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The cocoon of rebirth Emploi Plein temps

1er mars 2023 à 5h07   Electricien   Saint-Louis   92 vues Référence: 479
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Xiao Ling gasped, he thought Xiao Wen was because Xie Fen took the money to steal away after looking for each other to vent their anger, and then because of some accidents and both fell. Lou, after all, in terms of Xiao Wen's character, does not look like a person who would commit suicide. But now I heard the surprising news from Officer Zhang's mouth that Xiao Hui was dead! How did she die, and what does it have to do with Xiao Wen's death? Xiao Ling's brain is now a different paste, completely do not know what kind of reaction to do. How did this happen? Xiao Ling murmured. I want to ask what kind of relationship these people have. Officer Zhang also had a headache. They should have asked the witness about these questions. This thing is Xie Fang or Liu Jie, but the two people one coma, the other was stimulated, the whole person's spirit has been abnormal, they simply did not. How to ask what. I think I'll answer it! Lin Hanzhi stood out and said to Officer Zhang. And you are Officer Zhang glanced at Lin Hanzhi. I am Xiao Ling's husband. Lin Hanzhi said slowly. Officer Zhang took a look at Xiao Ling, who had been impacted by his words, nodded to Lin Hanzhi, and then the two men went to the other side. Xiao Lie's hands trembled violently and his breathing became rapid. When Xiao Ling saw it, she immediately rushed over and reached out to stroke Xiao Lie's chest. "Grandpa, what's wrong with you?" "I, I.." Xiao Lie could not say a complete word, and then his eyes fainted. Grandpa Xiao Ling screamed. In fact, just now Xiao Lie insisted on not fainting has almost reached the limit,glass cream jars, he only came a few minutes earlier than Xiao Ling, has been immersed in the death of his son. In the news, as for other things are not very clear, the second son and the third son are busy here. And now I'm hearing that it's not just the son that's dead. A woman died, and so did the granddaughter he didn't like very much. Although because of the identity of Xiao Hui's illegitimate daughter, Xiao Lie always had a knot in his heart, but in any case, it was his granddaughter,Blue Bottle Serum, and the blood of the Xiao family flowed on her body. After hearing the news suddenly, he finally could not stand the blow and fainted. Lin Hanzhi is answering officer Zhang's question, suddenly heard Xiao Ling's scream hurriedly ran past, saw already fainted past Xiao lie, did not have any. Lin Hanzhi hesitated and immediately sent Xiao Lie to the hospital. After Xiao Lie was sent to the hospital, Xiao Ling went to the corner and called Wang Zhi. She told Wang Zhi about Xiao Wen slowly. Wang Zhi listened to it for a while. She also had mixed feelings, she hated and resented, but now that she heard Xiao Wen dead, she suddenly felt that the previous resentment seemed to have become meaningless, and. And fully aware of the fragility of life. However, Wang Zhi only comforted Xiao Ling on the phone. She did not go to the hospital. After all, she had divorced Xiao Wen, and it was not the kind of peaceful breakup. It's a little awkward to go to the hospital now, no matter what his status is, Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle ,Oil Dropper Bottle, and although Xiao Wen is dead, the things he did before can't be regarded as not happening. She has a new family now, and even to maintain the current family, she is not suitable to appear in her ex-husband's home. This is also a kind of helplessness, a lot of things no matter what you think in your heart, but it is really subject to a variety of social constraints. Xiao Ling went to see Xiao Wen's body, after which she did not recover for a whole week. Xiao lie this time is really a big blow, after waking up. The spirit is not as good as before, let Xiao Ling every time see feel sad, but she often go to visit grandparents, also do not know what to do. The results of the police investigation also came out, Xiao Wen and Xie Fen will fall because of the accident in the fight, and then from Xie Fang's intermittent answer. They also knew the cause of Xiao Hui's death, and Liu Jie woke up after treatment and almost overturned the hospital after seeing her badly injured face. However, Xiao Ling did not care about these, and a large part of her spirit was used in Xiao Wen's funeral. People say that the dead are the greatest, even though Xiao Wen has done so much. Xiao Ling can't forgive and understand things, but as a child, she still has to do her part. Funeral, of course, only Xiao Wen, as for Xie Fen Xiao Ling also do not care, anyway Xie Fen and Xiao Wen is only an illegal cohabitation relationship, even if the birth of a child, that It's nothing in law. Xiao Wen died disgracefully, whether it is Xiao Ling or the idea of the Xiao family is to try not to be extravagant, so the funeral is not grand, just please some of the relationship is better. An acquaintance of. Xiao Wen's money was taken away by Xie Fen. Later, the police found the money through a series of investigations and gave it to Xiao Ling. After all, Xiao Ling is The legal first legatee. To be honest, Xiao Wen's remaining money is really not much, if not before Xie Fen took the money to run, perhaps even so little can not stay. Of The house that Xiao Wen bought before has not been sold yet, but Xiao Ling doesn't want to live in it either. She took the rest of Xiao Wen's money and added some of her own money to Xiao Wen's choice. It's not a bad cemetery. Xiao Ling after a short immersion for the work of the hospital more serious, she now need to vent too much energy, otherwise she does not know their own. Think about something. The father she once hated died, but there was no joy in her heart, but a touch of sadness, before and after the rebirth. A few years later, with the death of Xiao Wen, those feelings of resentment disappeared. Lin Hanzhi understands Xiao Ling's mood, so the wedding that has been expected has slowed down, hoping that Xiao Ling can cheer up as soon as possible. As time went by, Xiao Ling slowly came out of the news of Xiao Wen's death. At the same time, Angelica's child was born. She was a beautiful and lovely girl. Daughter, everyone who has met her is attracted to her. Xiao Ling's internship is over,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, and she has become a formal doctor, but her study career is still not over, and she continues to accept a higher level. Education.

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