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Stone Impact Crusher Parts in stock Emploi Plein temps

27 juil. 2023 à 5h56   Electricien   Dara   40 vues Référence: 904
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Stone Impact Crusher Parts in stock CI732 HSI Bowl bar Applications : The Impact crusher is widely used in road construction, building, Waste recycling, and Aggregates shaping, etc. The main parts are Blow bar (impact hammer), Impact plate and Liner plate. Blow bar is a critical part during the crushing process, it鈥檚 mainly made of high chrome alloy, it鈥檚 also can be cast by Martensite, Martensite+Ceramic, High chromium+Ceramic according to different working conditions. High-chrome bars are most effective at crushing asphalt and similar highly abrasive materials. They are a bit more splintery than other choices. You had best leave them for crushing rocks. These bars work best with a smaller feed size to avoid cracking. With proper maintenance and as long as they are used only for rock crushing, high chrome bars are durable and perform quite well. Stone Impact Crusher Parts in stock website:

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Stone Impact Crusher Parts in stock