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Whirlwind Dragon Emploi Plein temps

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Shang Meiqing pointed to the left front and said, "Let's go to that restaurant and have a meal first." "If we don't take off our masks, we can't open our mouths," said No.8. Shang Meiqing said with a smile, "You can't change your appearance for a while." "Are you afraid of getting carried away?" Asked Number Eight. "You have to get used to any skill," said Shang Meiqing. "I'm not allowed to wear a mask in the future." "What have I become?" No.9 asked with a smile. Shang Meiqing said, "If you contract your facial muscles, number eight will be afraid of getting carried away. He's as good as he was." Number eight asked with a smile, "What about you, brother?" "You'll see!" Number nine shrank his facial muscles before he took the mask. Number eight looked at it and almost laughed out loud. He whispered, "Old Nine, you've become a monkey!" Looking back at Shang Meiqing, he couldn't help it any longer. Fortunately, the pedestrians did not notice that Gao Zhiyun and Qin Dan also went, otherwise they would have to be exposed. It turned out that not only had Shang Meiqing changed beyond recognition, but even her left ear was as big as a thumb! No.8 smiled, and No.9 looked back in amazement. She asked Shang Meiqing softly, "Elder brother, how did your ears shrink?" Shang Meiqing glanced at him and said, "It's rare and strange!" The three of them put on their masks and soon entered the museum. When they looked up, they were startled to see all the guests inside! As soon as No.9 saw most of them, he wanted to find another one, but a waiter came out of the shop and said, "My guest, please come in!"! What to eat! "Is there no vacancy?" No.9 asked. "Yes, yes, please go inside. There are four empty tables," said the waiter. "Be quick,water bottling line," said No.9. "A pot of wine, a big plate of sauced beef, the rest of the delicious food, and finally three bowls of sliced noodles." After the waiter promised to go, the three of them went to the west of the hall. When he got to his seat and sat down, No.9 saw five men and women sitting at a table on his right hand, one old and two young, and a pair of middle-aged men and women. He couldn't help but say to Shang Meiqing, "Elder brother, what you saw at the entrance of the town is right next to us!" Shang Meiqing motioned for him to pay less attention. "You have to look elsewhere,PET blowing machine," he said. Not long after, No.8 also saw the two of them. "Elder brother," he said, "Gao and Qin have also arrived." Shang Meiqing was waiting for a reply when she heard the old man sitting next to her ask, "How many restaurants are there like this in this town?" "There are only two," said the middle-aged man. The old man snorted, "Where is the one being noticed?" "It's not in that house," said the middle-aged man. "It's gone in the street." The old man said with a sneer, "What are you doing? You've been staring at more than a dozen people from Beijing. On the way, you've been staring at fewer and fewer people. Now there are only three and they say they're gone. If the Lord knows, I'll see how you can reply." "My inferiors are incompetent," said the middle-aged man. "Please forgive me, Lord." The old man snorted and said, "As long as it's not a whirlwind dragon, this hall will also be punished." When Shang Meiqing heard this, she thought, "What kind of people are they?"? Could it be the minions of the Lord of Bones? Okay, I'm getting cold feet. As he spoke, the masked Gao Zhiyun and Zoudan came here. At the same time, water filling machine ,CSD filling line, the juice had been served with food. As soon as No.9 saw the waiter, he put it on! He couldn't wait to pour the pot. Shang Meiqing suddenly had a brainwave and deliberately said to No.9, "Old Nine, don't drink too much. We're on our way!" "Brother, it's getting dark," said Number Nine in a muddle. "Forget it tonight.". ” Shang Meiqing shook her head and said, "No, what if that guy slips away?" "Who is it, Elder Brother?" Asked Number Nine. Shang Meiqing said angrily, "I told you to drink less, but you didn't listen. Look at you. You haven't woken up from that meal yet, and now you're rushing to pour it down. Who are you? You're a little confused. Of course it's Yin Siqiang!" Now Number Nine understood. "He can't slip away," he said with a deliberate laugh. "He dares to steal Shang Meiqing's Sanskrit Sword, and he dares to steal the Sanskrit Sword of the Red Coffin Ghost King, but he doesn't know that the Yellow Sparrow is behind!" Shang Meiqing said in a frightened voice, "Lao Jiu, you're not allowed to drink any more. You're talking nonsense without covering your mouth." "Elder brother," said No.8, "Yin Siqiang is really good at something. If we can't catch him, he will be in the second place in Wulin in half a year." Shang Meiqing knew that he had also entered the door. "There are all Jianghu people upstairs and downstairs," she whispered. "You eat noodles quickly. Don't open your mouth!" He finished drinking the wine in front of him and immediately brought a bowl of noodles! When the three of them had finished eating, they got up and walked out of the shop. When they reached the counter, No.9 threw in a piece of silver and said, "Shopkeeper, is that probably enough?" Regardless of the shopkeeper's answer, he saw two groups of people chasing down from the corner of his eye, Gao Zhiyun and Qin Dan in the front, followed by the five men and women, which almost made him laugh out loud again! Outside the shop, the voice said, "Brother, the fish is about to take the bait." Shang Meiqing did not look, nor did she respond. She took the lead and walked out of the town. When she reached the field, she suddenly heard a charming voice shouting, "Stop, the three in front of you!" Shang Meiqing glanced at No.8 and No.9 and whispered, "Don't open your mouth!" After stopping, he turned around and deliberately opened the way. "Who is it?" He asked. "Are you waiting for me?" That charming voice is Qin Dan, see she asks proudly only: "What is your surname called what, it is to tell you to stop of course!" Chapter 65 rush like a spark to Yanmen When Shang Meiqing heard this, she said deliberately, "What index do you two have?" Qin Dan sneered, "Who is Yin Siqiang?"? What did he look like and go there? Shang Meiqing pretended to be seen to have something on her mind. Suddenly she shouted, "Old Eight, Old Nine, go quickly!" He took to his heels and dashed into a forest! When Qin Dan saw the three of them fleeing, she could not help shouting in a coquettish voice. She drew her sword and ran after them, but when she got into the forest, she couldn't see the shadow of the three of them in an instant! "How is it, cousin?" Gao Zhiyun caught up with Qin Dan and asked. Qin Dan sneered, "These three things have made me look away. My legs are really not bad!" Suddenly an old man behind him sneered, "Junior, get out if you can't catch up with me. Don't stand in my way!" When Qin Dan heard this, he looked back and shouted, "What are you?" The old man was furious. "Kill them," he said, waving his hand. When middle-aged men and women heard this, they answered in unison and went straight to Qin Dan and Gao Zhiyun. Gao Zhiyun and Qin Dan that willing to be convinced, to meet the dry, suddenly in the forest to kill rolling,plastic bottle making machine, they are also the master of the master, art out of celebrities, straight to grab the first hand!.

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