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The blind princess is sixteen years old Emploi Plein temps

29 déc. 2022 à 4h45   Menuiser Bois   Fatick   182 vues Référence: 230
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Brother, you are so awesome! You are the most heroic and invincible messenger of justice in the world, and this scum will be given to you! Let him learn a lesson and see if he dares to hit people in the future! Mosha pointed angrily at the pale man, who was actually just caught by the wrist, but there was so much pain that many people could not understand it, only the painful man himself understood how much strength he had used to hold his arm, seemingly calm, but clearly like a tightening iron bolt, dead, a little bit. He was about to break his wrist. How dare you touch her? You.. Think Die. Mo Yuliang ignored Mosha, but looked at the contorted man with a sullen face, and opened his mouth coldly, as if he were pronouncing his death, tightening his arms with his every word, and exerting more force. Their family is how much love the baby, Mosha, he is the same, Mosha is actually his half-sister, another concubine of the father, the poor thing is that her mother died after giving birth to her, the father will be more pity for her, she was entrusted to his mother, that is, the queen to take care of, his mother and Mosha's mother was a good sister at that time. She also regarded Mosha as her own daughter and raised her from an early age. Her mother doted on her and her father doted on her. She was also very cheerful and happy at any time. She was just a little troublemaker, but she always made people helpless and could not do anything to her. Of course, he likes this sister very much,large palm trees for sale, but it's just a headache. Fortunately, even if his father and mother still have his love, Mosha did not develop any spoiled temperament, but still can not change that wind and fire, Maomao impetuous problems, the heart is still very kind. The two of them grew up together, how deep feelings can be imagined, and Mosha also likes to follow behind his buttocks, every time something happens, he carries it,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, but she hides behind him and giggles, very naughty, but he is willing, because he is such a baby sister, who does not love her? They are reluctant to touch a cold hair of Mosha, this man actually want to hit her? It's a death wish! Looking at the moment he raised his hand, his whole body's blood was boiling, and he wanted to chop him into meat mud and feed it to the dog! "Ah.." I dare not. Ah I dare not, please, let me go. The man's painful plea interrupted Mo Yuliang's thoughts. He looked at the man in front of him and raised his lips sarcastically. "Let you go?" There was still a grim smile on his face, but even so, the man nodded. He couldn't stand it any more. His bones were about to be crushed by him, and his body began to twitch with pain. Then I will.. Let you go! With that, Mo Yuliang suddenly broke his arm and folded it back. Ah The man's pig-like screams sounded in the restaurant, and the sound of bones just now was clearly telling everyone that his arm was broken. Mo Yuliang's evil sneer, disliked the release of the hand, the man's body also like no support like a pool of mud fell to the ground, was broken arm leisurely swing, outdoor palm trees ,artificial plant wall panels, seems to have no strength. The man rolled on the ground in great pain, the sweat on his forehead fell to the ground, and even shed tears. You can imagine how painful it was to break his bones so abruptly. Brother, you broke his arm! Mosha looked at the man on the ground, although gratified, but still some fear of swallowing saliva, subconsciously touched his arm, as if to break like, good terror ah. Ahem, he told me to let him go, and I did, but I didn't say I wouldn't break his arm before I let him go! Mo Yuliang looked innocent and shrugged his shoulders and said. Mosha can not help but admire Mo Yuliang, someone will break the arm to say so high-sounding, so innocent? She really thinks her brother is a bad man. "Well.." Did he touch you just now? Mo Yuliang in order to ensure that in case or carefully observed Mosha's face, found that there is no problem, this was relieved, a cold glance at the man on the ground, "if he dares to move you, his life is not enough for him to die!" Mo Yuliang this sentence is cold and low, the man on the ground can not help but tremble more severely, the devil, he is the devil. "Sister, aren't you scared?" Mosha quickly turned around and looked at the only one, and when she saw that her face was not very good, she asked cautiously. The only one shook his head gently. "Thank you." She is sincerely grateful to her, without her, this matter does not know when it will be resolved, but. She was always in a panic when she heard the man's screams. Thank you for your help, Miss! Qiuju was busy saluting Mosha, but Mosha grabbed her arm with one hand. "Hey, don't do that. I still like it. You grabbed the sugar-coated haws with me at that time. How boring it is now!" Mosha pouted, she just likes to salute to salute, at that time Qiuju with her to grab the sugar-coated haws that is the true temperament, she just likes that! Every day in the palace so many tedious etiquette, she was bored to death, it was not easy to follow her brother out, she did not want to do that again. Qiuju was stunned, then nodded with a smile, Mosha also smiled very happily, especially when she saw the only one, she felt very happy, "Sister, do you know?"? I feel so kind to you! I don't know why, but can I keep calling you sister like that? Mosha took the only arm again, and this time, the only one seemed to adapt a little, but the body was still a little stiff. "Well, Mosha?"? Is your name Mosha? "Well, it's good that my sister remembers my name!" Mosha did not tell her name, it seems that her brother called her when she heard it, it is a careful woman, the words fell, she asked: "that sister, what is your name?" "My name is the only one." The only slight opening, the veil fluctuated a few times. The only? The only sister, the only sister, ha. Mosha smiled happily and seemed to be very interested in her name, the only one. Only also can not help a chuckle, this Mosha,artificial coconut palm trees, seems to make such a rigid atmosphere become cheerful, she is like a happy fruit, where there is laughter.

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