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Mad Dog Plus Three (1) Emploi Plein temps

5 déc. 2022 à 5h46   Electricien   Saint-Louis   192 vues Référence: 193
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Although Kyle, the youngest son of the village chief, did not know what the adults were going to do, his father told him to get along well with Henry in the future. Kyle, who was already eleven years old, knew that Henry would become a great magician in the future, and that befriending Henry now might be of some benefit in the future. At this time, seeing that Henry was entangled by plus three, he quickly shouted to the other children to go up and pull plus three together. Six or seven children surrounded him, some trying to separate him from Henry, some taking the opportunity to beat him. Hit him! Shoot him! Kill this little bitch! "Bitch, you're paralyzed!"! You're all bitches! A bunch of little bastards born of old bastards! Jia San tried his best to get away, but he was so small that he was entangled by several children holding his head and feet. Henry could have gotten away now, but he saw that Garsan was surrounded by other children and couldn't even see his head, so he rushed into the crowd again. Get out of the way! This is my fight with him. You don't have to help me! One of the village guards over there pushed down Grandma Jia and ran quickly to separate the children and catch Jia San. Regardless of whether her body was injured or not, Grandma Jia got up and rushed to the village guard again, crying loudly at the top of her voice: "Murder!"! Someone is going to kill the future magician! Jia's mother also cried desperately. Make a scene! Make a scene! Make sure the magicians hear you! "Over there,digital whiteboard price, see?" Cliff said to the Snell brothers, who came in a hurry, pointing to the Gassins. The Snell brothers did not expect that they had not yet convinced the Ted family to agree to mind their own business. As a result, they heard Cliff come and say that the Garsan family was going to enter the village. When they came, they saw a mess at the entrance of the village. This gave the Snell brothers a particularly uncomfortable feeling. To make matters worse, most of the villagers did not go out these two days because of the arrival of the nobles and the magician talent test. The villagers who had nothing to do heard the noise here and rushed here to watch the fun. When the Snell brothers saw this,digital signage kiosk, their faces changed. The magician and the eldest young master have not left yet, and the family members are bound to attract the attention of the adults. Hurry up! Go and separate them! Arrest the plus three! Shut them up and deal with them when the adults are gone! Go, go, go! The Snell brothers ran quickly to the children who were fighting together. Some of the strong men went to catch Grandma Jia, and some went to catch Mama Jia. Murder! Murder! The future magician has been killed! Grandma Jia and her mother shouted at the top of their voices. Shut up! Shut these two bitches' mouths! "Get out of here, you little bastards!" The Snell brothers grabbed Grandma and Mama and slapped them in the face and tried to gag them. Jia's grandmother and mother desperately shouted to Jia San, "San'er, run!"! Go to the sorcerer! At this time, the children who surrounded Jiasan were all drunk by the adults, and only Henry was still pestering Jiasan. In the third gap, I saw my grandmother and mother being beaten by several big men in Snell, and my eyes suddenly turned red and my blood boiled all over! Suddenly there was a strong force in Jiasan's body. He pushed away the village guard who came to catch him and ran to the center of the village. Chaos has been formed, face recognition identification kiosk ,touch screen digital signage, so many villagers rushed to watch the fun, the magician and the Lord will certainly be alarmed, now he has to do is to delay time. And Grandma and Mom.. Before he died, the Snell brothers would not dare to kill them. Today's hatred, he will be back! He will spare no one but the Snell brothers! Snell roared, "Get that boy!"! Don't let him disturb the nobles! Henry ran after him and shouted, "You hit me so many times!"! I also want to find a magician to judge me! Lord Sorcerer! Master Hud! The Snell brothers snarled, "What's that Wilson boy doing?"! Get him back! "Catch them first." The Snell brothers pushed aside the children in the way and the crowd of spectators, trying to catch Garzo and Henry. But the two children were very slippery and went through the crowd. The Snell brothers were so angry that they shouted, "Don't watch the fun!"! Hurry up and help catch that little bitch! Not many villagers were linked up at this time, and some people saw that Henry and Jiasan, the two future magicians, did not want to offend them, so they only heckled on the surface and did not really catch them. More and more villagers heard the excitement, and the children shouted that the two future magicians were fighting, which provoked the villagers to run here like Baba. The village chief also heard the news, he heard the news at the same time, needless to say, the eldest young master and the magician were also alarmed. Daniel and Hud were ready to leave, but just as they were about to leave, they heard a loud noise coming from the entrance of the village. The small square in the center of the village is some distance away from the entrance of the village, but Daniel, as a senior magician apprentice, as long as he wants to listen, this distance is not a problem. It happened that a waiter came in and told Master Hud that there was a disturbance in the village, and it was said that someone was going to kill the future magician. Daniel was amused and used a distant listening technique. After listening for a while, Daniel suddenly frowned. What's the matter Master Hud asked, looking at Daniel's face. The corners of Daniel's mouth were cloudy. Cold smile: "The people in this village are really bold." Of course, it would be better to enter the apothecary's house, believing that the noble apothecary would not care about a few silver coins or something he could not use. But when he stepped into the garden just now, he found that no matter how hard he tried, he could not touch any plants in the garden, as if those plants were illusory and could only be seen but not touched. Worst of all, Jerome found that when he looked at the two-story building and tried to get close to it, he couldn't get close to it. No wonder when he came with the village chief and the nobles, one of them only looked at the garden and stopped the eldest son of the Lord from entering the garden, but asked the pharmacist at the door if he was at home. Fortunately, just when Jerome thought he was going to be lost in the garden forever,facial recognization camera, he finally remembered to quit, and when he watched the gate of the garden go out, he did.

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