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The Legend of Seven Nights of Naruto Emploi Plein temps

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On this day, seven nights were dealing with daily affairs as usual, when a dark department suddenly appeared in front of his desk. Did you find anything unusual? For the hidden forces around the village, responsible for patrolling the outside forces approaching the village and guarding the safety of the Hokage, they are not easy to appear, once they appear, it means that something important has happened, and it is likely to be very difficult. Yes, Lord Hokage! The underworld replied respectfully, "We found fifty-three corpses of men and women, old and young, on the official road twenty miles away from the village. They all seem to be passing merchants. Judging from their clothes and costumes, they should be merchants trading from the country of thunder to the country of fire." "Fifty-three bodies." Seven nights were shocked by the news brought by the dark department, which was clearly a frenzied massacre. Feeling that the situation was serious, Qiye said decisively, "You go to mobilize more than two teams to protect the scene. I'll be there later. If anyone dares to enter the cordon, they will be killed." "Yes!" The dark department took the order and left. The divine moon, the mountain city.. Shen Yue Izumo and Yamashiro Aoba came in and said, "Lord Hokage, what can I do for you?" "Hurry up and inform the elders that I'm going to hold an emergency meeting," said Qiye. If they arrive, ask them to wait in the conference room for a while. "Yes!"! Lord Hokage! After the God moon cloud and mountain city green leaf go out, seven nights also silently disappeared in the Hokage office, only in a twinkling of an eye, seven nights have arrived at the scene of the incident. …… That's exactly what happened. A dark department will discover the whole story to the seven night statement again, and then said: "Hokage Lord,faux ficus tree, you see is not..." Seven Nights interrupted him and said, "I'll investigate the scene first. There's no need to start that procedure before there's no conclusion." With these words, the seven nights carefully checked the situation at the scene. After a long time, the seven nights finally came to the conclusion: "This group of merchants is indeed the merchants of the land of thunder, but also the kind of ordinary merchants who have no strength to tie a chicken, so they will be killed without resistance.". And there are no signs of fighting at the scene, it serves to show that the opponent's means are very neat, I am afraid only ninjas can do this. After a long silence, the seven nights continued: "However, judging from the situation at the scene, this is not a bloody case caused by robbery, because there is almost no loss of goods and property of this group of merchants.". So, that means they died for another reason.. Could it be. Not good Suddenly seven nights seemed to think of something, large ficus tree ,artificial grass panels, and then his face changed greatly. Then he gave an order to the two secret units protecting the scene: "You take turns to protect the scene 24 hours a day, and patrol the area within a radius of five kilometers with the scene of the incident as the center. If you find a suspicious person, you will be strangled immediately." Say, seven nights then pull away. Seven nights was vaguely worried about the murder, because he knew very well that if the situation developed as he thought, a big war would be inevitable. In the Hokage conference room, all the elders had arrived, whispering to each other, all talking about what happened when they were suddenly summoned for seven nights. At this time seven nights also arrived at the Hokage conference room, but the first thing he did was to order the blockade of Konoha and stop all internal and external contacts. "Lord Hokage, why did you summon us here?" The elders asked? And why did you order a blockade of Konoha? Seven nights serious tunnel: "The blockade of Konoha is the reason why I called the elders to come. Just now a terrible thing happened. Fifty-three merchants from the country of thunder were all killed in the jurisdiction of Konoha." As soon as this remark was made on the seventh night, all the elders were frightened: "What?"? Is there such a thing? Three generations of Hokage, Tsunade and Zilaiya are also dignified. Then Seven Nights added, "That's fifty-three lives. I think it's enough to trigger a war between the land of thunder and the land of fire. Maybe it will even evolve into a new round of war in the world of tolerance.". Therefore, I decided to block Konoha first, to prevent all news from coming out of the outside world, and then to find out the truth of the incident, in order to resolve the incident. Lord Hokage, you are too alarmist. "One voice spoke without tension.". The owner of the voice was none other than Tuan Zang, the head of the pro-war faction. Then Tuan Zang added, "Trade caravans between countries are often killed and stolen every day. In my opinion, this is just an ordinary incident." Qi Ye frowned slightly and said to himself, "This old fellow is really pestering people. He does this every time." Then Seven Nights added, "Elder Tuanzang's words are not true. I went to the scene to investigate. There was no loss of the deceased's property, and they were all killed by one move. From this we can see that this is not a simple case of killing and stealing goods." After a pause, Seven Nights took a meaningful look at Tuan Zang and then said, "If my calculation is right, this should be a plot that has been premeditated for a long time and deliberately wants to provoke a war between the country of fire and the country of thunder." After being looked at by the seven nights with deep meaning, Tuan Zang could not help but feel cold all over. He secretly said in his heart, "Did this boy find any clues?"? These fools.. I told them to do it clean. It seems that I have to use this move now. The culprit of this incident is Tuan Zang, with the passage of time, seven nights of the Hokage position more and more consolidated, especially after the Konoha Games, Konoha is showing a scene of all countries coming to court. Tuan Zang saw that his dream was getting more and more distant, so he crossed the Rubicon and planned the incident. Of course, all the people present, including the seven nights, did not know that the culprit was Tuan Zang, nor did they know that Tuan Zang had such an ambition. The reason why Qiye took a meaningful look at Tuan Zang was that he resented the old man's opposition to him every time. However, when Tuan Zang became unnatural in the eyes of the Seven Nights, the Seven Nights keenly noticed this and immediately realized that the incident must have something to do with Tuan Zang. At the end of the meeting, Seven Nights left three generations of Hokage,silk olive tree, Tsunade, and Zilaiya, the only three people he could trust in the entire group of elders.

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