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Zhuge Qingyun Hongjian Honglou Emploi Plein temps

3 mars 2023 à 5h03   Banque   Saint-Louis   98 vues Référence: 509
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Although Bu Xinglou and Shi Feihong play the role of Hua Jiapu, they are still strangers, but only from the two impressions of "handsome figure, mediocre appearance", we know that it is Yang Xiaozhen who said that he is a benefactor to himself! The current situation makes Bu Xinglou embarrassed again. Hua Jiapu had been deeply grateful to himself for giving medicine, and now that we have met, we should thank him. But Yang Xiaozhen and he hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, really too close, but Bu Xinglou see in the eyes, can not help but rise from the bottom of my heart a strange sour taste! People are not plants, who can be merciless, Bu Xinglou and Yang Xiaozhen long distance together, whispering, has long been the breeding of love, to this "Shura Jade Girl", it is difficult to give up! "Brush, brush" two figures, falling in the sky, Yang Xiaozhen and Hua Jiapu both landed! When Bu Xinglou saw Yang Xiaozhen and Hua Jiapu, they both fell in front of him, and he was even more embarrassed. Yang Xiaozhen cried with a charming smile, "Brother Bu, let me introduce you. This is Brother Piao Hua of the Hua family, who was so kind to me in March." Bu Xinglou first felt harsh, that is,ultrasonic welding transducer, Yang Xiaozhen had a different name for himself, "Big Brother" above, added a "Bu" word. Although one word is added, it seems to be unfamiliar in terms of affection. Secondly, the four words "kindness is like the sea" added on top of "Big Brother Piao Hua of the Hua Family" made Bu Xinglou's heart sour and his whole body uncomfortable. But after all, Hua Jiapu was kind to himself. Now that Yang Xiaozhen had already introduced him by name, he had no choice but to hold back his sulk. With an indescribable look of embarrassment, he folded his fists and said with a smile, "Little brother Bu Xinglou, thank you for the virtue of giving medicine to save him in the past!" When he spoke,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, there was a smile on his face, but it was obviously a kind of polite forced smile, not a sincere smile from the heart. Shi Feihong played the role of Hua Jiapu. After all, he was honest and honest. He couldn't bear to play tricks on Bu Xinglou. He looked at Yang Xiaozhen and laughed and shouted, "Did you see that, sister Zhen?"? When he saw your affectionate expression with me, and heard your strange name for him, he was immediately jealous, and his expression showed the depth of his affection for you. It was not an empty promise. He just wanted to use it. Hearing these words in the ears of Bu Xinglou, he was like a King Kong who could not touch his head and stared at the place. Because Shi Feihong still spoke in a male voice, he did not think that the two peerless chivalrous women he loved selfishly had become sisters and formed a party. Since Bu Xinglou could not guess that Hua Jiapu was Shi Feihong, he was naturally puzzled by what she had said to Yang Xiaozhen. With a pout of her lips, Yang Xiaozhen gave Bu Xinglou a white look. She raised her eyes and said, "That's more like it. I thought he was completely faking his attentions to me. He just wanted to get you the unique antidote of'Shura Face-Changing Juice '. If that's true, I'll be bullied!" Bu Xinglou was ashamed to hear the phrase "get the antidote of'Shura Changyan Juice '", but the word "for you" in this sentence made Bu Xinglou raise his eyebrows and stare at Shi Feihong's role as Hua Jiapu. Sang Linghan stood aside. Seeing this, he burst out laughing and said, "Miss Yang, Ultrasonic emulsifier machines ,ultrasonic handheld welder, you don't have to try him again. I've just tried it thoroughly for you. Haven't you heard it just now?"? He offered me three strategies, are not considered, just take that'both Yang Xiaozhen, but also Shi Feihong '' the next step to '! ". Bu Xinglou had some ideas in his mind until this time, but he was still not convinced that Shi Feihong was playing Hua Jiapu and asked in a trembling voice, "You.." You Are you.. It's red. At this point, a burst of benevolent laughter, sounded from not far away, there is an old voice, the interface shouted: "Lou, how can you be so confused?"? Hua Jiapu is Shi Feihong, Shi Feihong is Hua Jiapu. Bu Xinglou was ecstatic at this time, almost overjoyed. Because he had already confirmed what he had expected in his heart, he knew that Huajia Puguo was Shi Feihong, and he heard that Qi Changchun, his teacher "Kunlun Chushi", whom he often longed for, had also come to this "Liangshan Red Sand Valley". My teacher is as important as a mountain. How dare Bu Xinglou violate the ethical code? Without saying hello to Shi Feihong, he turned around and shouted, "My dear teacher, why did you come to this'Liangshan Red Valley '?"? I want to kill the building! As he spoke, he bowed down respectfully to the "Kunlun Chushi" Qi Changchun! Bu Xinglou this kind of heavy master and apprentice etiquette, light children's personal affairs, very legitimate, see Shi Zhentian, Sang Linghan secretly nodded. Even Shi Feihong and Yang Xiaozhen, the two daughters, looked at each other and smiled, and their hearts permitted. Pointing to Shi Feihong, Qi Changchun said to Bu Xinglou with a smile, "Lou'er, I went down the mountain to look for you because I cared too much about you at the top of the Kunlun Mountains. But now I have taught this set of unique knowledge to the two girls, Shi and Yang, and you can learn from them!" Only then did Bu Xinglou stand up and, borrowing the words of Qi Changchun, the "Kunlun scholar," walked up to Shi Feihong and shouted with a smile, "Sister Hong, I didn't think Hua Jiapu was played by you. From now on, I want you and my sister Zhen to teach me the '!" Of the' Heaven and Birds'. He was lovesick for Shi Feihong, and of course, while speaking to himself, he stared at her face with two affectionate and sincere eyes! Yang Xiaozhen laughed and cried, "Sister Hong, take off the mask of human skin and let him have a look, so that he can rest assured that you have regained your peerless appearance. Otherwise, you will inevitably hate me to death!" With a smiling face, Shi Feihong took off his mask of human skin and raised his eyebrows and said, "Once the trick is exposed, there is no mystery to speak of. When he sees that I and my real sister depend on each other, will he still suspect that you are not willing to give me the unique antidote of'Shura Face-Changing Juice '?" After the voice, affectionately cast a glance to Bu Xing Lou Liu, and told him all the love affairs in detail! Shi Zhentian paid no attention to his little sons and daughters. He looked at Qi Changchun and asked with a smile, "Brother Qi, where are Granny Meng and my brother Zhong Li?" "Kunlun Chushi" Qi Changchun pointed to the top of the cliff and replied with a smile, "The head of the nunnery is on the wall for Laohuazi to use his unique Buddhist'wheel finger power 'to speed up his recovery, and the old woman is responsible for protecting the Dharma!" "Brother Qi," said Sang Linghan,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, "just now I saw Tian Guang, the'Cyclamen of Scattered Flowers', come out of Jianghu again. Have you come here to help a tyrant to do evil?"

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