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The sound of a knife in the border town Emploi Plein temps

29 déc. 2022 à 5h00   Menuiser Bois   Saint-Louis   161 vues Référence: 250
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This voice.. How could it be her? Fu Hongxue's face, I do not know because of doubt and flushed? Or is the antenna in the heart touched? On the rice paper of the window, a slender figure was slowly reflected. The figure called out softly, "Xiao Fu." What a distant sound? But it's so close? What an illusory sound? But it's so real? How long? It must be thousands of years? Fu Hongxue's immediate memories, like a knife out of the scabbard, suddenly returned to ten years ago. The same border town, the same place, Fu Hongxue, who was only eighteen years old at that time, came here with a cursed knife and eighteen years of hatred. That night, that night.. After returning to his room that night, Fu Hongxue lay in bed without lighting the lamp. He had been completely accustomed to the darkness since he was a child. Suddenly in the darkness, a hand reached out and took his hand. This is a warm, smooth, soft hand. Fu Hongxue lay quietly, letting the hand hold his hand-the hand that did not hold the knife. Then in the darkness came a voice, a dreamy voice, a whisper: "Fu, I have been waiting for a long time." It was a soft, sweet,Silver Travertine Slabs, young voice. This is the voice of a young girl. You did wait a long time? Fu Hongxue said coldly. Pretty good The dreamy voice sounded again: "As long as you can come, no matter how long I wait, it's worth it." At that time, Fu Hongxue did not know who she was: "Are you all ready?" "It's all ready." "Whatever you want, just say it," said the maiden. Fu Hongxue did not say anything, nor did her body move. The girl's hand is lighter and her dreamy voice is softer: "I know what you want …" The girl's hand groped in the dark and found the button of Fu Hongxue's clothes. Her hand was light and gentle. Fu Hongxue was suddenly completely naked, and there was no wind in the room,Marble Projects, but his skin shrank and trembled like a phoenix. You've always been a child, and now I want you to be a man. The girl's voice was like a dream: "Because there are some things that only a real man can do …" The girl's lips were warm and moist, kissing Fu Hongxue's chest. Her hand seemed to still have the warmth of that hand in Fu Hongxue's body. Now there was no wind in the corridor, but his body was trembling like a lotus in spring. Fu Hongxue gazed at the figure on the window, and the dreamy voice sounded as gentle in the sunshine as in the darkness. The gentle and light hand, the warm and wet lips, the secret and sweet desire.. These are already far away like an illusory dream, but in this moment, this moment, suddenly all become real. Fu Hongxue clasped his hands, his whole body trembling with nervousness and excitement, but his eyes stared at the figure in the window without blinking, and his indifferent eyes were suddenly filled with fire-like enthusiasm. The figure on the window seemed to feel the enthusiasm in Fu Hongxue's eyes, and after a while, white marble slabs ,Agate Slabs Countertops, the dreamy voice sounded again: "Ten years, have you ever forgotten me?" How could I forget? She is Fu Hongxue's first woman, is the person he wholeheartedly pays, although later knew that she to him all is false, but he has paid, how to take back? If you have given as much as he has, then you know if you can take it back. The feeling of giving, just like the water poured out, can only be stopped, but can never be recovered. Fu Hongxue's body was no longer trembling, and her fiery eyes gradually subsided, replaced by pain. It's a pain that comes from the depths of the bone. The last person I wanted to see in ten years was her, but when I dreamed back in the middle of the night, all I thought about was her. Cui Nong. The name is as far away as the floating clouds on the horizon, but it follows Fu Hongxue like a shadow. There has been pain, of course, there has been happiness, there has been trouble, there have been sweet, how many sweet hugs? How many gentle caresses? Although all this has become the past, but that kind of passion after the unforgettable, haunting feelings, but like maggots attached to his bone marrow, day and night constantly gnawing his bone marrow. How many times did he want to anesthetize himself with wine, but could he really anesthetize himself? Can you really forget? What if you never forget it? What if you can't forget? So what if you remember? Life, what kind of life is this? The reason why people have pain is that human beings are emotional animals. You only have real pain when you really love someone. This is one of the greatest tragedies of mankind. The sun is already in the west, and the dusk is dim. Wanma Hall seems to be covered with a layer of gauze, and the figure on the window is as hazy as the ink in the picture. You shouldn't have come ten years ago, and you shouldn't have come again ten years later. The figure said to him softly, "Why do you still want to come?" Why is that? Fu Hongxue did not know how many times to ask himself, why still come here? This is not his hometown, nor his relatives, only memories here. Painful memories! He came here just to taste the painful memories? Fu Hongxue will never admit it. But what about admitting it? What if you don't admit it? Ten years ago, the Hall of Ten Thousand Horses was destroyed by you, but ten years later, the Hall of Ten Thousand Horses reappeared to destroy you. Although her voice was through the window, it was still so soft: "Go, get out of here quickly, Xiaofu, everything here is absolutely beyond your imagination." Go? Ten years ago, in exchange for ten years of pain. Ten years later, he deeply realized that besides hatred, there was a more terrible feeling than hatred in the world. Hatred made him want to destroy only his enemies, but this feeling made him want to destroy himself and the whole world. Ten years of pain, let him know one thing. Between men and women,Agate Stone Price, there is a word that must be said. If you don't say it, how will anyone know? Will you understand? I was wrong once ten years ago. Although there was pain in Fu Hongxue's eyes, her voice was calm: "I don't want to be wrong again today."

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The sound of a knife in the border town