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State prosecution Emploi Plein temps

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Chen Hanjie pulled his face: "What kind of words is this?"? How do you know they protect each other? If things are as serious as you say, I'm afraid Chen Hanjie is not a good person! You go back quickly, don't gossip between our leaders, especially between me and Comrade Wang Changgong! Let me tell you again: there is no contradiction between me and Comrade Chang Gong. You, this Comrade, have made a mistake! Say, wave repeatedly, again signal square Pure Brightness to go out. Fang Qingming did not dare to go on, so he had to retreat submissively. When he reached the door, he still did not forget to show his loyalty: "Old.." Old secretary, I.. I'm really your man, really! Chen Hanjie became more and more disgusted, as if he had not heard Fang Qingming's words, turned into the study and closed the door. As soon as he entered the study, Chen Hanjie immediately made a phone call to Ye Zijing with a secret machine and briefly reported the situation, saying: "Comrade Zijing, the anonymous person who reported Zhou Xiuli has finally appeared. He is a deputy political commissar of the Zhonglou District Urban Management Committee Supervision Brigade, surnamed Fang.". You go talk to this Fang. However, please pay attention to you and the comrades of the procuratorate. My feeling is not quite right. This person is very obscene. You must pay attention to the analysis of the problems and situations he reflects! Ye Zijing asked in surprise on the phone: "Old secretary, how did you find this anonymous person?"? We can't find it in this way. We are consulting with the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection to consult the files of the city's urban management cadres. Chen Hanjie laughed at himself and said,heavy duty cantilever racks, "This anonymous person just found my house and kept saying that he was my man!" At this time, the guests came again, and the wife and a familiar woman in the living room began to greet each other. Chen Hanjie did not continue to talk with Ye Zijing-originally wanted to mention the case of his son Xiaomu, but Ye Zijing did not take the initiative to say, Chen Hanjie's words to the mouth or swallowed back. After putting down the phone, Chen Hanjie was at a loss for a moment. The wife went into the study again, saying that Zhou Xiuli had arrived and asked Chen Hanjie if he had seen her? This is so much fun! The whistleblower walks on the front foot, and the whistleblower comes on the back foot? Where can I not see this?! Walking out of the study,automated warehouse systems, as soon as he saw Zhou Xiuli, Chen Hanjie smiled. His tone was kind, but he said sarcastically, "Comrade Xiuli, how did you find my home?"? Do you know my door? Ah With a smile on her face, Zhou Xiuli hurriedly said, "Old secretary, old secretary, you can be scolded if you should be scolded. I came here today to let your old leader scold you!"! "Vice Governor Chang Gong made it clear that he had to let your old leader have a good time and scold me enough. He gave me a'three don'ts': Don't let me quibble, don't let me talk back, and don't let me explain!" Chen Han-chieh laughed and said, "Comrade Xiuli, so you're giving instructions from Comrade Gong?" Zhou Xiuli shook her head: "No, no, heavy duty metal racking ,push back racking system, I really miss your old leader. I haven't seen you for more than a year!" Chen Hanjie sighed: "Interesting! Interesting! If you don't come, you won't come. If you want to come, you will come again!" Unexpectedly, as soon as the words fell, Zhou Xiuli immediately picked them up: "I know, I know, a deputy political commissar of our Zhonglou District Supervision Brigade has just left you!" He explained earnestly, "Old secretary, I really didn't know you were going to talk to our deputy political commissar tonight. If you had known in advance, you would have come back another time." Chen Hanjie seemed to ask casually, "Oh, did you bump into the deputy political commissar at the door?" Zhou Xiuli said, "Coincidentally, I saw him coming out of your yard when I stopped the car. He still wanted to hide from me." Chen Hanjie had to explain: "Comrade Xiuli, you misunderstood. This Comrade was not invited by me. He came to me on his own initiative. I didn't know him when I met him. It was only when he introduced himself that I had a little impression." Zhou Xiuli said with a smile, "Hey, old secretary, don't tease me. Don't you know Fang Qingming?"? You introduced it to our Chengguan two years ago! It was not easy to arrange at that time, but I didn't dare to complain to your old secretary. I had to follow your instructions. I had a brainwave and set up a deputy political commissar in the Zhonglou District Supervision Brigade. This is specially set up for Fang Qingming. So far, he is the only deputy political commissar in the supervision brigade at the district level! Chen Han-chieh couldn't say what he was suffering from. He grinned and said, "Comrade Xiuli, why are you so embarrassed to arrange a demobilized cadre?"? I really don't know that. If I did, I wouldn't open my mouth to you. Blame me, blame me! Zhou Xiuli hurriedly said, "Old secretary, it's not your fault, but mine. I've reported less to you in the past 12 years. You can't understand some situations.". But to tell you the truth, as long as it is your old secretary's instructions, there is nothing that I have not personally arranged for implementation. Say Fang Qingming, you said hello, I know in my heart, only stayed in Zhonglou District for a few months, immediately transferred him to the office as deputy director, ready to exercise for two years to take over the office director. But I really didn't expect that Comrade Fang Qingming would be so unworthy. He shook his head. "Forget it, let's not talk about this man!" Chen Hanjie paid attention to it and said, "Hey, why don't you say it?"? Come on! Why doesn't Fang Qingming live up to his reputation? Only then did Zhou Xiuli say with a wry smile, "Old secretary, this man is too greedy. Whenever he arranges a reception activity, there is no one who doesn't pluck his feathers to get oil and water!"! As large as the cost of a thousand or eight hundred reception meals, as small as a bottle of wine and a few cartons of cigarettes on the table, he put them all in his pocket! After being the deputy director of the office for more than a year, he secretly deposited more than 13,000 yuan of reception funds in two reception hotels designated by our city's urban management committee. This improper deputy director was immediately cashed out and taken away. If seriously investigated, it would be a crime of corruption. Our discipline inspection group is currently investigating. The day before yesterday, I also said hello to the comrades of the discipline inspection group. Internal problems should be handled internally,medium duty racking, and we should try not to make a storm in the city and make a fool of ourselves. Chen Hanjie is not surprised, directed at Fang Qingming this person's servile appearance, to engage in such a small corruption is not surprising.

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State prosecution