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Zombie police Emploi Plein temps

3 mars 2023 à 4h44   Services financiers   Saint-Louis   76 vues Référence: 494
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Most of the people sitting on the booth beside the wall and the high platform beside the bar were either drinking or rolling dice, and the scene looked very lively. In this way, you can feel the sound of Huang Hu's tomato bar, but it's really good. There are also some closed room doors around the lobby, which should be private rooms. Chen Zhifan came to Huang Hu for the first time, so he naturally looked around and saw everything in the tomato bar. This is his occupational disease as a criminal policeman. When he goes to a strange place, whether it is necessary or not, he always has to observe carefully first. Huang Hu led the way. The further he went along the road, the more deafening the explosive music became. He said two sentences and could not hear the sound at all. He had to shout loudly in Chen Zhifan's ears: "Where are you going to play? I'll take you there!" When Chen Zhifan heard this, he looked up and saw Shaya dancing in the middle of the dance floor. Her head swayed up and down with the rhythm of the music, and her body made all kinds of twisting movements, which seemed to be completely addicted to the atmosphere of dancing. But her outfit really matches here, and she is at the forefront of the trend here. Some people gathered around her, followed her rhythm and swayed together, which seemed to be a good momentum. Chen Zhifan looked at it and moved in his heart. He said, "I haven't moved for a long time. I'm rusty. I'll go up and jump. If you want to come, follow me." Mei Jingshu should not often come to this occasion, from the beginning of some can not let go, at this time heard Chen Zhifan's words, she shook her head timidly. Chen Zhifan basked in the sun and smiled, but he didn't force it, so he asked Huang Hu to lead her to Luo Tong first,smartboards for business, and then he jumped for a while. After the arrangement, he naturally asked Huang Hu where Luo Tong's platform was, and he would go straight to it for a while. Then Chen Zhifan pushed through the crowd and jumped onto the dance floor. Just the music is not over, this music rhythm is strong, but too popular, Chen Zhifan does not like, he twisted with the music at will, in fact,interactive panel board, is also warming up, he has to wait for his own song. After a few minutes, the music stopped, the "brilliant" lights disappeared, the headlights came on, some exhausted people went down, those who went to the toilet went to the toilet, those who wanted to drink found their table, or sat down on a high platform at the bar, and some went directly into the private room. Others are still standing on the dance floor, their faces full of excitement, whistling and booing the DJ to change their favorite music. It's nearly midnight now, when the atmosphere of the bar is at its highest point. The DJ also wants to do something. He wants to play a climax song that can enhance the atmosphere. But do not know when the yellow tiger quietly walked past, in the DJ's ear said a few words, DJ quietly nodded. Suddenly, touch screen board classroom ,smartboard for business, the lights dimmed again, and then a thick beam of light hit Chen Zhifan, enveloping him in a halo and distinguishing him from the others, who were now hidden in the dim light. Chen Zhifan was picking his nose and was caught in the spotlight. The whole bar, no matter the people on the dance floor or sitting in other places, was attracted by the beam of light. They naturally saw Chen Zhifan's actions clearly. Laughing, hooting, shouting, the bar was in a mess. Suddenly illuminated by the light, Chen Zhifan did not react at first, and then compared with the surrounding darkness, he knew that he was in the spotlight at this time, he found the change at this time, because he was thick-skinned, but also felt strange embarrassed. But the loser could not lose, and he deliberately dug hard to dig, and caused an uproar, and then he made a snap of his fingers, the booger that did not exist was bounced out. The whole bar exploded, especially the person who Chen Zhifan flicked his finger in the direction, who had already begun to shout and scold, and a young man who saw Chen Zhifan flicking his "booger" to his side, exaggerated his body to hide. But in fact he is more than ten meters away from Chen Zhifan, normal people simply can not play so far, but then again, if Chen Zhifan this powerful zombie to play, or can play. The people in the bar who noticed all this were all buzzing about who Chen Zhifan was and how the light hit him. And he looks a little bit handsome, but he doesn't look good at all. He picks his nose and has no image. It's disgusting to pick your nose in the light. The crowd is a little noisy, many people are not angry why the bar would do this, they can also come here to play, everyone wants to be in the limelight, why let Chen Zhifan this guy alone in the limelight? Some people thought the lights were broken and shouted to the DJ for an explanation. Suddenly, however, the music sounded, the song many people are familiar with, is Michael Jackson's "Billy Jane.". Before the crowd could react, Chen Zhifan grabbed a round hat from a young man beside him. The young man had his back to Chen Zhifan. When he felt his head light, he looked for the hat everywhere. When he saw that Chen Zhifan had taken it away, he just wanted to come up and ask for an explanation. With the familiar melody, Chen Zhifan like a changed person, the body with the rhythm constantly moving up, people look carefully in the past, and Michael Jackson's textbook dance steps exactly the same! With one hand pointing down, he put it under his waist, with the other hand he turned the round hat over and put it on his head, and with one leg arched forward, he moved to the beat of the music. The sense of rhythm simply explodes! The young man who asked for the hat was stunned and did not come forward again. The voices of the others were also clear, and all of them looked at Chen Zhifan in the center of the stage, under the spotlight. Chen Zhifan seems to have entered the state of selflessness,touch screen whiteboard, everything around him as if it did not exist, he immersed in his own world, freely out of Michael Jackson's dance steps.

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Zombie police