest first, help you heal again say again.". It seems that this matter can not be solved quietly. Liu Yunfei is extremely not optimistic about the current situation. Uh Ruolan listens to Liu Yunfei now. Let him pick himself up. Liu Yunfei found that the house actually exists in the cellar, it seems to be a very good place to stay temporarily, at least do not have to worry about a short time will be found by those monsters. Put Ruolan in first, and deal with her blood so that the monster won't find them according to the smell of the blood. Liu Yunfei went down to the cellar. However, as soon as I got used to the darkness, I saw a beautiful woman's back like moonlight, and her golden hair hung quietly on her back, which had a strong visual impact. The side one expands an arc to see the outline of the other's pure girl's breast. You! What are you doing Liu Yunfei hurriedly turned around, unexpectedly Ruolan was so bold. Ruolan let out a groan in pain, gasped weakly and said, "I'm treating the wound." Volume 2 Lone Ranger Chapter 378 is in danger again. Qisuu. Com: 2011-10-14 12:36:57 Number of words in this chapter: 2430 The fourth watch May be aware of being seen by a man, even very familiar with the man to see very shy, Ruolan then shy said: "Please do not look back, I will soon." "Well,ultrasonic spray nozzle, I didn't look." Liu Yunfei turned his back to her and only raised a bonfire in the corner to prevent him from seeing something he shouldn't have seen. Accompanied by the sound of dressing, Ruolan finally whispered: "Well, you can turn around."

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