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The male God has ignited Emploi Plein temps

1er déc. 2022 à 6h37   Electricien   Fatick   122 vues Référence: 153
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A thousand pieces of gold is an exaggeration, but it's definitely a huge sum of money. Who bought it? What do you want to do when you buy it and dismiss all the girls? "Yes, this drunk girl in the Red Chamber is a must." Where shall we go to have fun in the future? "Now you go to the Drunken Red Chamber to stop, maybe you can stop the two girls, and you don't have to pay the ransom, just keep them outside." "Ha ha ha, I'm afraid the Tigress at home will kill me." Gossip spreads through the crowd. No one knows to whom the Drunken Red Chamber was sold, only that it was a girl. As for where the girl came from, why she bought the Drunken Red Chamber, and why she dismissed them, that is unknown. And the most lively brothel in Liuzhou was deserted overnight. Ming Xian probably didn't expect that one day he would be taken to the brothel in such a way. Cough, cough, cough. "Are you all right, Childe?" A soft, slightly caring voice sounded from one side. Ming Xian leaned against the railing of the corridor and looked back. A girl came over with a lotus step, with a bit of timidity on her face, but her eyes were particularly beautiful, full of water, as if she could hook people. Ming Xian didn't feel anything. He just asked her, "Why haven't you left yet?" "The slave family has nowhere to go." The woman pulled the hem of her clothes, her voice was thin and soft, and she choked with sobs: "Childe.." Can you take in the slave family? As a slave and a maidservant, the slave family doesn't mind. She's not as stupid as the people in the building. She really thinks that if she leaves here,juice filling machine, she can start over. Even if they have money in their hands, how can they live a good life in the end? What will happen if you are recognized? So She took a fancy to Ming Xian from the very beginning. Temperament is extraordinary, spend a lot of money, stay with such a person, even as a maid, is better than going outside. Of course, she did not feel that with her beauty and ability, she would only be a maid. The woman thought, boldly stepped forward, stretched out a pair of well-maintained hands, and tried to pull the envy. These days, the evil spirit on Mingxian's body is very restrained, water bottling line ,PET bottle Mold, and outsiders look at him as a childe who seems to have a stubborn illness. When the woman's hand was about to touch Mingxian's clothes, the evil spirit on his body was instantly revealed, and his tone was extremely cold and harsh: "Get out!" (End of this chapter) Chapter 1105 the end of the world (27). Chapter 1105 the end of the world (9). The woman was startled. The childe, who seemed to have no threat just now, suddenly showed such a terrible momentum that the woman froze in place. Cough.. Ming Xian coughed on the railing. The woman bit her lip and made up her mind to move on: "Childe, are you all right?" Ming Xian stepped back. The woman lost her hand. She tried to squeeze out a smile. "Childe, I just feel uncomfortable. Are you all right?" "What are you doing?" The familiar voice made Ming Xian's body stiff, and the bottom of his heart flashed panic for no reason. But the next second he thought blankly, he didn't do anything, what was the panic? Ming Xian covered his injured shoulder and supported his body with his sword without making a sound. The girl did not put the first Zheng in the eye, when these two people came in, she clearly saw that the woman is mainly this childe, behind the matter, she is busy. In ancient times, only subordinates would do these things. She naturally put Chu Zheng in the position of an attendant. I'll say a few words to this young man. Before the woman had finished speaking, she saw the girl behind her come forward, holding the childe in one hand and around his waist in the other, almost holding him half in her arms. But the childe didn't even struggle. She's a servant. It's okay to hold it. The woman comforted herself like this. But can an attendant really support his master so intimately? "Why don't you go?" Chu Zheng looked at her. "Not enough money?" Woman: "I … …" I have no place to go, Childe let us go, will take us out of the fire pit, my sisters and I are very grateful, I. Can I stay and take care of the childe and repay the childe's grace? Chu Zheng: ".." What the hell?! Someone's trying to take my job! Can you take care of the good man card?! Chu Zheng looked at Ming in a gloomy and envious way, as if if he dared to nod, she would dare to kill the woman in front of him. Ming Xian lowered his eyes and noticed Chu Zheng's sight: "I didn't say anything to her." Then he felt angry again. Why should he explain to her? I can do anything. Please accept me. The woman suddenly cried about her life experience, which was very touching. But it's good for a girl here to have a few life experiences. Hurry up and don't let me throw you out. Chu Zheng's eyebrows and eyes are cold. Childe.. The woman did not look at Chu Zheng, but looked at Ming with tears in her eyes. Before, when those men saw her like this, they would be softhearted. It's a pity Ming Xian didn't look at her. Childe, I can't go out to live. Please be merciful and keep me. I can do anything. "If you can't live outside, you can go to the next building. I've already told the procuress there." When Chu Zheng dismissed them, he made it clear that he had taken the money and left on his own. If you feel that you can only do this, you can go next door, and you are free, and you don't have to be controlled by the procuress like the other girls in the building. Woman All the boys in the building kept it. Chu Zheng called the boy over and asked them to get her out. - "Why did you have to choose here?" Ming Xian's clothes were half open, and Chu Zheng was giving him medicine. Have you ever been to a brothel? Chu Zheng asked him. …… No Ming Xian gritted his teeth and said, "I'm not interested in such a place." "Then I'll show you around." A man should be knowledgeable. How can he have never visited a brothel! “……” Ming Xian stopped talking. Because he has nothing to say. I've never seen such a person in Jianghu for many years! "I got in touch with some people, and they should come over." Chu Zheng pulled up his clothes and lowered his head to tie the belt for him. I used to admire myself, but now Chu Zheng has done it for me. Ming Xian sometimes felt terrible,plastic bottle making machine, and unconsciously, she was getting closer and closer to her own world. But he knew it, but he didn't stop it every time.

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