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Sugar pet Emploi Plein temps

1er déc. 2022 à 5h33   Agent De Terrain   Gandiaye   170 vues Référence: 140
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When Zhao Qiheng saw her, he thought she had listened to the people outside and explained to her what had happened on the night of the Laba banquet. He did not say anything else, but said that the emperor had drafted an imperial edict to make her Crown Princess, but he was ill and confused that day, so he made a slip of the tongue and said the wrong thing, which was misrepresented by these people. After Zhao Qiheng's explanation, the little girl could not bear the people outside to slander Ah Heng's brother for no reason. She clenched her teeth and patted the table. I'll argue with them. The table was made of solid wood, and it hurt to pat it down. The little girl's hands were not light or heavy. If it hadn't been for Zhao Qiheng's timely use of his own hand cushion, I'm afraid her hand would have been red. He took her hand in his hand and looked at it. When he saw that it was all right, he said, "Tangtang is good.". There are rough men outside. Let Fuxi go. Fuxi got the order and went down with several escorts. Not long after, there were several screams downstairs. Soon, even the screams were gone. The little girl heard them screaming so miserably that she was frightened to hide in Zhao Qiheng's arms. So timid, still want to go to the same person theory, if go down to see that seven or eight men, only afraid to be scared to cry back. Zhao Qiheng held her helplessly in his arms and patted her on the back. It's all right. It's just a little punishment. Tangtang, don't be afraid. Zhao Qiheng took her in his arms with one hand and fed her with a small ice-skin dumpling with chopsticks in the other. This dumpling is filled with purple potato, the ice skin is translucent, covered with powdered sugar, and the purple inside can be seen faintly. The little girl took a bite of Ah Heng's chopsticks. Ice skin is cool, sweet, glutinous and soft, not sticky, and the purple potatoes inside are almost mashed, but occasionally there are a few pieces of purple potatoes of appropriate size, which taste very rich. Zhao Qiheng saw that she liked it and fed her two mouthfuls of purple potato stuffing and several other kinds of ice-skin dumplings. This small dumpling is exquisitely made, and various flowers are printed on the ice skin with moulds. A dish of ice-skin dumplings has five colors, purple, red, green,316l stainless steel pipe, yellow and black-corresponding to purple potato, red bean, mung bean, lotus seed paste, sesame and other flavors. The little girl has a small stomach and has just eaten a lot of dumplings. Now, even if she only takes a bite of each small dumpling, she can't eat it when she eats the lotus stuffing. This dumpling ate too much to digest, Zhao Qiheng saw that she did not eat, and coaxed her to drink some stomach-nourishing soup, only to finish the meal. After the two men had eaten and drunk enough, the heavy snow had stopped outside, so they got into the carriage and went to Cangling Mountain. At the beginning of the snow, Cangling Mountain was a vast expanse of whiteness, so quiet that even the sound of dust falling on the ground could be heard. In the green calyx plum forest, the white plum is covered with snow, which is connected with heaven and earth. There is no snow or flower. Only the bottom of the plum blossom is faintly emitting yellow-green light, x60 line pipe ,a333 grade 6 pipe, which is reflected by the dazzling white snow, shining like a fairyland. The little girl was wearing a red cloak, which was particularly conspicuous in the continuous white. She was warm and charming. She leaned on Zhao Qiheng's arms and told him about her mood when they first met. At that time, brother Heng, dressed in white, suddenly appeared in front of Tangtang, like a fairy brother falling from the sky. When Zhao Qiheng heard this, he couldn't help chuckling. His chin was on the top of the little girl's head, and the little girl felt a slight tremor on the top of her head, felt that she had been laughed at, and jumped up unhappily. Brother Heng, what are you laughing at? "Like a fairy." Then how did Tangtang finally treat me as a monster? When Zhao Qiheng spoke, the hot breath with a smile hit the little girl's ear, and her white earlobe suddenly turned red. Her eyes were full of water, and her heart pounded loudly for a long time before she could hear the sound of the outside world and resume her normal thoughts. As soon as she returned to her senses, she also felt that she was really a little silly. She snorted coquettishly and deliberately hung her head and did not answer Ah Heng's brother's question. Zhao Qiheng was unusually unrelenting. "Huh?" He asked. "Brother Heng, don't say anything!" The little girl blushed and shyly gave Zhao Qiheng a soft little pink fist. She rolled her swarthy eyes and tried to change the subject, but she didn't think of anything to say. Finally, she simply stretched out her hand to Zhao Qiheng: "Take Tangtang to pick flowers quickly." Pei Qiong wears a red hood on her head, which makes her face more magnificent and bright, and her eyes are full of bright expectations. Her throat was clear and crisp, and she took the command for granted, and Zhao Qiheng could not refuse. He took the little girl by the waist with both hands and lifted her up to the top of the tree. Pei Qiong was lifted so high, but he was not afraid at all. He laughed and shouted to Zhao Qiheng to be taller. She laughed until her hands were weak, and her white hands were not strong enough. Instead of breaking off the plum blossom branches, she shook off the snow on the trees. Pieces of snow poured over the two men. The little girl could not dodge and was covered with snow, and even Zhao Qiheng was covered with snowflakes. Seeing that Ah Heng's brother was so miserable, she quickly reached out to brush the snow off his body, regardless of the coldness of his face. When the snow on their bodies was cleared, the little girl drew in the snow with the plum branches broken by Ah Heng's brother. The snow on the ground was so deep that it took a lot of effort for the little girl to make a mark on it. She drew for a while before she could draw half a handsome and tall man, but she couldn't move. Or Zhao Qiheng saw that she had no strength, held her hand and drew with her, and made up a beautiful little girl beside the man. The mountain is colder than the mountain, not to mention the snow today, after painting, Zhao Qiheng wanted to take the little girl to leave first. But she refused, and now she was so interested in painting that she pulled her brother Ah Heng to make a snowman together, saying that she wanted to make the same snowman as the two of them. Snow, after all, is soft, it is difficult to pinch out the facial features, the facial features of the two snowmen were made crooked by the little girl, very ugly, she was amused to lean on Zhao Qiheng's arms straight happy. Finally, Zhao Qiheng pressed the snow into ice cubes and carved the Iceman's facial features with branches by internal force. The weather is cold, see the little girl almost play fun, Zhao Qiheng coax her down the mountain first, next time to play. In the vastness of the world, Merlin saw off a pair of lovers in love and returned to quiet,316 stainless steel plate, leaving only a pair of portraits and a pair of icemen in the snow. A few days later, the rumors soon subsided, and the people swarmed to talk about the excitement of the Qi family.

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