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Beihai Dragon Saber-Return of the Pearl Landlord _ txt Novel Paradise Emploi Plein temps

25 nov. 2022 à 2h03   Electricien   Passi   189 vues Référence: 43
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The boy immediately woke up and knelt down to Shen and Bai Yun to thank them for saving his life. The young man, who was looking for his beloved wife, went to the Xiangjiang River and met his enemy, Zeng Mancheng, the white-faced God of pestilence in the Pima Sect, and five of his disciples. He secretly captured him with an evil method, and the primordial spirit was also forbidden. At the same time, also found traces of fifteen Niang, intended to use Nai Fu yuan Shen as bait, together with the death. Unexpectedly, before it was done, it was suddenly broken by Shen unintentionally. The two of them joined forces to kill the demon in his own way. They broke the evil law and saved the original God. They followed him. When the demon realized it, he was anxious and angry. He was about to kill Min Lie with his vicious hand. He used his corpse to attack him and avenge the demon. Zhou Zhuo and Ye Liansheng took their daughter through Dongting and found that the evil law was forbidden. They knew that there were colleagues here and followed him. Although the girl was forbidden by the evil law, in fact, when she first met the two sorcerers of Zhou and Ye, she was already on guard in the dark. Knowing that the two sorcerers had a black heart and ruthless hands, since the collapse of the Black Evil Sect, they wanted to revive the cult. No matter what sect of sorcerers, they were all married and accepted. They were quite powerful, and the evil method was high. They were afraid that the teacher would not be an opponent and would be hurt by it. They only followed the teachings of Mrs. Miaoyi and kept their hearts. They pretended to be fascinated by the evil method, and did not resist it at all. The two sorcerers also thought that she was a bird in a cage and could not escape, so they did not care. As soon as he entered the cave, he saw that he was an acquaintance, and that what he had banned was his former fellow apprentice, who was supposed to persuade him to release him. When she saw that her father was trapped inside, she was in a hurry, so she used her family skills, together with a soul-protecting bead hidden in her eyes, and suddenly displayed it. She grabbed the Dharma Platform and protected her father's whole body. Ceng Mancheng was so surprised that he was the first to go. He was so eager to stop talking about killing people that it was difficult to use the evil law and torture. Zhou. Ye two people for the daughter,beam impact tubes, the original very deep intention, see the most important, see her love rescue father, to die together, since do not give up its death. On the one hand, he tried to persuade each other, and on the other hand, he was secretly on guard against breaking his face. The sorcerer became more and more angry, saying that when the sorcerer was killed, both form and spirit were destroyed,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, and the new hatred and old hatred were getting deeper and deeper, so he insisted on killing Min's father and daughter. The two sides were arguing, but Master Baiyun, together with his female disciple Wan Zhen, visited Junshan and found that evil spirits and evil laws were forbidden. Knowing that a sorcerer was doing evil, he came immediately. When she was reincarnated, Ling Hui was not forbidden by the immortal law. As soon as she met him, she recognized that he was Master Bai Yun, the former teacher. She quickly told her where she had come from and called for help. Zhou and Ye originally did not die, but they were also full of evil. They were not with their daughters. They asked for an explanation, but because they were not mediocre hands, evil and good were different paths. They were originally fire and water, but they used the evil method to resist with Zeng Mancheng. Ceng Mancheng also spread the demon banner, but also wanted to catch the bearer, forcing the girl to obey, for its lust. As soon as the stage was filled with black gas, the Master raised his hand to a Taiyi divine thunder, and shook all the demon banners and Dharma objects on the Dharma stage to pieces. The flying swords of the master and his disciples were twisted again, and all the demons were killed. Only the two demons, Zeng Mancheng and Zhou Zhuo, Precision Welded pipes ,beam impact tubes, escaped by taking advantage of the gap. Wan Zhen immediately forced out, just succeeded, the master will also Min's father and son to break the evil method, chase out to meet with three people. After telling each other what had happened, Shen found his beloved disciple and got rid of a great harm for Sanxiang's journey. With the guidance of Master Baiyun, he could rush to Minshan Mountain without further delay, retrieve the magic weapon and flying sword hidden in his previous life, and then go to Emei to worship his teacher. Naturally, he was overjoyed and very gratified. Master Bai Yun said, "I still have something to do, so I have to go to the East Kunlun Mountains.". The virtuous younger sister acts according to what I say, within ten days, can see the long eyebrow teacher and all the good friends of the same door. At this time, however, my teacher and Elder Martial Brother Xuanzhenzi were still in the East China Sea, and all the fellow disciples had gone out with him. They had to wait for the master to return soon before they returned to the mountain to wait. It was useless to go early. If you arrive in eight or nine days, you will never delay things. Say, go out of the cave together, perform the immortal method, turn the corpse of the sorcerer, close the inner cave, and prevent ordinary people from entering. When everything was done, he said goodbye and flew away. Shen wanted to go on the road, but because Min's husband and wife repeatedly asked him to stay, and his daughter missed her parents very much, she was reluctant to leave. Fortunately, this trip was escorted by his husband and wife, and he could arrive at Minshan Mountain on that day. The date was enough, so he promised. Min's husband and wife were famous in Jianghu in their early years, and they knew many people. This time, the most powerful enemy had been removed, and they had no scruples, so they hired a boat in the local area to accompany Shen to eat and play in the Dongting area of the Xiangjiang River for a few days. Shen saw that although the fifteen women had been plotted against by the temptress and were disfigured and disabled, they were naturally beautiful and still elegant. Their muscles were still softer than snow, and their breath was like an orchid. Their hearts were so delicate and gentle, and their voices were so graceful. Piansheng beautiful eyes already, face full of wounds, good health pity, don't smile when asked what method can be restored. Fifteen Niang said with a wry smile, "If a woman has a little beauty, she will be a disaster, or even mislead others and herself.". It is not hopeless to be cured quickly after being plotted by the evil law. Just because the girl had the appearance of a willow, she gave birth to a lot of things before she got married, and after she got married, she was surrounded by enemies. The husband also has the name of a handsome man. There are many prostitutes and sluts chasing him in Jianghu. He is single-minded in love and avoids them. A group of evil people were jealous and turned to enmity with the women. They were framed and eventually plotted against. Now, though disabled, he can suffer less trouble. Fortunately, the husband is affectionate and does not change his original intention with disability. When something happens to a child, it can be seen that it has become a habit for a long time, so I don't think about it. Shen said with a smile, "When I saw Master Bai Yun yesterday, I remembered more and more about my previous life.". If you go back to the school, I will help you recover as long as you have the Dharma idea. He strong father and son with his daughter, smell speech hurriedly bow down, thanks. Fifteen Niang toward the Miao Miao, to open his mouth, Miao has first said: "You don't have to worry too much. If you don't have eyes, it's inconvenient. Don't you want to see your eyes again?" Fifteen Niang Fang began to change her appearance and thanked Shen, saying, "I'm very grateful that I can make the woman see the light of day again in the future.". But the time is too long, I'm afraid it's not the elixir of Xianfu, so I can't get what I want. How precious this elixir is,aluminium coated steel tube, it is hard to predict whether it can be given to pagans. Shen-way: "That's just as well. The elixir of this school was originally used to relieve the immortals. Although your husband and wife were born in a heretical family, they have nearly returned to the right path. They are so good, and your daughter is a disciple of this school. How can there be no way to think?" Min's husband and wife thanked again.

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