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Trilogy of Love (Fog, Rain, Electricity) Emploi Plein temps

1er mars 2023 à 5h03   Menuiser Métallique   Saint-Louis   99 vues Référence: 470
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The tram disappeared into the distance. There was silence on the road again. But he still had the sound of the tram in his ears. The sound made him forget Wu Renmin's distress. The sound took him far away, far away, to a time that had long been buried. Chen Zhen seldom remembers the past on weekdays. He himself often said that people should not think about the past, but should only think about the present and the future. In fact, he did it. But today, after Wu Renmin's action, those long-buried past events appeared in his mind for no reason. He seemed to see the girl in white, the girl who had replaced his dead mother and given him the first feminine love. How many dreamlike moonlit nights she had spent with him. She was his little mother. She was the sole protector of his childhood. She completely washed away the gloom and darkness that the rich old family, like the despotic kingdom, had painted on him. She gave him the courage to bear the pain that a child could not bear. She told him many beautiful things. The first thing he knew about the tram was what she told him. Her father, who had studied in Japan, used to tell her stories about the trams he used to ride. In the future, my sister will take you there to ride the tram, look at the house, walk, and watch the tree race. She used to comfort him like this when he cried. He called her "sister" because she was four years older than him. When he was eleven years old,heavy duty racking system, the girl next door, who was somewhat related to him, died. Others told him that she was dead, but all he knew and saw was her small tomb on a mountain in his hometown, a small stone tablet and a few peach blossoms. She sleeps next to her mother's grave. From then on, the lovely girl disappeared. Her caress,Pallet rack beams, her care, disappeared with her body. He didn't know what death was all about. Others only told him that death meant ascension to heaven, and that she had gone to heaven. The word of ascension had created many beautiful dreams for him, until something else and another life made him forget her completely. So many years have passed. And now, unwittingly, he has dug her out of her grave. Only then did he realize that he had not completely forgotten her. She was still hidden in his deep heart. When she came out of the grave, she was not a pool of foul water or a pile of dry bones. She was still a lively girl, especially her gentle and loving eyes, which had not changed at all. She's still his. She's not dead. How could she come to me through so many years? Does she still love me and comfort me as before? Did she see that I was on the verge of death and come to save me? He said to himself in bewilderment, and then said in a negative way, "No, warehouse rack manufacturer ,heavy duty warehouse rack, it's too late now. I don't need her anymore.". Now I have to walk bravely towards the road of death. The shadow of death is in front of me. I will let it take away sooner or later. Then he asked himself, "Why should I look so sad?"? Am I still afraid to die? A part of my body has begun to rot. I have one foot in eternity. What else can her love do for me? Sooner or later I will leave our struggle. I will quit doing nothing. My friends will go on living, fighting, quarrelling, quarrelling. But I am going, to the grave. My hands, which have written many articles, will rot into dry bones, my mouth, which has made many passionate speeches, will rot off, and many maggots will crawl out of the skeleton. People would walk by me with their noses covered or kick me in the bone. Since then, no one has mentioned the name of Chen Zhen, as if I had never existed at all. Even if someone mentions this name, he will criticize: Chen Zhen is a fool. He only works blindly and destroys himself in vain. He really dies pitifully. Chen Zhen was a revolutionary, but now he is dead. He has nothing to do with us. We should forget about him. What use is her love to me at this time? I am already a man beyond redemption. Then there was a sharp pain in his heart. He rubbed his chest with his hands, but he could not stop the pain, as if a knife was slowly cutting his heart. He gasped, he coughed, he leaned against the pole and coughed for a long time before he finally recovered his breath. He stood still, calming his troubled mind for a moment, and he gradually regained his spirits and comforted himself by saying, "Why do you care about those things?"? Even if you die in the present, you have to do one day's work as long as you live. Then he stepped into the middle of the street. He passed through the busy market and through the quiet street, and went on walking in the street until late at night, because his residence was far away, and his pace was very slow, and he had to stand for a long time because of coughing. He had come to his residence only two streets away. He entered a quiet road and still walked slowly. From time to time he raised his head to let the moonlight caress his burning face. There seemed to be something hot and spicy in his chest, and his throat seemed to be gently scratched by a hand. He wanted to cough, but he couldn't. There was no sound and no pedestrians around. He used all his strength to hold back his cough. He forgot everything around him. Gradually a car came speeding up behind him, but there was no loud noise to disturb him, and the driver did not honk his horn. When the car approached him, the horn suddenly sounded loudly. Startled, he did not look back, but instinctively ran to the side of the road. Somehow his foot slipped and he threw his thin body to the ground. He tried to get up, but the car passed him gently. A blast of trumpets drowned out his wail. The chauffeur immediately increased his speed and ran as if afraid that he would get up and catch up. Two pairs of fashionable men and women in the car, they ride in the car on the road. They were sitting in a limousine and were joking in the car,Steel racking system, so they didn't notice what was going on outside. The young gentleman asked the chauffeur, and the chauffeur replied, "It doesn't matter. I ran over a dog."

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